RM BI Forum 2014 Notes – Day I

RM BI Forum 2014 Notes – Day I

Find below some notes, links, etc regarding day I of the RittmanMead BI Forum 2014. These are just some notes and it’s by no means a re-cap of the complete presentations. Check the RittmanMead blog after the Atlanta edition of the RittmanMead BI Forum 2014. They will post all the presentations (both Brighton as well as Atlanta).

Extreme Intelligence by Emiel van Bockel

Emiel started the day where he took us on a journey with regards to the Exalytics implementation @ CB Logistics. Exalytics is one of the Engineered Systems Oracle has.

An Engineered System is not a Plug ’n Play Environment. It needs to be Engineered. Only start engineering when you are sure system works.

Know your system (understand your data)

Do not use the wizards, but use your head/experience. Do it yourself.

If done right you own your own Extreme Intelligence System. The best in the world!

Times Ten Best Practice and Optimization by Chris Jenkins

Chris who is Senior Director, In-Memory Technology, TimesTen Development at Oracle gave us some very detailed insight into Oracle Times Ten.

OS Configuration

Shared Memory Segment

Huge Page considerations


Save storage (inline – out of line) by comparing Data Types between an Oracle Database and the Times Ten Database


Loading Times Ten via…..

Incremental refresh


Performance Optimisation

 OBIEE Performance in the Real World by Robin Moffat

Evidence based Design and Diagnostics

Create Time Profile – “Nose to Tail” —> Which component (OBIEE, Weblogic, Network, Database, etc.) is causing trouble.

Dive into the NQQuery Log – Query Logging is not evil! Check for more details here.

DMS metrics (obi-metrics-agent)

Grafana – Public live demo online

Must Read – “Thinking Clearly about Performance

Oracle BI Cloud by Adam Bloom

Sort of NDA, but it will be there……the Oracle BI Cloud

Oracle invests heavily in the Cloud. As a part of that a lot of new interesting Oracle BI functionality will become available in the Cloud first. Hopefully these functionalities will arrive on Premise shortly after.

Extreme Data Warehousing by Paul Oprea

A lot of discussion about Agile and Waterfall.One ting is important; Keep the user engaged and involved!

A Picture Can Replace A Thousand Words by Michael Rainey

Using pictures to vizualize the process will help in getting the requirements clear.


About the Oracle DW Global Leaders Program by Reiner Zimmerman


 Enterprise Big Data Architecture by Andrew Bond & Stewart Bryson

Oracle Information Management Reference Architecture

Discovery Lab

Foundation Layer – (Raw) Data Reservoir – Golden Gate  -> Mapping Physical to Logical (OBIEE) – No ETL, yet

Data Factory (ETL)

Enterprise Information Store

Event Engine

Data Ingestion

Information Interpretation

Agile Manifesto

Model Driven Development – Sandbox

Generate Logical Model Documentation (OBIEE)

Access and Performance Layer

Refactoring – Solve challenges in the Front-End. Working report -> Then move down to RPD or ETL

TDWI Chicago 2013 Keynote: Big Data, Bigger Impact

3 thoughts on “RM BI Forum 2014 Notes – Day I

  1. Hi Daan, very interesting stuff! I am missing your presentation on Datawarehouse generation and automatic publishing into the OBIEE repository. Next time?


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