Oracle MOS HTML Update 20022011

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520358.1 Is It Possible to Display Encrypted Data? HOWTO 18-FEB-11
1223359.1 LDAP Configuration In OBIEE 11g causes error: [53017] Failed to load LDAP library: PROBLEM 17-FEB-11
1292973.1 Obiee 11g Active Directory FailedAuthentication : The security token cannot be authenticated. PROBLEM 14-FEB-11
856939.1 Error: “java.lang.NullPointerException at _oa_html._OracleOasis._jspService(” When Logging In PROBLEM 16-FEB-11
843198.1 How To Configure The HTTPS Protocol In OBIEE? HOWTO 18-FEB-11
827506.1 The HR_ORG Variable For Analytics EBS Org-Based Security Is Not Initialising PROBLEM 15-FEB-11
566189.1 Not Able to Log In as Administrator from BI Publisher when Using BI Security Model PROBLEM 15-FEB-11
543274.1 How Can The Administrator Have Access To Another User’s Dashboard? HOWTO 18-FEB-11
1288563.1 Preventing reports from being written on specific presentation tables BULLETIN 15-FEB-11
875082.1 Error: “[53016] The IBM LDAP SSL (Secure Socket Layer) Client Library Initialization Failed”OBIEE SSL Configuration Error When Enabling SSL PROBLEM 15-FEB-11
1262220.1 Configuring A Second OBIEE 11g Instance On The Same Server Fails With INST-07408 PROBLEM 14-FEB-11
1296348.1 OBIEE Upgrade from to Unsuccessful Verification Of User/Password Pair PROBLEM 16-FEB-11
1297193.1 “Error 503-Service Unavailable” message when clicking on the Enterprise Manager in OBIEE ALERT 18-FEB-11
559475.1 Installation configuration HOWTO 14-FEB-11
882197.1 Issue with Percentage Indicator – Aggregation in the Total Calculation in Pivot Tables PROBLEM 14-FEB-11
726704.1 [nQSError: 13014] Password Length Is Less Than The Required Minimum, 8 PROBLEM 18-FEB-11
1278708.1 Obiee 11g Install Fails During Config – Java Out Of Memory Errors In Logs, PermGen HOWTO 15-FEB-11
494130.1 Error: “[nQSError: 77006] Oracle BI Presentation Server Error: A Fatal Error Occurred” When E-Mailing a Dashboard. PROBLEM 16-FEB-11
1280634.1 OBIEE 11g Upgrade Assistant (UA) Fails When Upgrading A 10g RPD File To OBIEE 11g PROBLEM 14-FEB-11
1296896.1 What version of OBIEE 11g release 1 (11.1..1.3) is certified with weblogic version? HOWTO 17-FEB-11
778806.1 Installed 11g client on BI server but RPD is trying to pick up the 10g driver HOWTO 16-FEB-11
1295755.1 Upgrading OBIEE 10g Repository To 11g Using The Upgrade Assistant ( UA ) Fails To Start The BI Server PROBLEM 14-FEB-11
816634.1 I would like see the built-in dashboards contained within OracleBIAnalyticsApps.rpd for Financials, Supply Chain HOWTO 18-FEB-11
1296871.1 Obiee Analytics (Bimiddleware 11.1.1) Not Starting After Upgrading Weblogi From 10.3.3 To 10.3.4 HOWTO 17-FEB-11
493202.1 ERROR: “[nQSError: 77006] Oracle BI Presentation Server Error: A Fatal Error Occurred While Processing The Request” When Run An iBot. PROBLEM 17-FEB-11
508259.1 Error: nQSError: 77006 – iBots Do not Run PROBLEM 15-FEB-11
524451.1 Analytics Scheduler Service returning Error:[nQSError: 16001] ODBC error state: 37000 code: 8180 message: PROBLEM 18-FEB-11
539135.1 Delivers: [nQSError: 77006] Siebel Analytics Web Error PROBLEM 15-FEB-11
779108.1 The content delivered by OBIEE Delivers loses formatting in Microsoft Outlook 2007, when delivered through email. PROBLEM 16-FEB-11
790023.1 Error: “[nQSError: 17001] Oracle Error Code: 1, Message: ORA-00001: Unique Constraint (NICE_BI_PRD.S_NQ_INSTANCE_U1) Violated” When Running iBots. PROBLEM 15-FEB-11
847230.1 Custom Java Program Is Not Called When Delivery Content Is More Than 1 MB PROBLEM 18-FEB-11
509496.1 iBot error 77006 PROBLEM 16-FEB-11
523604.1 BI/Siebel Delivers HOWTO 15-FEB-11
497662.1 Grand Total Does Not Show Percentage Calculation PROBLEM 18-FEB-11
