Logout Link disappearing in Oracle BI 11g / Oracle eBS R12 integration

We have successfully integrated Oracle BI 11g with Oracle eBS R12. We log into Oracle BI 11g via Oracle eBS R12. One of the additional requirements is to have a Log out Link in Oracle BI 11g which takes us back to Oracle eBS R12. Therefor we have added the following to our instanceconfig.xml

<!--Adding Logout Link-->
<Schema name="EBS-ICX" logonURL="http://<Oracle eBS R12 Server:port>/OA_HTML/OA.jsp?OAFunc=OAHOMEPAGE" logoffURL="http://<Oracle eBS R12 Server:port>/OA_HTML/OA.jsp?OAFunc=OAHOMEPAGE"/>
<!--Adding Logout Link-->

This works like expected, but every time we do a restart of the BI service, the instanceconfig.xml get’s backed up and replaced a ‘new’ instanceconfig.xml, without the Log out Link.

This ‘problem’ is related to the following BUG; 14249563 on My Oracle Support. The good news is that it will be fixed in The bad news is that at present the only workaround is to manually re-set the link.

2 thoughts on “Logout Link disappearing in Oracle BI 11g / Oracle eBS R12 integration

    1. Hi Adrian,

      That might be. I do not have an environment to check that out. Current client and Local Develop / Demo environment are both on*

      – Daan


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