RittmanMead BI Forum 2010 – Wrap Up

 That’s it, the RittmanMead BI Forum 2010 is over. Jon and Mark managed to organize a three day conference with a combination of Oracle BI knowledge and a lot of fun. I guess they could be very proud to have a visitor list of people from all over the world.

I have been one of the lucky ones who were able to attend this forum. Finally I have been able to meet some of the guys I got to know via; various blogs, The Oracle Forums, Twitter and LinkedIn. It’s nice see people behind all the internet postings.

Next to that the RittmanMead guys were able to present various different ways to exchange knowledge. Also they were able to mix business with pleasure.

As I already have written about in several earlier postings we were able to attend several different presentations about Oracle BI EE, ODI, Oracle Fusion Middleware, etc. Architecture, sizing, performance and modelling were some of the topics that were covered.

Some of the highlights:

Kurt Wolff gave us a little background about the development of Oracle BI EE.

Phil Bates and his Oracle colleagues gave us an overview of the new release of Oracle BI EE. There were not allowed to give us the version (11g) of this release nor the date this release is due.

Emiel and Christian lead a debate about modelling in Oracle BI EE. They had the best opening slide ever!! It was nice to hear the different opinions about this subject. (Un)fortunately there was no winner to this debate. As Kurt has said at the beginning of his presentation; There is no ‘Best Practice’ when it comes to Oracle BI EE (modelling)

Although Robin Moffat was a little bit nervous about his presentation he was chosen as the best presenter at the forum. In my opinion he had a well researched presentation, which he delivered to the audience in a very easy going way.

As a real quizmaster, Adrian was able to show the funny site of Oracle BI EE.

The ultimate geekness in using Twitter was reached by Christian and Robin. Robin making a picture of  Christian making a picture of me using Twitter.

Thursday evening we went to Brighton’s Kemp Town to Sam’s restaurant. I was suprized be the good food they were serving. Mark was even more suprised how a Dutch guy could question the English kitchen.

Last but not least we did a little bit of ‘Last man standing’. Börkur, Adrian, Paul and Ragnar showed us how to get through the Brighton night. The recipe is very easy; Beer, Rum and a few Jägerbombs

All in all I am very glad I could join the forum. I have enough food for thought to make it through the year.

If you want to get an another impression of this forum, please check the following;

Thanks RittmanMead, thanks to all presenters, thanks to everybody who has made this event a success!

Good Luck and till next year

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