RM BI Forum 2013 – Day One

Check out my RittmanMead BI Forum 2013, Day One Notes
Philipe Lion showing the V305 SampleApp
No Sales, no Demo, Samples –>  how to solve (functional) challanges, reverse engineer
Showcase the latest new and / or improved features
Tighter integration with other products from the Oracle Analytics family
Wait for V305 and start exploring the new functionality
Anthony Heljula – Performance Tuning – Real Customers Stories
Aggregate Persistance in Oracle BI – Agile
Creating and deploy Aggregates in Oracle BI (Both Physical as well as Logical)
Engineerd Systems (Oracle Exalytics, Oracle Database Appliance, Oracle Exadata)
Take everything (All possible slections) into account – Dashboard prompts (Granularity), Column Selectors, etc.
Operational Report Tuning – Dimension Elimination
Pushing down calculations to RPD
Incremental Load with Aggregate Persistance via Notepad (staging table and where clause)
Peak ETA Extract Transform Aggregate
Aggregate Groups – in Parralel, Using existing Aggregates as Source
Compression TimesTen
Parralel Query Database
Caching – Database TimesTen in Memory, Oracle BI Server Cache, Oracle BI Presentation Cache
Check his presentation here.
Marco Klaasens – Secrets of OBIEE Deployment at Liberty Global
Oracle APEX for Data Entry
– Focus and Sequence (Agile)
– Knowledge
– Constraints
– Standards
Uli Bethke, Maciej Kocon – Oracle Data Integrator
ODI Performance
Metadatadriven SQL Code Generator –> Advanced Analytics – Analytic Functions
Code Templates (Knowledge Module)
Java Agents
ODI Scheduling
Stage –> Dim –> Facts
Packages (Scenarios) versus Load Plans
Efficiency Analysis
Dependency Driven Scheduling
ODI Deployment / Release
Source Control
Trunk / Branch
Adam Bloom – New Developments in BI Multi-Tenancy and Cloud
Oracle Cloud – Hardware, Software infrastructure
NIST – National Institute of Standards and Technology
– Per Tenant Analytics
– Per Tenant BI
– Centrally Provisioned, Departemental BI
Toby Potter – Driving BI from Social Data with Datasift
There is more to a tweet then the 140 characters
It’s not the volume, but the value of data
Servicing Oracle via the biggest Hadoop cluster of Europe
Use your brain to use contextually right data- what do you want to know or do with the data
Datasift + Oracle = Social BI Platform
Making decisions on data which is only for 95% correct is whole new way of thinking as opposed to traditional (Financial) DWH-systems
TED Sessions
Jon Mead – Why I want to be in BI in 5 years of time
(Big) Data (Software, Statisitics, Scope)
Development techniques (Tools, Approaches)
Deliver (Cloud, Packaged, Control)
Anthony Heljula – Incrementally loading Exalytics using Notepad
Incremental Load with Aggregate Persistance via Notepad (via an additional staging table and a where clause)
Check his presentation here.
Mike Durran – HA, DR, CFC
How to keep your Exalytics systems online?
HA – Hig Availability
DR – Disaster Recovery
CFC – Cold Failover Cluster (CFC)

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