RM BI Forum Notes – Keynote – Debra Lilley

The second day of the Rittman Mead BI Forum ended with an Keynote provided by Debra Lilley. She showed us the role Oracle BI (Applications) will play in Fusion Applications.

A few notes. These notes by far do not cover everything that has been presented, but should give you a indication and possibly a starting point for further investigation.


Fusion Applications less new Functionality as opposed to a lot of new (aquired) Technology in the Fusion Middleware
(Role-Based) End User experience –> getting the right information in the right time
Integrating Apps and BI makes pre-aggregation and (balance) predictions possible at the time transactions are entered
Informatica & ODI side-by-side in the Fusion BI Architecture? There seems to be no single answer (yet)
BI View Objects on top of the Fusion Applications including Essbase
The importance of the Metadata Store

After this Keynote we had a little drink in the Rittman Mead office and a very nice dinner in the Havana restaurant.

More to come

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