Oracle MOS HTML Update 18072010

 Document ID   Title   Doc Type   Modified Date 
1148781.1 Errors during the start up of OBI Server PROBLEM 13-JUL-10
870113.1 After Upgrade to OBIEE Get Error A Numeric Value Was Expected Error Codes: EHWH2A7E on Every Filter or Drill Over Numeric Values PROBLEM 12-JUL-10
864044.1 ibots Delivering Empty pdf Files When Sent to More than One Recipient – Found Undetermined AttrKey: desiredWidth – Found duplicate AttrKey desiredWidth RETHINK HASHING ALG PROBLEM 13-JUL-10
1140783.1 What Is The Difference Between Personalized And Not Personalized iBots HOWTO 13-JUL-10
1146823.1 Drill Down Not Working On Dimension Hierarchies HOWTO 11-JUL-10
1147424.1 Results Are Incorrect When Using A Case Statement In Answers PROBLEM 12-JUL-10
1148748.1 OBIEE Answers Connection Error: A general error has occurred. cannot open shared object file PROBLEM 13-JUL-10
521759.1 OBIEE server crash PROBLEM 15-JUL-10
743555.1 ThreadPool: Worker thread job errored out. HOWTO 16-JUL-10
1147734.1 Certain requests sent to the Teradata database are cancelled. PROBLEM 12-JUL-10
1149093.1 Analyzing Active Users Logged into the OBI System by IP Address / User / Time HOWTO 14-JUL-10
1151374.1 In OBI EE 10.x the ‘PortalPageNav’ Navigation Function navigates to the wrong Web Catalog Path when a trailing Forward Slash is used at the end of the Path to the Dashboard Argument PROBLEM 16-JUL-10
1149048.1 Notification for processing Briefing Books HOWTO 14-JUL-10
480511.1 Usage Tracking and User filter PROBLEM 16-JUL-10
1148819.1 OBI and Oracle Ebusiness Suite Integration (EBS) integration fails PROBLEM 13-JUL-10
1151924.1 With Clause Performance Issue HOWTO 16-JUL-10
605031.1 OBIEE – Would like improved import of changes to Analysis Services 2005 cubes HOWTO 12-JUL-10
1146033.1 Setting Default Date Format in Filters to DD/MM/YYYY rather than MM/DD/YYYY, for One or All Users HOWTO 15-JUL-10
820803.1 Admintool Check-in changes: Internal Assertion Error Condition FALSE , file server/Utility/Generci/NQThreads/SUGThread.cpp, line 515 PROBLEM 15-JUL-10
1150824.1 Unable to start Presentation Server PROBLEM 15-JUL-10
1149047.1 How to improve Briefing Books Performance HOWTO 14-JUL-10
1150624.1 Applying Patch 9577789 Generates Incorrect Mdx For The Prompt Filter HOWTO 15-JUL-10
477910.1 GoNav, PortalNav, and PortalPageNav Navigation in Siebel Business Analytics Versions 7.x BULLETIN 16-JUL-10
1147493.1 Nqserror: 59044 unable to create table when Trying To Load The Campaigns PROBLEM 12-JUL-10
1147454.1 Localize Presentation Catalog Captions Containing Presentation variables PROBLEM 12-JUL-10
483293.1 Client Connection Timeouts PROBLEM 15-JUL-10

Stay in touch with Oracle BI EE

Yesterday I had a conversation with one of my colleagues about 3 of the biggest Business Intelligence tools around. Next to IBM Cognos and SAP Business Objects, we were of course talking about the Oracle BI Suite.

The success of the Oracle BI Suite is for a great deal influenced by the active Oracle BI community. That’s one of the reasons I started the Interview series on this blog, to get a picture of this community. Next to that Oracle itself is very open, when it comes to downloading and trying their software. Oracle OTN and Oracle eDelivery belong to my favorite sites.

With the coming release of Oracle BI 11g, there will be a lot of knowledge to gain and to share. I am confident that the Oracle BI Community will become very active when then next Oracle BI 11g is generally available.

If you want to get information about the Oracle BI products, where will you start looking? Alex has done a great effort to get all active Oracle BI bloggers in one central place; In his blogroll. He has one condition: You have to be active. So my advise will be: Keep on sharing!

For those of you who want to make a fresh start with Oracle BI EE, please check John’s blog. He has an up-to-date page with all the details on; How to start with Oracle BI EE.

Let us all keep the Oracle BI Community alive and kickin’.

