RM BI Forum Notes – Kevin McGinley (Masterclass)

Day I of the Rittman Mead BI Forum 2012 started of with a Masterclass provided by Kevin McGinley. Het took us on a journey along the Oracle BI Action Framework, Oracle Scorecards and Strategy Management, Oracle Mobile, Oracle BI 11g Customizations.

Some notes about the subjects covered:

There is a whole world next or behind Oracle BI 11g; Oracle BI Action Framework. Not all evenly well documented!! Even more interesting to explore.

Consider OSSM – Oracle Scorecards and Strategy Management as a 3th (next to reports – BI Publisher and Analysis – Oracle BI Answers) way to deliver data to your end-user.
OSSM provides features Oracle BI Publisher / Answers cannot deliver.
Using OSSM for ‘traditional’ Oracle BI
It’s the new kid on the blog so it needs some more fine tuning and there is a lot (more) to learn.
Probably not so much a technical challenge as it is at the cultural / process side

Mobile Applification
Trends to 33% Mobile BI in 2012
Is Oracle BI Mobile a real mobile app or is it just a web GUI presented via a mobile device (iPad / iPod)?
Compared to 3th party tools like RoamBI / SurfBI, they tend to have more mobile functionality. Whether the analytical capabilities are better remains to be seen. Both applications (including some demo content) are to be downloaded from Apple Appstore.

Customization in Oracle BI 11g at the client-side or the server-side. There is more then one way to skin a cat. Start here.
Customization means backup and document each file and modifications to these file. These way you should be ‘safe’ in case of an upgrade.

Check here for an impression of the various customizations you could apply to an Oracle BI 11g application.

More to come

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