RM BI Forum 2014 Notes – Day II

RM BI Forum 2014 Notes – Day II

Find below some notes, links, etc regarding day I of the RittmanMead BI Forum 2014. These are just some notes and it’s by no means a re-cap of the complete presentations. Check the RittmanMead blog after the Atlanta edition of the RittmanMead BI Forum 2014. They will post all the presentations (both Brighton as well as Atlanta)

Drawing in a New Rock on the Map – How will Endeca Fit in to Your Oracle BI Topography by Truls Bergersen

Data Discovery
– Unknown Answers to Unknown Questions
– New Datasources

Hybrid search/analytical database
Key Value Pairs
In-Memory Analytics

Self-Service Provisioning – (Excel, JSON-Files, OBIEE Data Source)

Web Acquisition Toolkit

ODI KM – Integration Knowledge Module

Sentiment Analysis (only via Integrator tier) – Lexical (Dictionary)

Oracle eBS extensions for Endeca (light-weight Oracle BI Apps)

Real-time Data Warehouse Upgrade – Success Stories by Nicholas Hurt & Michael Rainey

Events —> ETL –> Cleanse –> De-dupe –> Summarize –> Dashboard
Streams & Oracle CDC —> Oracle GoldenGate (Journalizing – ODI)
OWB —> ODI 11g – 3R’s- Re-Asses, Replicate, Refine existing mappings

JMK Oracle to Oracle Consistent (OGG) Knowledge Module

Oracle Information Management Reference Architecture

Staging Layer –
Performance Layer (Dimensional Model – Star Schema)
Hybrid Layer

Real-time BI: An Introduction

GoldenGate and ODI – A Perfect Match for Real-Time Data Warehousing

Oracle BI Cloud by Matt Bedin

Sort of NDA, but it will be there……the Oracle BI Cloud

Oracle invests heavily in the Cloud. As a part of that a lot of new interesting Oracle BI functionality will become available in the Cloud first. Hopefully these functionalities will arrive on Premise shortly after.

Essbase within/without OBIEE – not just an aggregation engine by Gianni Ceresa

Essbase and OBIEE Aggregate Pesistance wizard

Essbase Studio

ASO (Aggregate Storage Option)
BSO (Block Storage Option)


UDF – User Defined Functions
Essbase Writeback

Speed up RPD Development by Marco Klaassens

Speedup Delivering = Knowledge * Focus * Offering

Neo’s Voyage in OBIEE by Christian Berg

Blue Pill – It’s Known
Red Pill – It’s Undocumented (Use at own risk)

NQS Procedures as Physical Tables (ODBC) in the Physical Layer

Contact Christian directly, he might want to share.

Tuning TimesTen with Aggregate Persistence by Alistair Burgess 

Tuning TimesTen
  • RangeIndexType=0
  • TimesTen Data Types (TT_INTEGER, TT_SMALLINT)
  • RAM Policy
  • Compression
  • Index Advisor
  • Execute on Connect
  • Parallel Query
Licence costs (compared to the Oracle Database) could be interesting

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