Oracle MOS HTML Update 11072010

 Document ID   Title   Doc Type   Modified Date 
1142393.1 OC4J does not work with OBIEE on AIX OS with JDK 1.6 HOWTO 06-JUL-10
860112.1 Error Code: “Q4NU7XSN” Occurs After Upgrading OBIEE PROBLEM 07-JUL-10
960683.1 Catalog Manager Fails to Open Catalog in Offline Mode PROBLEM 08-JUL-10
867202.1 “VIEW DISPLAY ERROR INVALID HANDLE OF ‘CLASS SAW::CURRENCY CONST *’ Q4NU7XSN” Error Occurs in Sales Analytics Dashboard PROBLEM 07-JUL-10
946015.1 “java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError” Occurs While Installing OBIEE PROBLEM 07-JUL-10
530173.1 Direct Database Requests now working with iBots PROBLEM 05-JUL-10
954963.1 NullPointerException When Running Custom Java Program PROBLEM 08-JUL-10
884142.1 “There was a problem retrieving the XML data:Internal Server Error” Error Occurs While Accessing Answers PROBLEM 07-JUL-10
950273.1 Sort Icon in Answers is not Displayed Correctly With Fifth Sort. PROBLEM 08-JUL-10
1142778.1 How do “Max Rows” or “Filter” apply to queries when User is in Multiple Security Groups HOWTO 06-JUL-10
1143758.1 How to Hide the Filter Parameter When Some Reports In A Dashboard Don?t Return Data HOWTO 07-JUL-10
1145155.1 No Data In Request “Supplier Dpo Trend” In “Procurement And Spend/Supplier Performance/Overview” PROBLEM 08-JUL-10
866073.1 Modifying “VIEWS.CSS .PTSECTSTABLE” Padding 0PX Does Not have Any Impact. PROBLEM 07-JUL-10
513287.1 Error when accessing dashboard PROBLEM 05-JUL-10
857912.1 “No results” Message Displayed When User Drills Down on Double-byte Character in Chart PROBLEM 07-JUL-10
955844.1 How to Obtain Values of Presentation or Request Varaible in Answers or Dashboard . HOWTO 08-JUL-10
529885.1 Drilldown Error PROBLEM 05-JUL-10
950265.1 NLS Excel File Name and Sheet Name are Corrupted in Non-English Windows Using IE6 PROBLEM 08-JUL-10
958311.1 Drill Down Behavior After Applying the Patch 6633505 FAQ 08-JUL-10
882203.1 Data Format’s Default Setting HOWTO 07-JUL-10
868363.1 Performance Issue in IE6 While Using Multi-Select Feature in Dashboard PROBLEM 07-JUL-10
889116.1 Unable to Edit Caption Property for “Link or Image” Dashboard Object PROBLEM 07-JUL-10
859386.1 Width Column Property Does Not Work PROBLEM 07-JUL-10
967069.1 How to Hide Dashboards Tab in Answers HOWTO 08-JUL-10
1145846.1 How Can I Rename Report Views In A Report In Answers? HOWTO 09-JUL-10
962812.1 How to Enable SSL on Standard Installed OBIEE and Publisher Deployed to Standalone OC4J HOWTO 08-JUL-10

OBIBB – Interviews (Mark Rittman)

When I first started reading Oracle BI Blogs, Mark’s blog was one of the first I added to my bloglist. Although he has a very busy schedule, I was able to get a few anwers out of  Mark Rittman. I am sure Mark has some opinions, we could benefit from.

1. You are a well respected member of the Oracle BI community. Where could we know you from? 

>: I’ve been involved with Oracle BI and data warehousing for around 12 years now, and with OBIEE since Oracle bought Siebel back in 2006. I’ve been blogging since 2004 and am just about to start writing the Oracle Press book on OBIEE, which has been on hold for a few years whilst we waited for the 11g release. I’m also an Oracle ACE Director, a member of the ODTUG board and a regular writer on BI for Oracle Magazine. 

2. You use various different platforms to share your knowledge. Which one do you prefer?  

 >: I like writing for our blog (at, as I can get thoughts down quickly and also obtain feedback from others using OBIEE. Writing for Oracle Magazine is professionally quite satisfying, as the editing process is very rigorous and a lot of effort goes into making sure the content is technically correct, and it reads well. I also enjoy answering questions and moderating postings on the Oracle BIEE Enterprise Methodology Group forum (, as the conversation there is very focused on OBIEE architecture and best practices. 

