Oracle BI Cloud Service (BICS) – Planned Upgrade for 10-July-2015

As from the 10th of July the Oracle BI Cloud Service environment will be upgraded. Looking forward to the new features and enhancements to the Oracle BI Cloud Service. Find below a list of things we can expect.

Fresh new look to Oracle BI Cloud Service

Improved design that’s simple to navigate and easy to use. Includes a brand new Academy to help you get the most out of Oracle BI Cloud Service.

View your data in a heat matrix

Use a heat matrix view to see a two-dimensional depiction of data where values are represented by a gradient of colors.

Visualize geographical data on maps

Use a map view to display data on a map in several different formats and to interact with the data.

Manage your data files

Review, download, and delete the data files you’ve uploaded for analysis. Quickly see whether you’re close to reaching your quota.

Enhancements to Data Modeler

  • Let Oracle BI Cloud Service recommend fact and dimension tables when you first start building the data model.
  • Override the aggregation set for a measure for one or more dimensions.
  • Sort attribute values by a different column.
  • Define variables that return multiple values.
  • Programmatically clear data cached for your model through new REST APIs.
  • A copy of your data model saves automatically when you publish changes to the model. This makes it easy to recover to a previous version if something goes wrong.


3 thoughts on “Oracle BI Cloud Service (BICS) – Planned Upgrade for 10-July-2015

    1. This upgrade did not happen yet. I have checked this with Oracle somewhere in July. They expected to need two more weeks. A confirmation e-mail should be sent when the date is set. We haven’t received anything yet.


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