Deinstall Oracle BI 11g

Sometimes you might run into the situation that you have to deinstal, Oracle BI 11g. If you read the manual, you will be presented with a sequence of events. Deinstalling an Oracle Business Intelligence installation on a single Windows computer involves the following tasks:

–> Run the deinstall script and select the Deinstall instances managed by a WebLogic domain option.

Make sure the weblogicserver is running.

Open a command prompt,

Cd <MIDDLEWARE_HOME>\Oracle_BI1\oui\bin

Run setup.exe -deinstall

option: Deinstall ASInstances managed by WebLogic Domain

–> Stop all Oracle Business Intelligence processes and servers, including all OPMN-controlled components and JEE components.

–> Drop the Metadata Services (MDS) and Business Intelligence Platform (BIPLATFORM) schemas using RCU.

Cd <RCU_HOME>\bin

Run rcu.bat

–> Run the deinstall script and select the Deinstall the Oracle home option.

Cd <MIDDLEWARE_HOME>\Oracle_BI1\oui\bin

Run setup.exe -deinstall

option: Deinstall Oracle home

–> Deinstall the Oracle Common home manually or by running the deinstall script that it contains.


Run setup.exe -deinstall -jreLoc full_path_of_jre_or_jdk

–> Use the Oracle WebLogic Server uninstaller to uninstall WebLogic Server.

Cd <MIDDLEWARE_HOME>\utils\uninstall

uninstall -mode=console

–> Remove the Oracle home (if necessary).

Cd <MIDDLEWARE_HOME>/user_projects/domains

delete folder; bifoundation_domain

–> Remove the Middleware home and any other homes (Domain home, Applications home, and Instance home) that might have been installed outside of the Middleware home.

navigate to <MIDDLEWARE_HOME>- parent_dirictory

delete folder; <MIDDLEWARE_HOME>

Now you are good to go and try again.

Good Luck!

Oracle BI 11g SampleApp

When you log into the sample dashboard of the latest Oracle BI release you are presented with the following:


When you click on the link;, you get redirected to;

Thanks to OTN I was able to find out that the actual link should be;

Have fun.

Oracle BI 11g Documentation

All the credits should go to Christian Turri (aka Turribeach) for his investigations and willingness to share.

The Oracle Business Intelligence Documentation could be found in the Oracle BI Documentation Library

The Certification Matrix (Thanks to Joe Bertram als) could be found here.

Last but not least. Follow this link for the Oracle BI 11g Installation System Requirements.

A lot to read but a good place to start, before asking around.