Happy New Year for a new challenge!

After several years of employment, the time is right to move on and do the things my own way. As from this week, I will start commercializing my DaAnalytics (Daan & Analytics) label. I will continue to provide Oracle Data & Analytics services as a self-employed professional.

First of all, I would like to wish all of you a very happy, healthy and prosperous year 2018. In my last post of the year 2017, I announced that there would be some new challenges lying ahead for the year 2018. The first challenge is a very exciting one.

Back in 1998 I first was introduced into the world of Oracle. I started at Yacht as an Oracle Application Developer (Oracle Developer & Oracle Designer). After 4 years I made a move to Van Oord where I worked as a Business Intelligence consultant. In 2004 I joined Scamander Solutions for the first time. I have worked at Scamander for almost 10 years in two separate periods. In these periods I developed myself as an Oracle Business Analytics consultant, starting with Oracle Discoverer and after the Siebel-takeover working with Oracle BI EE. In a short period at Ebicus I got the chance to further explore Oracle BI Applications. At my last employer; Quistor I had the privilege make the move to the Oracle Cloud (BICS and OAC).

I am very grateful to my previous employers mentioned above. They provided me the chance to develop myself into the professional I am today. Now I am confident enough to take the next step.

Oracle Data & Analytics @ DaAnalytics

After several years of employment, the time is right to move on and do the things my own way. As from this week, I will start commercializing my DaAnalytics (Daan & Analytics) label. I will continue to provide Oracle Data & Analytics services as a self-employed professional. With DaAnalytics, I’ll keep focussing on Data & Analytics in Oracle environments. This will be broader than Oracle tooling alone. Data & Analytics is a discipline that goes beyond tooling. Before you can go ahead with tooling there is a whole spectrum of organizing, preparing and managing data which is even more important.

For those who like to stay connected, I am online;

Website – https://www.daanalytics.nl

Twitter – Daan Bakboord & DaAnalytics

Another challenge lies ahead but I cannot go into too much detail, yet. We are in the course of finalizing a partnership agreement. More news to come in a few days/weeks.

“Data visualisatie de valkuilen en uitdagingen.”

Apart from my consulting activities, I will still be active for the nlOUG as SIG Lead for BIWA. Next January 25, the BIWA SIG will organise a Meetup at Oracle in Utrecht. It will be in Dutch and the theme will be; “Data visualisatie de valkuilen en uitdagingen.” More details here.

This year’s nlOUG Tech Experience 2018 “The Cloud is Next” will take place on the 7th and the 8th of June 2018. The Call for Papers is still open until this weekend. Hope you will submit a paper and join us.

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Seasons Greetings

The year is almost over. Time to look back and to look forward.

Lots of things have happened over the last year. Next to my daily activities at Quistor, I had two highlights. In June the nlOUG organized the first Tech Experience. Early December I had the privilege to present at the UKOUG Tech Event. These two events were very nice to be a part of. Next year’s Tech Experience will take place on the 7th and the 8th of June 2018. The Call for Papers is still open until this weekend. I also hope the be able to join the UKOUG next year December in Liverpool.

Next year will be an interesting one for me. New challenges are lying ahead. I am really excited and will tell you more next year.

All that rest is wishing you a very happy, healthy and prosperous next year 2018. Enjoy the holiday season.

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ODC Appreciation Day 2017 – The Oracle BI Server

It’s that time of year again. After last year’s OTN Appreciation Day this year there is another ODC Appreciation Day (“since Oracle Technology Network (OTN) has now been renamed to Oracle Developer Community (ODC) there is a name change for the event this year, but the idea is the same.”) powered by Tim Hall.

Last year I decided to vote for the Dual Table. This year I would like to give my shout out to the Oracle BI Server. The reason why I like this server so much, I explain here.

Thanks to Tim for organising this event. Looking forward to all the different contributions. Curious what other people have to share on ODC Appreciation Day, check here.



Recharged and back in business

After 3 weeks of quality time with family and friends my batteries are completely recharged and I am back in business. I have been almost completely offline. At least from a professional perspective. So after 3 weeks there is a lot to catch up with. This catching up includes things like email, Twitter and LinkedIn. Richard van der Blom has some interesting tips and tricks to make this process somewhat easier.

Back in business, what does that mean for me. First it is good to know that my employer Quistor has an Oracle Business Analytics & Big Data practice. Our Spanish practice is an well respected and recognised partner from Oracle. We would like to achieve the same here in the Netherlands. This is an interesting challenge and I will need my charged battery for that. I would really like to get into contact with people (especially experienced Business Analytics & Big Data Sales consultants) who are interested in building this ‘new’ entity within Quistor.

