Oracle BI EE 11g R1 Launch Event

Today I attended the Oracle BI EE 11g R1 Launch Event in de Meern in Holland. This was an event with a life satellite connection to London where the official launch event was held. Back in London they  think Amsterdam and de Meern is the same. The should walk between these two cities ;-).

The launch event was very well organized. Although we had to wait one or two times, all the presentations and demo’s both in London as well as here in Holland integrated seamlessly. Talking about integration, this is one of the keywords, when we are talking about Oracle BI.

Complete, Integrated and Open. That is the basis for the new Oracle BI solution Oracle is offering.

  • Complete
    • Technology
      • Database
      • Middleware
      • Analytical Applications
    • Functionality
  • Open
    • Standards
  • Integrated
    • Common Enterprise Information Model

Demo Time

The moment we were all waiting for, was the moment we went under the hoods (kimono’s, kilts) of Oracle BI EE 11g R1. In Holland Nick Tusin and Mike Durran gave us a overview of what we can expect in this new release. The demo was divided into 4 parts;

  • (R)-OLAP,
  • (M)-OLAP,
  • Mobile, Collaboration and Reporting & Publishing,
  • Operational Management.

We have seen a lot of (new) improved things. As Mike has said afterwards, he could easily have filled a day of demoing. A few highlights in a complete arbitrary order: 

  • Oracle BI Answers and Dashboards
    • Improved browser UI
    • Hierarchy columns (groups / different levels)
    • Graphical Sliders
    • Geo Spatial Analysis
  •  Scorcarding and Strategy Management
  • Federated Queries
    • Multiple datasources (Oracle Essbase 11g and OLTP)
  • Oracle BI Action Frame work for Closed Loop Oracle BI
  • Oracle BI Collaboration
    • Oracle Webcentre Workspaces and Collaboration
  • Oracle BI Search
    • Secure Enterprise Search
    • Indexing
    • Search and Preview
    • In Context
  • Oracle BI Publisher 
    • Integrated and Interactive
    • Real Pixel Perfect Reporting
    • Integrated Layout editor
  • Microsoft Office Integration
    • Writeback
  •  Oracle BI Operational Mangement 
    • Enterprise Manager
    • BI Plugin
  • Oracle BI Security 
    • Identity Management

 What’s next?

  • 29 September 2010 – Official launch in Holland (Galgenwaard – Utrecht)
  • September 2010
    • Delta Trainings for Partners
    • Trainings for Customers (Instructor-Led, Online eStudy, Seminars)
    • Oracle BI Workshop
    • Test Drive Sessions
  • General Availability; Within a few weeks. Bets are still open.

For more details, check Oracle

If you would like to join the conversation, join Twitter using the following hashtags;

All in all a very informative event. Definitely more to come!

Oracle MOS HTML Update 04072010

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738475.1 Issue with Version PROBLEM 01-JUL-10
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1120622.1 Ibot Sends The E-Mail With “The Request Was Cancelled.” As The Contents Of The Report HOWTO 01-JUL-10
745315.1 sending graphical message to mobile phones HOWTO 30-JUN-10
1140667.1 Unable To Select Recipients Dialog Box whlie creating the ibot PROBLEM 02-JUL-10
732808.1 iBots: How to specify the parameter values (prompt values) and time to run a report HOWTO 02-JUL-10
1139665.1 Local Balance Amount Values show as zero in the General Ledger (GL) Trial Balance Report PROBLEM 01-JUL-10
466551.1 Oracle BI Answers Responsibility Fails With Internal Server Error PROBLEM 01-JUL-10
856762.1 Consecutive Selection of Same Request with “Filter based on results of another request” PROBLEM 28-JUN-10
1140884.1 Only Production Dashboards Show RPD Consistency Errors : Error Codes: Opr [nQSError: 10058] Unable to Navigate Requested Expression PROBLEM 02-JUL-10
1137375.1 Inactive Users HOWTO 29-JUN-10
542791.1 Catalog Manager Error as SSL is enabled PROBLEM 30-JUN-10
526789.1 Query failed because of an unknown query preparation error. (S1000) PROBLEM 30-JUN-10
857449.1 How to configure Tmp File Path In Linux Platform HOWTO 01-JUL-10

Oracle BI EE 10G – The Farewell Competition!

In a few days time, the new 11g version of Oracle BI EE  will be launched commercially.  Still John Minkjan wants to spent some time playing around with the 10g version.

If you like a challenge and some competition please join!

I will be one of the judges, so I am looking forward to your contributions.

Good Luck!!

Change a Physical table to an Alias of a different Physical table

Sometimes you have to make some changes in your physical model, because of changes in the underlying datamodel. This could be a lot of work. In this case UDML could come in handy. I am sure Andreas Nobbmann will agree.

Picture the following;

You have created a physical table with relationships.

When you want to change the actual source of your  physical table you realize that you should have used an alias instead of the actual physical table.

What to do?

With the following scripting you can change the physical table to an alias of a different physical table. This could also be used to change the source of an already existing alias or multiple aliases, or add columns etc.

For an example and reference of how to use udml to change a repository variable script-wise, please check Venkat’s ‘old’ blog.

Step 1.

Produce a UDML script of your source repository:

C:\oracle\bise1\bi\server\Bin>nqudmlgen -U Administrator -P Administrator -R C:\oracle\bise1\bi\server\Repository\OBIBB.rpd -O C:\temp\udml\source.udml

Look for the definition of your physical table in source.udml. The definition runs from “DECLARE TABLE” until “PRIVILEGE ( READ);”

Step 2.

