Oracle MOS HTML Update 11072010

 Document ID   Title   Doc Type   Modified Date 
1142393.1 OC4J does not work with OBIEE on AIX OS with JDK 1.6 HOWTO 06-JUL-10
860112.1 Error Code: “Q4NU7XSN” Occurs After Upgrading OBIEE PROBLEM 07-JUL-10
960683.1 Catalog Manager Fails to Open Catalog in Offline Mode PROBLEM 08-JUL-10
867202.1 “VIEW DISPLAY ERROR INVALID HANDLE OF ‘CLASS SAW::CURRENCY CONST *’ Q4NU7XSN” Error Occurs in Sales Analytics Dashboard PROBLEM 07-JUL-10
946015.1 “java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError” Occurs While Installing OBIEE PROBLEM 07-JUL-10
530173.1 Direct Database Requests now working with iBots PROBLEM 05-JUL-10
954963.1 NullPointerException When Running Custom Java Program PROBLEM 08-JUL-10
884142.1 “There was a problem retrieving the XML data:Internal Server Error” Error Occurs While Accessing Answers PROBLEM 07-JUL-10
950273.1 Sort Icon in Answers is not Displayed Correctly With Fifth Sort. PROBLEM 08-JUL-10
1142778.1 How do “Max Rows” or “Filter” apply to queries when User is in Multiple Security Groups HOWTO 06-JUL-10
1143758.1 How to Hide the Filter Parameter When Some Reports In A Dashboard Don?t Return Data HOWTO 07-JUL-10
1145155.1 No Data In Request “Supplier Dpo Trend” In “Procurement And Spend/Supplier Performance/Overview” PROBLEM 08-JUL-10
866073.1 Modifying “VIEWS.CSS .PTSECTSTABLE” Padding 0PX Does Not have Any Impact. PROBLEM 07-JUL-10
513287.1 Error when accessing dashboard PROBLEM 05-JUL-10
857912.1 “No results” Message Displayed When User Drills Down on Double-byte Character in Chart PROBLEM 07-JUL-10
955844.1 How to Obtain Values of Presentation or Request Varaible in Answers or Dashboard . HOWTO 08-JUL-10
529885.1 Drilldown Error PROBLEM 05-JUL-10
950265.1 NLS Excel File Name and Sheet Name are Corrupted in Non-English Windows Using IE6 PROBLEM 08-JUL-10
958311.1 Drill Down Behavior After Applying the Patch 6633505 FAQ 08-JUL-10
882203.1 Data Format’s Default Setting HOWTO 07-JUL-10
868363.1 Performance Issue in IE6 While Using Multi-Select Feature in Dashboard PROBLEM 07-JUL-10
889116.1 Unable to Edit Caption Property for “Link or Image” Dashboard Object PROBLEM 07-JUL-10
859386.1 Width Column Property Does Not Work PROBLEM 07-JUL-10
967069.1 How to Hide Dashboards Tab in Answers HOWTO 08-JUL-10
1145846.1 How Can I Rename Report Views In A Report In Answers? HOWTO 09-JUL-10
962812.1 How to Enable SSL on Standard Installed OBIEE and Publisher Deployed to Standalone OC4J HOWTO 08-JUL-10

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