756084.1 Duplicate Values Appearing in Multiselect Dashboard Prompt: DISTINCT Clause in Logical SQL is Dropped in Physical SQL PROBLEM 15-FEB-11
956342.1 Error Codes: OPR4ONWY:U9IM8TAC:OI2DL65P, [NQSERROR: 46029] Failed To Load The DLL Running Request PROBLEM 17-FEB-11
987875.1 The Format of Decimal Number Changes When Downloading to Excel PROBLEM 16-FEB-11
1284940.1 Subtotal of Percentage columns In Calculated Items do not follow the Calculation Formula PROBLEM 15-FEB-11
484653.1 How To Link Reports from OBIEE Dashboards to Briefing Books HOWTO 16-FEB-11
1296542.1 Create Bookmark Link With Condition Results In Error, ‘Bad XML Instance!’ PROBLEM 16-FEB-11
862639.1 How To Concatenate or Merge Amount and Currency Columns? HOWTO 18-FEB-11
1297331.1 RPD Filter is dropped and not included in the Database Physical SQL execution PROBLEM 18-FEB-11
514154.1 Dashboard Failing with Error: Error Codes: QBVC92JY – Governor Limit Exceeded in Cube Generation PROBLEM 15-FEB-11
964430.1 How to open a New Dashboard on a Fix-Sized Window? HOWTO 18-FEB-11
1281534.1 Dashboard Prompt Does Not Show Selected Value PROBLEM 15-FEB-11
1295470.1 Date Prompts Using Presentation Variable Not Passed From Source to Child Page PROBLEM 14-FEB-11
960072.1 Downloaded text converted to unintended number format in Excel FAQ 18-FEB-11
974195.1 ‘NQSERROR: 46103’ and ‘NQSERROR: 46017’ When Executing a Request PROBLEM 18-FEB-11
1108594.1 OBIEE Dashboard Date Prompts and Date Presentation Variables Errors After Upgrade to Version HOWTO 17-FEB-11
508652.1 How To Format Tool Tips And Change The Time Out HOWTO 16-FEB-11
1272485.1 How To Temporarily disable Caching or Change LogLevel For A Specific Request HOWTO 15-FEB-11
1295479.1 Freeze Column and \ or Row Headings In OBIEE Reports As like Excel Headings HOWTO 14-FEB-11
517347.1 Segmentation – Generate Count PROBLEM 18-FEB-11
860152.1 Multi-byte characters displayed as square in radar chart PROBLEM 18-FEB-11
732525.1 Error: “A General Error Has Occurred. [nQSError: 14026] Unable to navigate requested Expression: OLTP contacts” When Columns Are Selected From Marketing Contact List PROBLEM 15-FEB-11
475385.1 Enhancements to Oracle Business Intelligence Data Warehouse Administration Console in Oracle Business Intelligence Applications Version 7.9.3 BULLETIN 15-FEB-11
475386.1 Implementing Security for Oracle?s PeopleSoft Enterprise Applications in Oracle Business Intelligence Applications 7.9.3 BULLETIN 18-FEB-11
477593.1 Configuration of Virus Scanning Software can improve Performance, Stability, and Reliability of Siebel Analytics Server ALERT 16-FEB-11
478203.1 Supplemental Information on Oracle Sales Analytics (Usage Accelerator Module) BULLETIN 17-FEB-11
523812.1 Siebel Analytics with Oracle Partitioning HOWTO 16-FEB-11
543677.1 Error Using writeObject Method of SOAP API PROBLEM 15-FEB-11
760137.1 How To Enhance BI Access Security, Disable BI Reports via GO and Other URL Parameters HOWTO 16-FEB-11
518818.1 Query Status: Query Failed: [nQSError: 15018] Incorrectly Defined Logical Table Source PROBLEM 16-FEB-11
746919.1 Error: “[39008] Logical dimension table COMPONENT_CODE has a source ‘XYZ’ that does not join to any fact source.” Improting Essbase Cube Into Repository PROBLEM 15-FEB-11
845000.1 Direct Database Request in OBIEE Using Essbase Causes an Error: [nQSError: 46008] Internal error: File .\Src\SQXDGEssbaseCAPI.cpp, line 1003. (HY000) PROBLEM 17-FEB-11
962802.1 How To Issue Database session specific Commands From OBIEE HOWTO 18-FEB-11
820161.1 Teradata: [nQSError: 16023] The ODBC Function Has Returned an Error. The Database May Not Be Available, or The Network May Be Down. PROBLEM 15-FEB-11
486915.1 support safari browser PROBLEM 14-FEB-11
504444.1 Error Generating Chart PROBLEM 14-FEB-11
