Happy New Year for a new challenge!

First of all, I would like to wish all of you a very happy, healthy and prosperous year 2018. In my last post of the year 2017, I announced that there would be some new challenges lying ahead for the year 2018. The first challenge is a very exciting one.

Back in 1998 I first was introduced into the world of Oracle. I started at Yacht as an Oracle Application Developer (Oracle Developer & Oracle Designer). After 4 years I made a move to Van Oord where I worked as a Business Intelligence consultant. In 2004 I joined Scamander Solutions for the first time. I have worked at Scamander for almost 10 years in two separate periods. In these periods I developed myself as an Oracle Business Analytics consultant, starting with Oracle Discoverer and after the Siebel-takeover working with Oracle BI EE. In a short period at Ebicus I got the chance to further explore Oracle BI Applications. At my last employer; Quistor I had the privilege make the move to the Oracle Cloud (BICS and OAC).

I am very grateful to my previous employers mentioned above. They provided me the chance to develop myself into the professional I am today. Now I am confident enough to take the next step.

Oracle Data & Analytics @ DaAnalytics

After several years of employment, the time is right to move on and do the things my own way. As from this week, I will start commercializing my DaAnalytics (Daan & Analytics) label. I will continue to provide Oracle Data & Analytics services as a self-employed professional. With DaAnalytics, I’ll keep focussing on Data & Analytics in Oracle environments. This will be broader than Oracle tooling alone. Data & Analytics is a discipline that goes beyond tooling. Before you can go ahead with tooling there is a whole spectrum of organizing, preparing and managing data which is even more important.

For those who like to stay connected, I am online;

Website – https://www.daanalytics.nl

Twitter – Daan Bakboord & DaAnalytics

Another challenge lies ahead but I cannot go into too much detail, yet. We are in the course of finalizing a partnership agreement. More news to come in a few days/weeks.

“Data visualisatie de valkuilen en uitdagingen.”

Apart from my consulting activities, I will still be active for the nlOUG as SIG Lead for BIWA. Next January 25, the BIWA SIG will organise a Meetup at Oracle in Utrecht. It will be in Dutch and the theme will be; “Data visualisatie de valkuilen en uitdagingen.” More details here.

This year’s nlOUG Tech Experience 2018 “The Cloud is Next” will take place on the 7th and the 8th of June 2018. The Call for Papers is still open until this weekend. Hope you will submit a paper and join us.

Originally written on LinkedIn.

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