 3. What’s your favorite topic, you share your knowledge about?

 >: My favorite topic is the data architecture layer for OBIEE – RPD data modeling, use of Essbase and Oracle OLAP, performance tuning, and leveraging the various layers of the Oracle technology stack to better improve the performance and throughput of queries. Another area I’m interested in, particularly with the coming of OBIEE 11g, is integrating the BI layer into applications, and so I’m interested in the ability for 11g to interface with Oracle ADF and the whole SOA stack. 

 4. You organized another successful Rittman Mead BI Forum this year. What can we expect for the next year?

 >: Well next year the big news will be OBIEE 11g, and by the time of the event, hopefully most of us should have worked on a few 11g projects and have some experiences and best practices to share. We’re also looking to run the BI Forum on consecutive weeks in Brighton, and in the USA, with hopefully some of the presenters traveling across the Atlantic and presenting with us at both events! 

 5. What part of the Oracle BI stack could get more attention form the Oracle BI Community?

 >: We’re all interesting in new features, and certainly OBIEE 11g is bringing lots of them. But for me, the area that could do with more attention is the technology behind the semantic layer and the BI Server, and I’ve certainly noticed that most OBIEE don’t really understand the process and meaning behind logical table sources, in-memory joins, when to have one or more LTSs and best practices for the design of the mappings between the business model and the physical layer in the semantic model. Whilst most people are focused on developing reports and getting the numbers to add up, an area I think should get more focus is on the principals behind the BI Server and best practices for setting up the semantic model. 

 6. How much of technology innovation have you seen in the Oracle BI stack over the years? Which feature/technology in your opinion was the most ground breaking one?

 >: Well most of the innovation I’ve seen over past few years has been around integration with the rest of the Fusion Middleware, and Fusion Application, stack. To answer the question directly, I’d say the best innovation since the launch of OBIEE 10g and the Siebel acquisition has been the continuing integration of Essbase into the Oracle BI stack; going forward, I’d like to see more innovation in the front-end, and also a move towards putting the whole analysis layer into memory, so that Essbase, OBIEE and potentially even ODI/OWB ran in RAM.

 7. You and Jon are running a successful business for a few years now. So it is possible; two captains on one ship. What makes you guys complementary? 

 >: Something we learnt early on is that we needed to focus on separate, but complementary areas, rather than both of us try and cover the same ground. Jon looks after the commercial side of the business, defining the strategy and brining on board new customers, projects and team members. I look after the technical side, setting the technical direction, discussing and communicating technical strategy with our clients, and working together with our delivery team to make sure we’re the best in the industry.

8. I know one of your passions is Oracle BI (EE). What are your other passions, if any?

 >: A couple of things. I’m a big Tottenham Hotspur (Spurs) fan, and this year is an important one for us as it’s our first in the Champions League. I’m also into dance music, and in fact a common link between myself and Jon is that we were both dance music DJs back our student days in the 1990’s. So if the market for Oracle BI goes down in the future, we’ll have to get our decks out and go back on the road…!

9. Is there anything else you would like to share with us?

>: Only that I’d encourage anyone with an interest in the methodology behind Oracle BI EE to visit, and contribute, to the OBIEE Enterprise Methodology Group at . It’s free to join, moderated by some of the most well-known names in the OBIEE industry, and with the launch of OBIEE 11g behind us it’ll be a great place to discuss new features and techniques.

 10. Who would you like to be next in this series and why? What would you like to ask him/her?

>: I’d suggest Kurt Wolff. Kurt gave a very successful masterclass at our BI Forum this year, and was the original designer behind the BI Administrator tool. Kurt has some great opinions on RPD design and the approach to OBIEE projects, and it’d be great to get his opinion on what works and what doesn’t.

Thanks to Mark Rittman for sharing his thoughts on Oracle BI. I guess we wil need to focus some more attention on the principals of the Oracle BI Server. We should think and act like the Oracle BI Server to get the optimal results out of the Oracle BI Server. Hopefully Kurt Wolff could give his vision on this subject.

To be continued.

Oracle BI EE 11g R1 Launch Event

Today I attended the Oracle BI EE 11g R1 Launch Event in de Meern in Holland. This was an event with a life satellite connection to London where the official launch event was held. Back in London they  think Amsterdam and de Meern is the same. The should walk between these two cities ;-).

