4 thoughts on “OBIBB – PDF Backup

  1. MY obiee reports are running slow in the dashboard.I have checked on items listed below and all seems to be well.Someone suggested that i should check on the presentation server but don’t know how.Please advice
    )Aggregate tables

    2) Cache ( Cache Management)

    3) Turning off logging

    4) Constructing result using where clause

    5) Limiting Number of Initialization block

    6) Setting Query limits

    7) Modeling Dimension Hierarchies Correctly
    Setting NQSConfig Parameters


    1. Hi,

      Could you be a bit more specific. When you are experiencing performance issues I would start with the following:

      I would first try to see which queries are fired to the database. So I wouldn’t turn off logging in advance.

      You could have a look at the Connection Pool settings (http://obieeblog.wordpress.com/2009/08/17/connection-pools-%E2%80%93-best-practices/)

      Check a presentation of Mark Rittman;

      Click to access UKOUG%202008%20-%20Oracle%20BI%20EE%20Performance%20Optimization.pdf




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