Oracle BI 11g – Startup Sequence

Reading through the Oracle Forum I stumbled upon a possible startup sequence for Oracle BI 11g.

Before you complete the steps below the following Windows Services should **not** be running.

a. Oracle Process Manager (instance1)
b. Oracle Weblogic NodeManager

After that follow the next steps;

–> Start NodeManager from the Command Prompt

Cd <MIDDLEWARE_HOME>\wlserver_10.3\server\bin


Wait untill you see message “Secure socket listener start at port……”

–> Start Admin server from command prompt

Cd <MIDDLEWARE_HOME>\user_projects\domains\bifoundation_domain\bin


It will ask for user name / password. Specify the user details that you used at the time of the Oracle BI 11g install. You could also use a ‘Boot Identity File’ -( Check the documentation for more details.

Wait untill you see message Admin server is in ‘RUNNING MODE’.

–> Now start Managed server from GUI

Access WebLogic console from a webbrowser


Login, Environment > servers > Control > select bi_server1 > click on start

It would take some time for the Managed server to start. Wait untill you see the ‘Running’ status.

–> Now start the OBIEE components from command prompt

Cd <MIDDLEWARE_HOME>\instances\instance1\bin

opmnctl startall

Note that it’s a possible startup sequence. There are multiple ways to statup.

One thought on “Oracle BI 11g – Startup Sequence

  1. Thank you for this post. I followed your steps exactly and everything came up right. It was very useful.


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