The launch event was very well organized. Although we had to wait one or two times, all the presentations and demo’s both in London as well as here in Holland integrated seamlessly. Talking about integration, this is one of the keywords, when we are talking about Oracle BI.

Complete, Integrated and Open. That is the basis for the new Oracle BI solution Oracle is offering.

  • Complete
    • Technology
      • Database
      • Middleware
      • Analytical Applications
    • Functionality
  • Open
    • Standards
  • Integrated
    • Common Enterprise Information Model

Demo Time

The moment we were all waiting for, was the moment we went under the hoods (kimono’s, kilts) of Oracle BI EE 11g R1. In Holland Nick Tusin and Mike Durran gave us a overview of what we can expect in this new release. The demo was divided into 4 parts;

  • (R)-OLAP,
  • (M)-OLAP,
  • Mobile, Collaboration and Reporting & Publishing,
  • Operational Management.

We have seen a lot of (new) improved things. As Mike has said afterwards, he could easily have filled a day of demoing. A few highlights in a complete arbitrary order: 

  • Oracle BI Answers and Dashboards
    • Improved browser UI
    • Hierarchy columns (groups / different levels)
    • Graphical Sliders
    • Geo Spatial Analysis
  •  Scorcarding and Strategy Management
  • Federated Queries
    • Multiple datasources (Oracle Essbase 11g and OLTP)
  • Oracle BI Action Frame work for Closed Loop Oracle BI
  • Oracle BI Collaboration
    • Oracle Webcentre Workspaces and Collaboration
  • Oracle BI Search
    • Secure Enterprise Search
    • Indexing
    • Search and Preview
    • In Context
  • Oracle BI Publisher 
    • Integrated and Interactive
    • Real Pixel Perfect Reporting
    • Integrated Layout editor
  • Microsoft Office Integration
    • Writeback
  •  Oracle BI Operational Mangement 
    • Enterprise Manager
    • BI Plugin
  • Oracle BI Security 
    • Identity Management

 What’s next?

  • 29 September 2010 – Official launch in Holland (Galgenwaard – Utrecht)
  • September 2010
    • Delta Trainings for Partners
    • Trainings for Customers (Instructor-Led, Online eStudy, Seminars)
    • Oracle BI Workshop
    • Test Drive Sessions
  • General Availability; Within a few weeks. Bets are still open.

For more details, check Oracle

If you would like to join the conversation, join Twitter using the following hashtags;

All in all a very informative event. Definitely more to come!

Oracle MOS HTML Update 04072010

Document ID Title Doc Type Modified Date
738475.1 Issue with Version PROBLEM 01-JUL-10
499410.1 cryptotools64 fails with could not be loaded PROBLEM 02-JUL-10
1140493.1 Can a Non Administrator Group User be Set to View the Job Scheduler in Job Manager for iBots? HOWTO 02-JUL-10
1120622.1 Ibot Sends The E-Mail With “The Request Was Cancelled.” As The Contents Of The Report HOWTO 01-JUL-10
745315.1 sending graphical message to mobile phones HOWTO 30-JUN-10
1140667.1 Unable To Select Recipients Dialog Box whlie creating the ibot PROBLEM 02-JUL-10
732808.1 iBots: How to specify the parameter values (prompt values) and time to run a report HOWTO 02-JUL-10
1139665.1 Local Balance Amount Values show as zero in the General Ledger (GL) Trial Balance Report PROBLEM 01-JUL-10
466551.1 Oracle BI Answers Responsibility Fails With Internal Server Error PROBLEM 01-JUL-10
856762.1 Consecutive Selection of Same Request with “Filter based on results of another request” PROBLEM 28-JUN-10
1140884.1 Only Production Dashboards Show RPD Consistency Errors : Error Codes: Opr [nQSError: 10058] Unable to Navigate Requested Expression PROBLEM 02-JUL-10
1137375.1 Inactive Users HOWTO 29-JUN-10
542791.1 Catalog Manager Error as SSL is enabled PROBLEM 30-JUN-10
526789.1 Query failed because of an unknown query preparation error. (S1000) PROBLEM 30-JUN-10
857449.1 How to configure Tmp File Path In Linux Platform HOWTO 01-JUL-10

Oracle BI EE 10G – The Farewell Competition!

In a few days time, the new 11g version of Oracle BI EE  will be launched commercially.  Still John Minkjan wants to spent some time playing around with the 10g version.

If you like a challenge and some competition please join!

I will be one of the judges, so I am looking forward to your contributions.

Good Luck!!