Oracle Spatial Workshop – Impression

Last week we had an Oracle Spatial Workshop at Scamander. The goal of the evening was to highlight a fundamental different technique in the Oracle database.
Instead of the usual WHERE-clause and JOIN syntaxis the database provides a set of similar tools but based on the spacial technique.

For the attendants it proved to be very descriptive to be able to execute an insert-statement and to display the result with the push of a button.

The relative simple techniques addressed was enough to show that this is a very different technique and requires a different point of view on data. Just as the “regular” SQL-toolset in the Oracle database, this is a complex and broad topic.

We used Oracle Spatial tools. Mapviewer serves for the display of maps with navigation and other functionality, but we need something to compile the maps, layers, styles, etc.  For that purpose Oracle provides for a tool called Mapbuilder (source: Oracle Wiki)

To give an example:

** INSERT Vierkant (square)


** INSERT Circel (circle)


** INSERT  the Union of the two inserted objects (square, circle) 

 ** CREATE a buffer around the UNION:

** SELECT addresses within the square:


It was nice to have a visual representation of the subject; Oracle Spatial. We are certainly no experts at this time like Maarten Jan, but we have a good impression of what the capabilities of Oracle Spatial are.

Next time we will make a link between Oracle Spatial and Oracle BI EE. Hopefully we can use Oracle BI 11g for that.

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