Installing Oracle BI 11g R1

Today I started with the installation of the new Oracle BI 11g R1 release. This time I did something a man normally doesn’t do. I started by RTFM. The documentation could be found here. Lucky for me, John did a four part series about installing the Oracle BI Oracle BI 11g R1 release on a on a windows 32 bit XP-pro box. 

I only want to add some additional info about some issues I had while installing. 

The first error or warning I received was about the character set of my 11g database.


For some more details about the 11g database character set, please check OTN.

You can change the character set by issuing the following commands; 

To check the character set

  FROM nls_database_parameters;

To change the character set

alter system enable restricted session;
alter system set job_queue_processes=0;
alter database open;
Shutdown immediate;
startup mount;

Next I received a few ‘RCU-6107: DB Init Param’ errors.

Thanks to Muhammad Habib, I was able to solve these issues.

Let’s see what  Oracle BI 11g R1 has to offer us.

Stay in touch with Oracle BI EE

Yesterday I had a conversation with one of my colleagues about 3 of the biggest Business Intelligence tools around. Next to IBM Cognos and SAP Business Objects, we were of course talking about the Oracle BI Suite.

The success of the Oracle BI Suite is for a great deal influenced by the active Oracle BI community. That’s one of the reasons I started the Interview series on this blog, to get a picture of this community. Next to that Oracle itself is very open, when it comes to downloading and trying their software. Oracle OTN and Oracle eDelivery belong to my favorite sites.

With the coming release of Oracle BI 11g, there will be a lot of knowledge to gain and to share. I am confident that the Oracle BI Community will become very active when then next Oracle BI 11g is generally available.

If you want to get information about the Oracle BI products, where will you start looking? Alex has done a great effort to get all active Oracle BI bloggers in one central place; In his blogroll. He has one condition: You have to be active. So my advise will be: Keep on sharing!

For those of you who want to make a fresh start with Oracle BI EE, please check John’s blog. He has an up-to-date page with all the details on; How to start with Oracle BI EE.

Let us all keep the Oracle BI Community alive and kickin’.

Oracle BI EE 11g R1 Launch Event

Today I attended the Oracle BI EE 11g R1 Launch Event in de Meern in Holland. This was an event with a life satellite connection to London where the official launch event was held. Back in London they  think Amsterdam and de Meern is the same. The should walk between these two cities ;-).

The launch event was very well organized. Although we had to wait one or two times, all the presentations and demo’s both in London as well as here in Holland integrated seamlessly. Talking about integration, this is one of the keywords, when we are talking about Oracle BI.

Complete, Integrated and Open. That is the basis for the new Oracle BI solution Oracle is offering.

  • Complete
    • Technology
      • Database
      • Middleware
      • Analytical Applications
    • Functionality
  • Open
    • Standards
  • Integrated
    • Common Enterprise Information Model

Demo Time

The moment we were all waiting for, was the moment we went under the hoods (kimono’s, kilts) of Oracle BI EE 11g R1. In Holland Nick Tusin and Mike Durran gave us a overview of what we can expect in this new release. The demo was divided into 4 parts;

  • (R)-OLAP,
  • (M)-OLAP,
  • Mobile, Collaboration and Reporting & Publishing,
  • Operational Management.

We have seen a lot of (new) improved things. As Mike has said afterwards, he could easily have filled a day of demoing. A few highlights in a complete arbitrary order: 

  • Oracle BI Answers and Dashboards
    • Improved browser UI
    • Hierarchy columns (groups / different levels)
    • Graphical Sliders
    • Geo Spatial Analysis
  •  Scorcarding and Strategy Management
  • Federated Queries
    • Multiple datasources (Oracle Essbase 11g and OLTP)
  • Oracle BI Action Frame work for Closed Loop Oracle BI
  • Oracle BI Collaboration
    • Oracle Webcentre Workspaces and Collaboration
  • Oracle BI Search
    • Secure Enterprise Search
    • Indexing
    • Search and Preview
    • In Context
  • Oracle BI Publisher 
    • Integrated and Interactive
    • Real Pixel Perfect Reporting
    • Integrated Layout editor
  • Microsoft Office Integration
    • Writeback
  •  Oracle BI Operational Mangement 
    • Enterprise Manager
    • BI Plugin
  • Oracle BI Security 
    • Identity Management

 What’s next?

  • 29 September 2010 – Official launch in Holland (Galgenwaard – Utrecht)
  • September 2010
    • Delta Trainings for Partners
    • Trainings for Customers (Instructor-Led, Online eStudy, Seminars)
    • Oracle BI Workshop
    • Test Drive Sessions
  • General Availability; Within a few weeks. Bets are still open.

For more details, check Oracle

If you would like to join the conversation, join Twitter using the following hashtags;

All in all a very informative event. Definitely more to come!