Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition (OBIEE)

Although Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition (OBIEE) has already been released a few weeks ago, I thought I would be nice to write some sort of wrap-up post with some interesting links to documents and various websites.

The latest version of Oracle BI 11g is available on OTN as well as on eDelivery.

Of course you should start by reading the documentation. The docs have been duplicated compared to Maybe because there is an additional part reserved for Oracle Exalytics. As always there is a lot of buzz around the Oracle BI Blogosphere. Christian has a nice up-to-date Link Library with a list of interesting websites with regards to documentation and functionality posts/docs/etc.

Some interesting documents

Oracle BI opens the door for Oracle Exalytics. When you want to get more information about Oracle Exalytics, check the following sites;

Happy Upgrading!

Oracle BI 11g ready to explore

On the third of may this year, Oracle announced the new release of Oracle BI 11g ( This new release includes;

  • Oracle BI EE
  • Oracle BI Applications
  • Oracle Real Time Decisions Release 3.1

Highlights of this release:

Oracle BI 11g is ready for download on OTN. Check the documentation for more details. At least the version number has been updated.

I would advice you to watch the Oracle BI blogosphere  the coming for more juicy details.

Oracle BI 11g – Startup Sequence

Reading through the Oracle Forum I stumbled upon a possible startup sequence for Oracle BI 11g.

Before you complete the steps below the following Windows Services should **not** be running.

a. Oracle Process Manager (instance1)
b. Oracle Weblogic NodeManager

After that follow the next steps;

–> Start NodeManager from the Command Prompt

Cd <MIDDLEWARE_HOME>\wlserver_10.3\server\bin


Wait untill you see message “Secure socket listener start at port……”

–> Start Admin server from command prompt

Cd <MIDDLEWARE_HOME>\user_projects\domains\bifoundation_domain\bin


It will ask for user name / password. Specify the user details that you used at the time of the Oracle BI 11g install. You could also use a ‘Boot Identity File’ -( Check the documentation for more details.

Wait untill you see message Admin server is in ‘RUNNING MODE’.

–> Now start Managed server from GUI

Access WebLogic console from a webbrowser


Login, Environment > servers > Control > select bi_server1 > click on start

It would take some time for the Managed server to start. Wait untill you see the ‘Running’ status.

–> Now start the OBIEE components from command prompt

Cd <MIDDLEWARE_HOME>\instances\instance1\bin

opmnctl startall

Note that it’s a possible startup sequence. There are multiple ways to statup.