Collegetour; an executive talking data

Last week I was present at the third Full Scale Data Architect meetup. The Full Scale Data Architect group is created by Ronald Damhof and Martijn Evers.

Ronald and Martijn have a mission; “…to make Data Architects come to grips with the new reality of data, and how to get control back. For this, we started a movement for Full Scale Data Architects to help us combat the ever-increasing data-tsunami. For raising awareness we postulate 10 commandments for the (aspiring) Full Scale Data Architect. Join us on our mission to combat data entropy.”

The topic of last weeks meetup was; “The Future of Data/Information modeling”. For me, as an Oracle Data and Analytics consultant, with a focus on the technical implementation of data, these meetups are very interesting. I am infected with the red virus and approach most data challenges from an Oracle perspective. It’s good (and in fact a necessity) to look further than the technical implementation of data as well.

The key take away from the last meetup is that there is no standard solution for whatever data challenge. You always have to focus on the customers’ concerns. Familiarize yourself with the customers’ concerns and base your solution (both functional as well as technical) on these. A passionate argument by Martijn Evers and a lively discussion in/with the audience.

“Collegetour; an executive talking data”

I really liked this meetup and I am looking forward to the next one. This one will be really interesting. Thursday, February 15, 2018 – the first edition of the Full Scale Data Architecture College Tour will be organized. The Full Scale Data Architects have secured a C-Level executive of a high ranking financial institution who is willing to be interviewed by the host; Ronald Damhof and is also willing to answer questions from the audience.

I already secured my seat, I hope to see you there as well. Have a look here at other planned events.

If you are interested in the Full Data Architect movement, check out these online profiles on TwitterLinkedIn, and Facebook.

Originally published on LinkedIn.

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