RittmanMead BI Forum 2014 – Wrap – up

RittmanMead BI Forum 2014

Last week I was (again) one of the lucky ones to join the Rittman Mead BI Forum 2014. This year we were served with a 3-day program. Just like the other years the program was varied. Varied in subjects  (Oracle BI EE, Oracle Endeca, Aggregation Persistence, Big Data, Oracle Exalytics, Oracle BI Cloud,  Oracle Information Management Reference Architecture, etc.) an varied in in style; Keynotes, one hour presentations and 10-minute TED-sessions. Next to that the possibility of a Masterclass around Hadoop Cloudera.

Just like all the other days the Rittman Mead BI Forum 2014 was an excellent place to network and exchange ideas. Next to the people I knew already I have met a lot of ‘new’ people. These days were a big inspiration for me. I do not have to be bored the coming year.

I was very impressed by the Masterclass of Lars George around the topic of Cloudera Hadoop. If you want to explore this subject more there are several options. Thanks to Alex Hansal for linking to these options.

It was interesting to hear how Oracle invests heavily in the Oracle (BI) Cloud. As a part of that a lot of new interesting Oracle BI functionality will become available in the Cloud first. Hopefully these functionalities will arrive on Premise shortly after.

Andrew Bond & Stewart Bryson had a very nice presentation about the Oracle Information Management Reference Architecture. This needs some further investigation from my part.

I often see clients struggle with reporting on Oracle eBS. There are a lot of alternatives. Truls Bergersen showed an alternative via the Oracle eBS extensions for Endeca.

Congratulations to Robin Moffat for receiving the ‘Best Speaker Award’ for the second time! Check his presentation; ‘No Silver Bullets – OBIEE Performance in the Real World’ here.

A big thank you to Mark Rittman, Jon Mead and their crew. Also a big thanks to Oracle for joining and for being so open about the Oracle BI developments and their visions and roadmaps. Thanks all for joining and sharing. That’s what makes the Rittman Mead BI Forum such a great event to be at. Hope to see everyone next year.

Tomorrow the US edition of the Rittman Mead BI Forum will start. If you would like to stay informed, you should check the Tweetchat.

After the US edition all the presentations of the RittmanMead BI Forum 2014 (Brighton and Atlanta) will be online. There is definitely some good stuff to have a look at!!

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