Review – Oracle Siebel CRM 8 Installation and Management

I was asked, by Packt Publishing, to write a review about Alex Hansal’s book; ‘Oracle Siebel CRM 8 Installation and Management‘. Although I am not an expert nor a frequent user of Oracle Siebel CRM, I still was willing to write this review. Why? Because I value the knowledge Alex shares a lot. Next to that I was curious what it takes to install and manage Oracle Siebel CRM 8.

** Information about the book **

Title: Oracle Siebel CRM 8 Installation and Management
Subtitle: Install, configure, and manage a robust Customer Relationship Management system using Siebel CRM
Author: Alex Hansal
First published: July 2010
ISBN: 978-1-849680-56-1
Copyright © 2010 Packt Publishing

** Review **
The first thing I noticed when I started reading through this book, was the structured and chronological way everyting is presented to the reader. First an overview of the architecture of the product. Next the installation and configuration of the Server, (both on Windows and Linux) and the Client Tools. The remainder of the book covers topics like Server Management, User Management, System Monitoring and Migrating configurations from Development to Production.
Each chapter starts with an introduction of what we could expect from that chapter. At the end of each chapter you are presented with a summary, so you can verify whether you have understood what you just have read.

Although you are presented with more than 500 pages, this manual is very easy to read. A lot of text has been alternated with a variety of images, examples, pieces of script, references to online sources and information, etc. The ‘Follow Me’-boxes are a valuable addition and provide an alternative way to navigate through the book. It’s clear that the author has a lot of ready knowledge. On top of that he is able to profess this knowledge.

I am absolutely positive that anyone who reads this book and follows the instructions as they are presented, is able to install, configure and manage Oracle Siebel CRM 8.
You wont’t be an expert just by reading this book but it definitely will offer you a tool to become one. It’s a complete and structured reference, which wil make the life of an Oracle Siebel CRM 8 consultant a whole lot easier.

Kudos to Alex for this great piece of work.

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