Recharged and back in business

After 3 weeks of quality time with family and friends my batteries are completely recharged and I am back in business. I have been almost completely offline. At least from a professional perspective. So after 3 weeks there is a lot to catch up with. This catching up includes things like email, Twitter and LinkedIn. Richard van der Blom has some interesting tips and tricks to make this process somewhat easier.

Back in business, what does that mean for me. First it is good to know that my employer Quistor has an Oracle Business Analytics & Big Data practice. Our Spanish practice is an well respected and recognised partner from Oracle. We would like to achieve the same here in the Netherlands. This is an interesting challenge and I will need my charged battery for that. I would really like to get into contact with people (especially experienced Business Analytics & Big Data Sales consultants) who are interested in building this ‘new’ entity within Quistor.

Next to my Quistor activities I am also part of the Dutch Oracle User Group. As a BIWA SIG lead I am interested in all kinds of (customer) stories related to Oracle in combination with Business Analytics, (Big) Data, Data Integration, etc. If you have something interesting to tell, please let me know.

Do you want to practice your presentation for #Oracle Open World? Please let me know! On the 21st of September, @nl_OUG organises an #OOW preview night.

Just before I went off to charge my batteries, I started a blogpost, because there is so much interesting out there that I need to record it to keep track. It’s my intention to continue this. I hope you will find my findings interesting. Please share your comments.

All in all I am ready and open for business again. If there is ‘anything’ I can do for you please get in touch. Let’s see how we can help each other.


Originally written for LinkedIn.

Thanks for reading.

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