511842.1 Out of Process Memory PROBLEM 15-FEB-11
1296846.1 Unable to open Administration Tool in online mode HOWTO 17-FEB-11
1297353.1 Obiee 11g Graph Server Under Heavy Load Or Unavailable HOWTO 18-FEB-11
511661.1 Analytics Cache Purge Using Nqcmd.exe Fails With Error PROBLEM 15-FEB-11
537898.1 Error: “[nQSError: 43059] Init block ‘Last180days’: Dynamic Refresh of Repository Scope Variables Has Failed.” When Start OBIEE After Upgrade PROBLEM 18-FEB-11
794733.1 BI Pub SSO integration with OBIEE PROBLEM 14-FEB-11
747952.1 Error: “[nQSError: 10058] A General Error Has Occurred. Essbase Error: Login Fails Due to Invalid Login Credentials” When Querying Essbase PROBLEM 17-FEB-11
563413.1 Cannot start BI Server with rpd from PROBLEM 14-FEB-11
1296232.1 Integration Of Obiee In “OBIEE content cannot be displayed in the IFRAME” HOWTO 16-FEB-11
1296637.1 Error Opening Administration Tool: [nQSError: 47037] Error(s) happened when trying to validate configuration. PROBLEM 17-FEB-11
475384.1 Configuring HR Analytics for Oracle?s PeopleSoft Enterprise Applications Version 8.8 in Oracle Business Intelligence Applications Version 7.9.3 BULLETIN 18-FEB-11
475388.1 Data Granularity Changes in Oracle Business Intelligence 7.9.3 BULLETIN 18-FEB-11
475436.1 In 7.8.x SAW Crashes When Sockets Are Getting Killed ALERT 16-FEB-11
491476.1 Error: [nQSError: 12015] Communication error with remote end point:Address= PID=1380 PROBLEM 18-FEB-11
516813.1 Getting error when clicking on “Analytics Administration Link” via OLTP PROBLEM 15-FEB-11
726845.1 How To Specify Table Alias in Database Hints in The Physical Layer and What Is The Life Time of Table Alias? HOWTO 15-FEB-11
954836.1 Legend Of A Line Graph Does Not Show Different Line Types PROBLEM 18-FEB-11
603120.1 Can’t Import from Multi-Dimensional Essbase in Admintool PROBLEM 16-FEB-11
977846.1 Error: “[nQSError: 46029] Failed to load the DLL /usr/local/OracleBI/server/Bin/” When Displaying a Table View PROBLEM 17-FEB-11
1083475.1 Cannot Log Into OBIEE: Error Codes: WH4KCFW6:OPR4ONWY:U9IM8TAC. [nQSError: 10058] A General Error Has Occurred. PROBLEM 17-FEB-11
1296633.1 Error When Adding Map View To Answers Request PROBLEM 17-FEB-11
491082.1 “Error Codes: OPR4ONWY:U9IM8TAC:OI2DL65P” and “[nQSError: 17001] Oracle Error code: 942, Message: ORA-00942: Table or View Does Not Exist”, When Include YTD Metric PROBLEM 17-FEB-11
787776.1 Presentation Server Crashing When a Custom Report with a Pivot Table is Executed PROBLEM 16-FEB-11
1275087.1 What are all the logs and configuration files for OBIEE 11G and where to find them? BULLETIN 15-FEB-11
847368.1 How To Use Date Comparison in BI Publisher Report Templates? HOWTO 15-FEB-11
746828.1 Error: “Unknown Error Occurred” When Logging into Oracle BI Using Microsoft Office Plug-in PROBLEM 16-FEB-11
1228974.1 Error: “[nQSError: 17014] Could Not Connect to Oracle Database. [nQSError: 17001] Oracle Error Code: 12154″Connecting Via ODBC Or OCI To Oracle Database From OBIEE 11g PROBLEM 17-FEB-11
1273469.1 Unable to open repository in Online Mode in 11g PROBLEM 15-FEB-11
1267402.1 Obiee 11g: Unable to Sign In. An invalid User Name or Password was entered PROBLEM 15-FEB-11
1296040.1 Usage Of Business Intelligence Applications With Odi For 7.9.6.X Versions HOWTO 15-FEB-11
1291955.1 Implementing Line of Business based Profitability Dashboards HOWTO 15-FEB-11
1296170.1 New Execution Plans Are Not Showing Up After Upgrade Merge Replace Base Option PROBLEM 15-FEB-11
1297267.1 Project Analytics – expenditure categories have `Unspecified? value due to group resource setup HOWTO 18-FEB-11
1295454.1 How can find out what version of DAC Server I am using? HOWTO 14-FEB-11
959766.1 List of BI Apps Bugs Fixed in Release

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