RM BI Forum Notes – Day 2

Day 2 of the Rittman Mead BI Forum is the first of the two core days filled with 1 hour and 10 minute presentations.

A few notes related to the 1 hour presentations. These notes by far do not cover everything that has been presented, but should give you a indication and possibly a starting point for further investigation.


Anthony HeljulaOracle BI 11g Security
F******cking complicated because of the 10g security model support. Inheritance of security on different levels (groups and catalog groups) versus application roles within 11g
Policies versus priviliges (Front-End)
Oracle eBS – BISQLGroupProvider – 1428008.1 on Oracle Support
GUID’s help to secure (application roles and users) your Oracle BI environment
Troubleshooting Oracle BI Security

Adam FerrariOracle #Endeca Information Discovery – Simplicity of Search combined with Power of Analytics
OEID is all about finding correllation between all the data (structured as well as unstructured)
Oracle BI can lead to question which only can be answered by tools like Endeca. The outcome of these Endeca answers can lead to a new structured model (new KPI) in Oracle BI. Proven answers to known questions versus Fast answers to new questions
Front-end demo – quickly drag and drop your own application
Datamodelling versus linking data based on key-value pairs

Ayse Oztop – Oracle Scorecarding & Strategy Management (OSSM)
A Scorecard is a Company’s Communication Vehicle
Smart KPI – Relevance is subjective and therefore hard to determine
The Oracle BI Foundation provides an integrated solution for Scorecarding & Strategy Management and therfor both Oracle BI EE and OSSM use the same metadata and can be linked to eachother

Adam Seed – James Cole – John Holifield
How to re-use an existing Oracle BI environment using a Reporting Pack (Oracle Publisher, Briefing Books, Oracle BI Office, Downloadable Dashboards)
Use Firebug to explore the Oracle BI Environment, which makes cusotmizations easier.

More to come.

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