Deinstall Oracle BI 11g

Sometimes you might run into the situation that you have to deinstal, Oracle BI 11g. If you read the manual, you will be presented with a sequence of events. Deinstalling an Oracle Business Intelligence installation on a single Windows computer involves the following tasks:

–> Run the deinstall script and select the Deinstall instances managed by a WebLogic domain option.

Make sure the weblogicserver is running.

Open a command prompt,

Cd <MIDDLEWARE_HOME>\Oracle_BI1\oui\bin

Run setup.exe -deinstall

option: Deinstall ASInstances managed by WebLogic Domain

–> Stop all Oracle Business Intelligence processes and servers, including all OPMN-controlled components and JEE components.

–> Drop the Metadata Services (MDS) and Business Intelligence Platform (BIPLATFORM) schemas using RCU.

Cd <RCU_HOME>\bin

Run rcu.bat

–> Run the deinstall script and select the Deinstall the Oracle home option.

Cd <MIDDLEWARE_HOME>\Oracle_BI1\oui\bin

Run setup.exe -deinstall

option: Deinstall Oracle home

–> Deinstall the Oracle Common home manually or by running the deinstall script that it contains.


Run setup.exe -deinstall -jreLoc full_path_of_jre_or_jdk

–> Use the Oracle WebLogic Server uninstaller to uninstall WebLogic Server.

Cd <MIDDLEWARE_HOME>\utils\uninstall

uninstall -mode=console

–> Remove the Oracle home (if necessary).

Cd <MIDDLEWARE_HOME>/user_projects/domains

delete folder; bifoundation_domain

–> Remove the Middleware home and any other homes (Domain home, Applications home, and Instance home) that might have been installed outside of the Middleware home.

navigate to <MIDDLEWARE_HOME>- parent_dirictory

delete folder; <MIDDLEWARE_HOME>

Now you are good to go and try again.

Good Luck!

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