Oracle MOS HTML Updates 29082010

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1077776.1 Bad Performance Starting BI Server o Presentation Server on Red Hat Enterprise Linux. PROBLEM 24-AUG-10
1163021.1 Why Biapps_odi Folder Missing In Bi Apps 7.9.5 Installation HOWTO 24-AUG-10
1186513.1 OBIEE 11g (OID) The Security Token cannot be authenticated PROBLEM 25-AUG-10
1145095.1 Installing Obiee Using Weblogic 10.3.1, needs OC4JAdmin user and password ? HOWTO 23-AUG-10
1186342.1 How to install Only 11G OBIEE Client Tools? HOWTO 26-AUG-10
1188694.1 OBIEE11g: Repository Creation Utility (RCU) Fails On SQL Server HOWTO 26-AUG-10
1137203.1 How the Oracle BI Server Query Cache is purged HOWTO 24-AUG-10
1152904.1 BIEE Presentation Services Do Not Start On SUSE Linux 9 PROBLEM 23-AUG-10
1096950.1 How To Build multiple Obiee Instances On Windows platform? HOWTO 24-AUG-10
1072778.1 Error Saving iBots in a Cluster environment: nQSError: 76015] The active Oracle BI Scheduler instance in the cluster could not be determined PROBLEM 24-AUG-10
1128735.1 Need To Create A Running Total Balance Horizontally (Across Columns) On An Obiee Report HOWTO 23-AUG-10
1178064.1 Incorrect Results Produced When Subtotaling Disctinct Count Totals PROBLEM 24-AUG-10
1088007.1 Error In OBIEE With Oracle Client 11g: Could Not Load Module /Obi/Home/Server/Bin/Libnqsdbgatewayoci10g64.So PROBLEM 24-AUG-10
1131266.1 ‘Assertion Failure 1 <= nMonth && nMonth <=12 At Line 664’ Error When Attempting To Run a Report PROBLEM 23-AUG-10
1185447.1 Intermittent Invalid State Identifier Errors PROBLEM 24-AUG-10
1183464.1 Compound Layout Not Available. Answers Just Hangs PROBLEM 22-AUG-10
1143573.1 General Ledger Dashboard – Overview – Operating Cycle & Cash Cycle -Navigation Not Reconciling PROBLEM 23-AUG-10
1159118.1 Back Ground Color of a Dashboard is not changed entirely PROBLEM 23-AUG-10
1185293.1 Error Trying to Log In OBIEE: [nQSError: 10018] Access for the requested connection is refused. PROBLEM 24-AUG-10
1157323.1 Need Clarification About Recruitment->Applicant Diversity Report HOWTO 24-AUG-10
1188013.1 After Applying Date Prompt Patch:9492821 clicking Go or OK button in Prompts Does Not Work – Nothing Happens PROBLEM 26-AUG-10
1073301.1 OBIEE is Case Sensitive. PROBLEM 24-AUG-10
1077298.1 A Text Filter is Not Case Sensitive in A Request. PROBLEM 24-AUG-10
1133534.1 Presentation Catalog Names Which Include Variables Are Improperly Displayed PROBLEM 24-AUG-10
1162887.1 Binning After 8 Bins Does Not Work After 8 Bins PROBLEM 24-AUG-10
1189543.1 Values In BIEE Multiselect Prompt Are Not Sorting in Alpha-Numeric Order In Large LOVs PROBLEM 27-AUG-10
1086425.1 Is It Possible to Resize a Chart in a Dasshboard Page. HOWTO 24-AUG-10
1160893.1 How to do Multi-Sort in Dashboard Report HOWTO 23-AUG-10
1160913.1 Graphs are not rendering in Dashboard or Answers PROBLEM 24-AUG-10
1188664.1 After Applying the Patch for Bug 9783227 on OBIEE the MDX Generated Changed HOWTO 26-AUG-10
1085424.1 Wrong Grand Total In A Table View After Applying Filters To Measures And Using Last Aggr In Rpd PROBLEM 24-AUG-10
1188293.1 Loading Images In Obiee – Custom Images are Not shown/displayed in OBIEE Dashboard Requests using Weblogic PROBLEM 26-AUG-10
1075986.1 Downloading a Pivot Table to Excel, Content is Moved a Cell to the Left. PROBLEM 24-AUG-10
