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1323650.1 Bypassing OBIEE Log In Using Integrated Windows Authentication HOWTO 19-MAY-11
1322432.1 Error Retrieving User/Group Data From Oracle Bi Server’s User Population API PROBLEM 17-MAY-11
1323652.1 FAQ: How To Find OBIEE 11g System Requirements And Platform / Operating System Prerequisites HOWTO 20-MAY-11
1322253.1 BI Publisher User Interface Components Do Not Support Supplementary Characters HOWTO 16-MAY-11
1323281.1 Rcu For Unix? HOWTO 18-MAY-11
1324025.1 How to reconfigure IIS for existing OBI installation? HOWTO 20-MAY-11
1323461.1 How should etc/hosts file be configured before OBIEE Installation? HOWTO 19-MAY-11
1321815.1 Managed Server bi_server1 Is Unexpectedly Shutting Down Causing OBIEE 11g To Be Unavailable PROBLEM 20-MAY-11
1319923.1 OBIEE 10 and 11g: Is It Possible to Sent Dashboard/Portal Pages Via an iBot as an Excel Attachment? HOWTO 17-MAY-11
1319964.1 OBIEE 10g: Is It Possible to Add Pagination Links to Pivot Views? HOWTO 17-MAY-11
1322332.1 Is It Possible To Change The Data Format Of Measures For Calculated Items And / Or Groups In A Pivot Table HOWTO 20-MAY-11
1323220.1 OBIEE 11g Unable to type ahead when selecting in prompt list HOWTO 18-MAY-11
1293420.1 OBIEE 11g: FMap Is Not Working, No Image Displayed PROBLEM 18-MAY-11
1324034.1 Obiee 11g – Controls Not Visible On Large Pivots HOWTO 20-MAY-11
1323453.1 11g Dashboard error – Right operation is not permitted on UNKNOWN operand – Error Codes: Opr4onwy:U9im8tac:Oi2dl65p PROBLEM 19-MAY-11
1322372.1 Importing Excel File Into OBIEE 11g Fails With ODBC Error State S1000 Code -1022 Message [Microsoft][Odbc Excel Driver] Disk Or Network Error PROBLEM 16-MAY-11
1066972.1 OBIEE 10g: Constrained Dashboard Prompt With Default Values Shows All Choices Only PROBLEM 18-MAY-11
1267474.1 OBIEE 10g: Is there a way to default Value Suppression To ‘Repeat’ In Answers – Column Properties – Column Format HOWTO 18-MAY-11
1193673.1 OBIEE 10g: Error: “Dashboard Display Error” and “Error Codes: GZ8VXQ96 ” After Upgrade PROBLEM 18-MAY-11
1319685.1 When “All Choices” Option Is Selected In A Prompt, Presentation Variable Displays The Value As “*)nqgtac(*” PROBLEM 20-MAY-11
1321975.1 Obiee11g Bi Server Will Not Start Using opmnctl (failed to start a managed process after the maximum retry limit) PROBLEM 16-MAY-11
1324008.1 Syntax For Entering Sql In A Logical Column PROBLEM 20-MAY-11
1322359.1 Code Page Issue During Caching: Application’s WCHAR type must be UTF16, because odbc driver’s unicode type is UTF16 PROBLEM 16-MAY-11
1323576.1 temp file to a particular query HOWTO 19-MAY-11
1319860.1 OBIEE 10g: The Administration Tool Crashes With No Error Whilst Generating Repository Documentation PROBLEM 17-MAY-11
1317613.1 Importing Metadata From Oracle DB Via OBIEE 11g Admin Tool Fails With “Some objects where not imported because of invalid names” PROBLEM 20-MAY-11
1317017.1 OBIEE 11g: Error: “Failed to find config file” Whilst Trying to Open Catalog Manager in Offline Mode PROBLEM 18-MAY-11
1283957.1 OBIEE 11g: Error: “Member Not Found” When Attempting to Edit a Report In Internet Explorer After an Upgrade of OBIEE. PROBLEM 19-MAY-11
1322211.1 Datetime And Datefield Format Are Scrambled When Exported From OBIEE To MS Excel HOWTO 16-MAY-11
1321539.1 OBIEE 11g: How To Configure With iPhone/iPad? HOWTO 17-MAY-11
1323224.1 How to set LOCALE session variable in obiee when integrated with siebel HOWTO 18-MAY-11
1235063.1 Capacity Planning and Benchmarking – How many concurrent users will OBIEE support ? HOWTO 19-MAY-11
1319560.1 Unable To See OBIEE 11g Connections In The Import Wizard While Importing Metadata To RPD PROBLEM 20-MAY-11
1293391.1 Master Note for iPhone BI Apps Issues in OBIEE ANNOUNCEMENT 17-MAY-11
1109260.1 Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition Certification Matrix BULLETIN 20-MAY-11
1320507.1 OBIEE 10: Major Performance Issue When Dataset Sort Performed by BI Server PROBLEM 18-MAY-11
1323702.1 Unable To Execute Custom Sql From Dac HOWTO 19-MAY-11
1185633.1 Support ending for Informatica Power Center 7.x ? Action Required for Oracle BI Applications Customers BULLETIN 17-MAY-11
1309609.1 The Informatica Repository Service on HP-UX Fails to Enable / Start When Created PROBLEM 17-MAY-11

Author: Daan Bakboord

I am an Oracle Big Data Analytics Consultant with great interest in anything closely related to the Oracle Big Data Analytics (OBIEE, BICS, OAC, Big Data, Data Integration, Data Visualization, Data Management, Data Architecture).

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