Copy the statement to a seperate text-file:

Step 3.

Modify the statement and add new source to physical table:


In essence the physical table “DIM_TABLE_CONF_1” will become an alias which references a different physical table “DIM_TABLE_CONF_3”.

Save as update.udml

Step 4.

Execute update:

nqudmlexec -U Administrator -P Administrator -I C:\temp\udml\update_source.udml -B C:\oracle\bise1\bi\server\Repository\OBIBB.rpd -O C:\oracle\bise1\bi\server\Repository\updated_OBIBB.rpd

Step 5.

Check the result in the updated repository, in this case; updated_OBIBB.rpd

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Oracle BI EE 11g – Launch (Update)

Tension rises. One week to go till the commercial launch of the 11g release of Oracle BI EE. There is no specific launch-event planned in Holland. Instead Oracle Netherlands has organized a local variant with a live video-stream with London.

In London there will be a specific breakout session for existing Oracle Partners, at 3.00 pm after the main event, to learn how to gain the inside track to getting the most out of this new OBI 11g release as fast as possible.

Partner breakout agenda:
3.00 Introduction – Jackie Down (UK A&C Dir)
– OBI 11g Specialization : Why and How
3.10 OBI 11g Partner Enablement – Mike Hallett (Emea BI A&C Dir) -Training plan to become delivery capable fast
– Software & Demo access
3.25 Panel Discussion Q&A
– Mark Rittman of Rittman Mead
– Roger Cressey of Qubix
– Mike Pell (Oracle UK BI Sales Dir)

Focus topics :

The Beta programme

Competing to WIN with OBI 11g

EPM Platform Integration

3.50 End of Session

The material from this breakout will be posted on the EMEA BI/EPM partner community Portal for you to access after the event.

For those of you who are not able to attend physically, there will be a  Oracle Business Intelligence 11g Launch Webcast

Hopefully afterwards we all could say it was worth all these years of waiting.

Definitely more to come.

Oracle MOS HTML Update 27062010

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1132513.1 Obia Vm Template HOWTO 23-JUN-10
487529.1 Click on the “Delivers” link in Analytics and right panel is blank, so cannot create iBots PROBLEM 21-JUN-10
534652.1 Siebel Delivers: [nQSError: 77006]The fault code ‘insufficientPrivileges’ was returned by the server PROBLEM 24-JUN-10
1134864.1 Multi Select Prompts Not Working since applying Patch: 9280334 PROBLEM 25-JUN-10
1115957.1 Unable To Navigate Through Answers Reports Using Links And Drill-Downs In Firefox PROBLEM 21-JUN-10
1133004.1 Some Payables Screens Show 100% Of Payments Overdue, Yet Aging Views Show No Data At All PROBLEM 23-JUN-10
726355.1 OBIEE: Limit the number of records fetched from the database HOWTO 24-JUN-10
1133534.1 Presentation Catalog Names Which Include Variables Are Improperly Displayed PROBLEM 24-JUN-10
1134944.1 Top 5 Discontinued Inventory By Plant Or Product Type HOWTO 25-JUN-10
751137.1 Troubleshooting Oracle BI Publisher with OBI EE HOWTO 20-JUN-10
1085413.1 Error “Couldn’t Create Image” In OBIEE 10.1.3.x When Downloading Chart To Excel or PowerPoint PROBLEM 23-JUN-10
1134919.1 Sessions failing causing assertion error PROBLEM 25-JUN-10
740369.1 Update on Bug No. 7277480 – Error when Bursting a BI Publisher Report PROBLEM 20-JUN-10
1131147.1 Accessing Appllication Server Control gives HTTP 404 not found error….OBIEE Services are up HOWTO 22-JUN-10
1129713.1 Rm: Cannot Remove `/U01/Obiee/Bi/Oraclebidata/Tmp/Nqs_.Tmp’: No Such File Or Directory* HOWTO 21-JUN-10
1129724.1 How to resolve error [nQSError: 27023] Ambiguous Connection Pool object HOWTO 21-JUN-10
1102662.1 Unable to start OBI Server PROBLEM 21-JUN-10
1134203.1 BI Management pack and OBIEE HOWTO 24-JUN-10
475475.1 Incorrect Order for Two Tasks in ETL Execution Plan in Oracle Business Intelligence Applications Version 7.9.x ALERT 22-JUN-10
1129844.1 Obiee Login Case Sensitivity Causing Issues For Ldap Group Lookups PROBLEM 21-JUN-10
759312.1 OBIEE : How to change the default ports ? HOWTO 22-JUN-10
513508.1 Analytics report not running PROBLEM 20-JUN-10

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Changing Colors

One of my clients wanted to change to color fromat of the grand-total columns in a Pivot-view. The format of values of the grand-total should match the format of the label of the grand-total. I used to go to one of John’s blogposts; OBIEE views.css color cheat sheet. One of my colleagues pointed me to the color picker functionality in Paint.Net, although there are probably more programs with such functionality.

How does it work? Picture the following pivot;

Make a screenshot of this pivot and open it in Paint.Net. Open de colors-window (F8)

Click on the color-picker in the tools-window.

Use the color-picker to select the color you want to use. In this case I had to click on the grand-total column. Now when you check the colors-window, you get exactly the color codes you have to use to change the format of the grand-total values.

Very easy to use, but yet very handy.