Learn a lot about Oracle BI

I recently read a very interesting blogpost from Cary Millsap. Everybody who is wants to do a good job should find some time to read this. I think his recommendations do not necessarily only apply to the Oracle database. If you want to succeed in the field of Oracle BI, you could follow up the same recommendations.

Educate yourself 

Read, study, experiment. There is a lot to read about Oracle BI, both online as well as offline. Check the Addidici Blogger Database powered by Adrian Ward for a list of Oracle BI related blogs. I maintain a list on Twitter, with Oracle BI related profiles. If you would like to have some offline material check the following books;

Oracle is very open about their software. There is a lot of software which you can download, install and evaluate. You can check on OTN or in the ‘Oracle Oracle Software Delivery Cloud’ (eDelivery). Oracle made it very easy for you, because you can download complete installed and configured Virtual Machines. Check here for the Pre-Built Developer VMs (for Oracle VM VirtualBox). Pay special attention to the ‘SampleApp V309’ (Oracle BI Foundation) and the ‘BigDataLite 2.4.1’. If you are interested in Endeca, you might want to download an Endeca Virtual Machine here. The ORA Training Blog is providing Virtual Machines as well.

There are also some hosted environments online for Oracle BI (prodney / Admin123) and Endeca (publicuser@oracle.com / Admin123)

If you would like some guidance, you might want to check out the Oracle Learning Library (OLL).


The (online) Oracle BI Community is very active. There are various (online) forums where you can meet and exchange knowledge. The easiest way to start building your network is online. Just start by posting and/or answering questions in the various online forums. I used to frequent the Oracle forums on OTN and Oracle Support Communities. These days I would rather go to; OBIEE Enterprise Methodology Group. There are also various groups on LinkedIn, which you can visit.

You could also try to start a blog e.g. with WordPress, like this one. Or drop your presentations on Slideshare.

For me it’s better to see people fact to face. If you want to meet like-minded people in person you should try to visit seminars and forums. My favorite is the yearly RittmanMead BI Forum. Check here for the 2014 edition.

Immerse yourself into some real problems

No further comments. The best way to learn is by doing.

No need to mention that the above is by no means complete, but it could give you a head start. Please feel free to comment.

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