RittmanMead BI Forum 2010 – Notes IV

After a few hour of sleep it was time for the last part of  the RittmanMead BI Forum 2010

First one to kick off was Anthony. He gaves us an very well examined explanation of Oracle BI EE architecture and sizing. Although there is a lot more to it; Keep it simple!!

Secondly Mark stepped inside the Oracle BI Server. He presents u day in the live of a Answers query.  If you want to understand what’s happening, you should try to think like the Oracle BI Server. In  addition to that, you have to take a closer to the Logical Table Source.

Craig Steward showed us the new, version of Oracle Data Integrator. I must say it looks very interesting, but up until this moment I haven’t had/took a chance dive into ODI yet. Something for the coming period probably.

Adrian presents the results of the quiz. It’s nice to see how easy it can be to present a ‘geeky’ subject like Oracle BI EE in a hilarious way. John was one of the winners.

John was also up next. He started well-dressed with a Ciber tie. There are pictures taken so the management board of Ciber will know. His presentation was about the look and feel of Oracle BI EE. As said before in different other presentations;

Last but not least Venkat showed us how to integrate and extend Oracle BI EE with Oracle 11g ADF components. There remains an awful lot to learn.

It was good to be here!!

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