1127347.1 Chart Exporting Errors Out With “Couldn’t Create Image” PROBLEM 23-AUG-10
1162178.1 Oracle Bi Server Cache Does Not Refresh PROBLEM 24-AUG-10
1177797.1 Users created into the Administration Tool are not reflected into the Presentation Services as Catalog Users HOWTO 24-AUG-10
848168.1 Prompt Date datatype returns a timestamp with the date and returns incorrect results HOWTO 24-AUG-10
1137265.1 WH4KCFW6 while trying to attach RPD in online mode PROBLEM 23-AUG-10
1076403.1 Error in OBIEE: nQSError: 17003] Oracle gateway error: OCIEnvNlsCreate or OCIEnvInit failed to initialize environment. PROBLEM 24-AUG-10
1183504.1 How To Download All The Reports On A Dashboard To A Single Excel File? HOWTO 22-AUG-10
1175213.1 Problem Using TIMESTAMPDIFF Function In RPD Calculation With Oracle DB Source PROBLEM 23-AUG-10
1070464.1 Error in Print-PDF: An error occurred during execution of “connect”. Connection refused PROBLEM 24-AUG-10
1091095.1 Error in a Request: ORA-01795: maximum number of expressions in a list is 1000 PROBLEM 24-AUG-10
1138104.1 Downloading to .csv in Disconnected Mode Does Not Work Properly PROBLEM 23-AUG-10
1128536.1 Printing From Dashboard Report Links Print Option Ignores Report Print Size Default. PROBLEM 23-AUG-10
1188178.1 Integrate OBIEE report in Siebel with print option PROBLEM 26-AUG-10
1187984.1 Error Saving Repository In Online Mode On Solaris 64 Bit: nQSError 28019 And nQSError46036 PROBLEM 26-AUG-10
1186063.1 How to import multiple XML files into a single database in OBIEE HOWTO 24-AUG-10
1166294.1 Pdfstyle.Fst File Changes Are Not Reflected In Print In Pdf PROBLEM 24-AUG-10
1146204.1 Obiee – Issue In Using Rank() Function With Partition HOWTO 23-AUG-10
1148143.1 Datetime Datatype Column Used In Filter Does Not Work HOWTO 23-AUG-10
1189604.1 Passing Filters To The Oracle Bi Presentation Services Go Url Through A Url HOWTO 27-AUG-10
1189099.1 OBIEE 11g Administration tool not working when installed on Windows 64 bit HOWTO 27-AUG-10
1179246.1 Deploying OBIEE 10g on Weblogic Causes SSO to stop working PROBLEM 24-AUG-10
1156273.1 SQL Server 2008 Not Listed as Data Source Type in Administration Tool HOWTO 24-AUG-10
1157294.1 Todate Function Dropping February 2008 Data – Leap Year? HOWTO 24-AUG-10
1165273.1 Row_count Column In S_nq_acct Table (Usage Tracking) HOWTO 24-AUG-10
1134457.1 Initialization Block ‘Mcal Calendar Wid Identification’ Failed with error [Nqserror: 13011] PROBLEM 23-AUG-10
1171283.1 Error 500 When Clicking On Download Data Option On Reports when using IE6 PROBLEM 23-AUG-10
1167793.1 OBIEE Catalog Manager Search Results In Internal Error In Online Mode PROBLEM 23-AUG-10
1184143.1 Catalog Manager 11g Does Nothing When You Run It. PROBLEM 23-AUG-10
1087480.1 Error Accessing to Any Folder in Catalog Manager: access denied for user to path /users/xxx PROBLEM 24-AUG-10
1160684.1 Formatting Issue In Web Catalog PROBLEM 24-AUG-10
1134665.1 Performance Issue For Request Using a Full Outer Join PROBLEM 24-AUG-10

Author: Daan Bakboord

I am an Oracle Big Data Analytics Consultant with great interest in anything closely related to the Oracle Big Data Analytics (OBIEE, BICS, OAC, Big Data, Data Integration, Data Visualization, Data Management, Data Architecture).

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