OBIBB – Interviews (John Minkjan)

I seem to have one small addiction; Oracle BI (EE). Lucky enough for me there is a large Oracle BI community out there to fulfill my needs. Last May, at the RittmanMead BI Forum, I had a chance to meet a few guys of this community. I was able to shake hands and learn more about the persons who are blogging and logging or in any way are sharing their knowledge.

I benefit a lot of the knowledge which is spread all around the world wide web. That’s why I tought it would be nice to start a series of interviews with part of the Oracle BI community.

I will start the series with someone I know for a few years now. Although he shouldn’t need to much of an introduction, I let him introduce himself; John Minkjan

1. You are a well respected member of the Oracle BI community. Where could we know you from?

>: First of all my blog and my posting on the OTN forum. Besides that I did several presentations eg.; RitmannMead BI conference, OBI-forumlive, Oracle Netherlands, CIber.

2. We all know your weblog. You own a lot more of these weblogs. Could you name a few? Why so many? 

>: At moment I own 36 blog titles most of them are ….101 (eg. MSSQL101, SSIS101, COGNOS101.). I will reserve a blog title every time I’m working on something where I need a “scratchpad” to keep my tips and tricks. The main one OBIEE101 became sort of a hobby…..

 3. What’s your favorite topic, you write about?

>: The usage of graphs.

 4. You use various platforms to share your knowledge. Where do you get your own?

>: Basically I start with common sense… Next I like to RTFM. If I can’t find it there I use Google…..

 5. What part of the Oracle BI stack could get more attention form the Oracle BI Community?

>: We need a lot more information and training on WHY we should or shouldn’t use something, instead of HOW we should use it.

 6. Do you also work with tools from other software vendors like SAP BO, IBM Cognos, etc? If so, what makes Oracle BI tooling so special for you?

>: …Tough one: I just happen to like it a lot because I use it a lot, still most functionalities are available in other BI tools.

 7. Next month on the 7th of July, the next version of Oracle BI EE will be launched. What are your expectations regarding the new 11g release?

>: The changes are so big that it will take a least a year for the BI community to get a good “common knowledge”. There will be a great risk for overkill if you give everything at once to your users.

 8. I know one of your passions is Oracle BI EE. What are your other passions, if any?

>: I’m also a ham operator (PH9Z) and a member of the Dutch Emergency Communications community.

 9. Is there anything else you would like to share with us?

>: Don’t keep knowledge to yourself, share and you will receive even greater knowledge.

 10. Who would you like to be next in this series and why? What would you like to ask him/her?

>: Of course the grandfather of all OBIEE blogs Venkat and my question is; Is there really a difference between BI in Asia and BI in the Western world?

First of all I would like to thank John for his time to answer these questions. Secondly I hope the readers of this blog will follow John’s advise; Share your knowledge! I couldn’t agree with him more. Last but not least, I hope I am able to share the thoughts of Venkat with you.

To be continued.

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