Next to my Quistor activities I am also part of the Dutch Oracle User Group. As a BIWA SIG lead I am interested in all kinds of (customer) stories related to Oracle in combination with Business Analytics, (Big) Data, Data Integration, etc. If you have something interesting to tell, please let me know.

Do you want to practice your presentation for #Oracle Open World? Please let me know! On the 21st of September, @nl_OUG organises an #OOW preview night.

Just before I went off to charge my batteries, I started a blogpost, because there is so much interesting out there that I need to record it to keep track. It’s my intention to continue this. I hope you will find my findings interesting. Please share your comments.

All in all I am ready and open for business again. If there is ‘anything’ I can do for you please get in touch. Let’s see how we can help each other.


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Trying out the Oracle Cloud Platform

One of the great things of working with Oracle is the possibility to try things out………., for free. Yes, some things at Oracle are indeed free 😃!! There are various places where you can download Oracle (related) software / scripts / examples / etc., so you can try things out.

You should create an account on OTN (Oracle Technology Network) and download the software you want to try out. Also on OTN, you can find pre-built Virtual Box Appliances, so you can start trying out software without the hassle of installing it yourself. Check out various examples and scripts for Oracle in general here or for Oracle Analytics in specific in the Oracle Analytics Store. This is just a brief example of all Oracle related info you could find online.

There is a large Oracle Community (both online on e.g. Twitter, the Oracle Forums or good old IRC as well as offline e.g. at the various User Conferences) where you can exchange your knowledge on all different topics in the Oracle Red Stack.

The last few years Oracle is making the move to the Cloud. Although the platform in the Cloud is the same as On-Premise, people still want to try things out. Fortunately Oracle offers the opportunity to try things out in the Cloud. Navigate to the Oracle Cloud Trial Page.

Experience Oracle Cloud with $300 in free credit

Oracle sends various announcements out into the public to try out their Oracle Cloud Platform.

“Try our Platform. You can get $300 in free credit to make the most of all the features. See how:

This is great or at least it sounds great. As part of my Gathering new Knowledge experience, I tried out the Data Lake Self Guided Tutorial. Therefor I signed up for an Oracle Cloud Trial, where I created an Object Storage Instance, and a Big Data Cloud Service – Compute Edition (BDCS-CE) Instance. It was nice to see some of the possibilities and tried things out.

Unfortunately after 30 days my trial (not my credits!) was over. I received several mails that my trial period was extended and therefor my services have been terminated. The only option was to convert my Free Oracle Cloud subscription.

I also tried to setup a new environment. With no succes unfortunately. It looks like I need a new account and probably a new credit card to make this work.

I hope Oracle will come up with another solution to keep the Oracle (Cloud) Community as active and alive as the Oracle On-Premise Community.

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Data Architecture in a digital world; empowering the Data Driven Enterprise

Data is playing an increasing important role in organisations today. If you want to stay ahead of the competition you need to do things differently and preferably better than they do. This means you have to start initiatives. Initiatives which most likely involve an IT component. IT initiatives which are fed by reliable information / insights. These reliable information / insights com from various kinds of data.

Being Data Driven as an organisation is not something you can just turn on. There is more to data than just IT. To be able to be a really Data Driven, an organisation performs a Data Management discussion throughout the whole organisation.

Daan Rijsenbrij, assited by Ronald Damhof and Martijn Evers, is researching data architecture as it manifests itself in organisations. The purpose of this research is to investigate the maturity in the thinking about & working with data in modern enterprises. Check more details here.

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Gathering new knowledge

Last June I was present at the nl_OUG Tech Experience 2017. These kind of events are not only interesting because of the networking possibilities. One of the most valuable aspects  is the fact that people are sharing their knowledge. The Oracle community is a very active community so there were two days of intensive knowledge sharing. I wrote two blogpost to give a short impression of the 15th and the 16th of June.

I am active in Oracle related environments since the late ’90s. The world back then compared to the world today is completely different. We entered the “The Fourth Industrial Revolution”. New technologies and different ways of working, collaborating and communicating force us to change the way we act. This means learning new things. Tim Hall is writing a serie of blogposts about learning new things.

Following several presentations and keynotes at the “nl_OUG Tech Experience 2017” proved to me that there is a lot to learn. Even when I was preparing for my own presentation.

When searching for information and talking to several people it turned out that I learned new things along the way. After two days I had enough subjects to start investigating. It is so much that I had not got a clue of where to start. Lot’s of things are interesting. I decided to just have a go and see where it leads to.

Blogging gives me the opportunity to store my findings and share it with the rest of the world. I know that at least I will benefit from this.

There are three subjects in general were I want to share my findings. I will share these findings from one central blogpost where I will link to various other posts.

When these posts are ready, I will update these links. I hope you will find my findings interesting. Please share your comments.

Thanks for reading.