Installing Oracle BI 11g R1

Today I started with the installation of the new Oracle BI 11g R1 release. This time I did something a man normally doesn’t do. I started by RTFM. The documentation could be found here. Lucky for me, John did a four part series about installing the Oracle BI Oracle BI 11g R1 release on a on a windows 32 bit XP-pro box. 

I only want to add some additional info about some issues I had while installing. 

The first error or warning I received was about the character set of my 11g database.


For some more details about the 11g database character set, please check OTN.

You can change the character set by issuing the following commands; 

To check the character set

  FROM nls_database_parameters;

To change the character set

alter system enable restricted session;
alter system set job_queue_processes=0;
alter database open;
Shutdown immediate;
startup mount;

Next I received a few ‘RCU-6107: DB Init Param’ errors.

Thanks to Muhammad Habib, I was able to solve these issues.

Let’s see what  Oracle BI 11g R1 has to offer us.

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