Oracle (Support) Community

Anthony Heljula notified me about the existence of the Oracle Support Community on My Oracle Support. This community is more than just a regular forum, like the Oracle BI Forums (OBIEE, OBIA) . Next to posting and answering questions, it also includes the possibility to share documents and exchange messages.

Oracle’s definition; “My Oracle Support Community is a multi-channel interactive community for sharing information, posting questions and answers, and providing suggestions about Oracle products, services, and related technologies. My Oracle Support Community replaces the MetaLink Forums previously accessible from the Forums tab.”

You can become a member of this community by subscribing. If you start answering questions, you can improve your rank. I have a long way to go, because I am still a newbie (zero points)………



3 thoughts on “Oracle (Support) Community

  1. Hi Robin,

    I have read your post. Indeed it’s a little bit difficult to find the right place to get your information. Lucky enough for me Google is one of my closest friends 😉 . Google is my direct link to OTN, IT Toolbox and all the other sites (blogs) around. It would be better if Oracle supported one place; OTN. I already have a link to the OBIEE Enterprise Methodology Group on this site. The fact that this site is moderated is a big plus. I doubt whether this site is ‘hit’ by Google. All in all I am very pleased with the Oracle BI Community, although it is sometimes hard to know where and when to find and share your knowledge.
    It would be a plus when Oracle would provide one Portal for all the knowledge they share…………


  2. Hey Daan,
    I wrote a piece about the Oracle forums last year :
    Re-reading it I think I should have had one fewer cup of coffee that day… but I still agree with my sentiment at the time – there are too many disparate “communities” which Oracle is churning out.

    To get a community to really thrive they need the critical mass of experts and a good mix of experience and expertise to get discussions going. The more sites that spring up, the less chance there is of this.
    Maybe they shoudl focus their efforts on one (eg OTN) and close the others and redirect users to the one that they were supporting.

    Maybe I’m being too harsh on Oracle, and/or too snobby, but dipping into the OBIEE Community I opened up the first thread I saw and it was “One quick question, how to install OBIEE?”.

    The OBIEE Enterprise Methodology Group is a good example of quality content & posters:

    Just my 2 pence worth, YMMV 🙂


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