RittmanMead BI Forum 2010 – Notes III

As said in one the earlier postings about this forum Emiel continued whith his own way of modelling Oracle BI EE. His presentation is a sequel to his last year’s winning presentation.

A few of the things he addressed:

  • User Centric Approach
  • Level of Information
    • BI Maturity (growth)
    • Validation
  • Business Model
    • Know your business
  • Use the (power of) the database
  • Reuse your data

Adam Bloom gave us an impression of the Action Framework in the new (11g ?) release. This new framework consists of:

  • Insight into Action
  • BI on the Business Process
  • BI in the Business Process

It seems like a very powerfull addition to Oracle BI Systems.

Adrian Ward has been given the privillige to host the RittmanMead BI Quiz. This quiz consists of all things you are supposed to know, but sadly overlooked.

The nerdy part of the day started with a debate about modelling your BI System. The debate was hosted by Emiel and Christian.

They divided the debate in;

….  to model what;

  • external information
  • internal information
  • internal processes
  • externalprocesses

….and where to model;

  • Presentation side
  • BI Server
  • Database / DWH
  • (ERP -) System

This subject lead to a lively discussion. In the end I think there is no wrong or right. What I do think is, that when you look at Adam’s presentation, it’s possible that the ERP-system and the BI systems get more and more integrated. The Datawarehouse could be serving as a hub to store and retrieve the data.

We ended with a nice meal and an opportunity to beat Börkur as the ‘Last man standing’. What happened in Brighton stays in Brighton.

More to come.

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