Amis Oracle OpenWorld and CodeOne review

Last October 22nd until 25th San Francisco  was the place to be for Oracle OpenWorld 2018 and Oracle Code One 2018. Oracle OpenWorld is the yearly event where Oracle-experts share their knowledge and expertise. Oracle Code One (The successor of JavaOne) is focussing on modern (application and integration) architectures and software development.

For those less fortunate and unable to attend (like myself) there are several sources to stay up to date.

Watch the Keynotes and some of the sessions On Demand.

Check the Session Catalogs from both Oracle OpenWorld and CodeOne for downloads of the presentations and sessions.

Amis Oracle OpenWorld & CodeOne review 

As always Amis has send a delegation to the Oracle conferences. Thanks to Amis and Lucas Jellema and Robert van Mölken in particular I had the chance to get up-to-date. Like every year the organised a Oracle OpenWorld & CodeOne review. In this review Lucas and Robert coverd the following topics (among others):

  • Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI), the Generation 2 Cloud
  • Containers and Kubernetes in the Oracle Cloud
  • Blockchain
  • Machine Learning
  • Autonomous everything
  • IoT
  • Moderne architectures like MicroServices, ServerLess, CQRS & Event Sourcing

Check out the different slides on SlideShare:

Announcements, Analysis and Overviews on Data, Analytics and Machine Learning – …

Takeaways & Interpretations on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure – …

Blockchain, Integration Cloud, ServerLess and MicroServices –

Custom Application Development – …

SaaS & Business Applications – …

Thanks Lucas and Robert, I have enough homework to keep me busy until next year.

Originally published on LinkedIn.

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