Oracle Spatial Workshop

“Knowledge is Power”. Exchanging knowledge is a very effective way to gain knowledge. Not only for the audience, but also for the one who shares the knowledge. It obviously takes a lot of time and effort to prepare a good presentation about a certain subject.

In my company; Scamander Solutions, there is set a lot of value on exchanging knowledge between our consultants. One  of the methods we use is our so called; Pizza Session. These are internal sessions in which one of our consultants prepares a four hour (handson) session about any Oracle related topic, which interests us. At dinner time we eat pizza.

Next wednesday we will  cover the subject of Oracle Spatial. This session is organized by Maarten Jan Kampen. Since last year Maarten Jan is a well known speaker on several different forums and events.

Maarten Jan will present us a handson session in which he will address the following topics

  • Oracle Spatial in general,
  • Oracle Spatial in terms of  query possibilities,
  • The contours of our office will be used to show on the map and to make queries,
  • Oracle Spatial and Oracle BI.

It’s promised to be interesting.

Keep you posted.

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