Oracle MOS HTML Update 11072010

 Document ID   Title   Doc Type   Modified Date 
1142393.1 OC4J does not work with OBIEE on AIX OS with JDK 1.6 HOWTO 06-JUL-10
860112.1 Error Code: “Q4NU7XSN” Occurs After Upgrading OBIEE PROBLEM 07-JUL-10
960683.1 Catalog Manager Fails to Open Catalog in Offline Mode PROBLEM 08-JUL-10
867202.1 “VIEW DISPLAY ERROR INVALID HANDLE OF ‘CLASS SAW::CURRENCY CONST *’ Q4NU7XSN” Error Occurs in Sales Analytics Dashboard PROBLEM 07-JUL-10
946015.1 “java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError” Occurs While Installing OBIEE PROBLEM 07-JUL-10
530173.1 Direct Database Requests now working with iBots PROBLEM 05-JUL-10
954963.1 NullPointerException When Running Custom Java Program PROBLEM 08-JUL-10
884142.1 “There was a problem retrieving the XML data:Internal Server Error” Error Occurs While Accessing Answers PROBLEM 07-JUL-10
950273.1 Sort Icon in Answers is not Displayed Correctly With Fifth Sort. PROBLEM 08-JUL-10
1142778.1 How do “Max Rows” or “Filter” apply to queries when User is in Multiple Security Groups HOWTO 06-JUL-10
1143758.1 How to Hide the Filter Parameter When Some Reports In A Dashboard Don?t Return Data HOWTO 07-JUL-10
1145155.1 No Data In Request “Supplier Dpo Trend” In “Procurement And Spend/Supplier Performance/Overview” PROBLEM 08-JUL-10
866073.1 Modifying “VIEWS.CSS .PTSECTSTABLE” Padding 0PX Does Not have Any Impact. PROBLEM 07-JUL-10
513287.1 Error when accessing dashboard PROBLEM 05-JUL-10
857912.1 “No results” Message Displayed When User Drills Down on Double-byte Character in Chart PROBLEM 07-JUL-10
955844.1 How to Obtain Values of Presentation or Request Varaible in Answers or Dashboard . HOWTO 08-JUL-10
529885.1 Drilldown Error PROBLEM 05-JUL-10
950265.1 NLS Excel File Name and Sheet Name are Corrupted in Non-English Windows Using IE6 PROBLEM 08-JUL-10
958311.1 Drill Down Behavior After Applying the Patch 6633505 FAQ 08-JUL-10
882203.1 Data Format’s Default Setting HOWTO 07-JUL-10
868363.1 Performance Issue in IE6 While Using Multi-Select Feature in Dashboard PROBLEM 07-JUL-10
889116.1 Unable to Edit Caption Property for “Link or Image” Dashboard Object PROBLEM 07-JUL-10
859386.1 Width Column Property Does Not Work PROBLEM 07-JUL-10
967069.1 How to Hide Dashboards Tab in Answers HOWTO 08-JUL-10
1145846.1 How Can I Rename Report Views In A Report In Answers? HOWTO 09-JUL-10
962812.1 How to Enable SSL on Standard Installed OBIEE and Publisher Deployed to Standalone OC4J HOWTO 08-JUL-10

Author: Daan Bakboord

I am an Oracle Big Data Analytics Consultant with great interest in anything closely related to the Oracle Big Data Analytics (OBIEE, BICS, OAC, Big Data, Data Integration, Data Visualization, Data Management, Data Architecture).

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