Oracle BI EE 11g – Launch

There is a lot of rumour on Twitter (hashtags #OBIEE, #11g ) about the launch of the new 11g version of Oracle BI EE yesterday. There will be an official launch event  in London next month. As Mark Rittman already mentioned, this will probably be a marketing launch. The software on OTN will follow later.

Oracle is testing our patience. The expectations of this new product are very high.

I can’t wait!!

Multiple Fact Reporting on (Non-)Conforming dimensions


Update 31 August 2017

Although published about 7 years ago, this subject still seems a source of questions. To understand the concepts of Oracle BI (OBIEE) better, it is good to check out the following blogposts as well. They will link to other blogs “Don’t forget the Logical Layer” & “Going to the core of Oracle Analytics” and will help you better understand the basis of OBIEE. This basis is an absolute must to get the most out of OBIEE.


There are some questions, which are popping up at the Oracle BI EE Forums regularly. One of those questions is;

*** How to model multiple facts against (non-) conforming dimensions?

I will try to work things out. Click on the images to see more detail.

Note: I am aware of the extra white space between the images. That’s not intended functionality, but lack of knowledge of  WordPress.

Picture the following:

There are two fact tables and three dimension tables. FACT_TABLE_1 has two conformed dimension tables; DIM_TABLE_CONF_1 and DIM_TABLE_CONF_2 and one non-conformed dimension table DIM_TABLE_NON_CONF_1.

FACT_TABLE_2 has two conformed dimension tables; DIM_TABLE_CONF_1 and DIM_TABLE_CONF_2.

The Physical Model would have the following structure:

Physical Diagram

Based on the Physical Model we could construct the following Logical Model:

Logical Diagram

I have created one fact table which contains Logical Table Sources (LTS) for FACT_TABLE_1 and FACT_TABLE_2

Logical Model

As you can see I have created Dimensions (Hierarchy’s) for each Dimension Table.

FACT_TABLE_2 has no physical relationship with DIM_TABLE_NON_CONF_1. Therefore you should set the logical levels for FACT_TABLE_2 to the ‘Grand Total’-level of DIM_TABLE_NON_CONF_1. This way the Oracle BI Server won’t look for a join between DIM_TABLE_NON_CONF_1 and FACT_TABLE_2.

If you want to avoid nulls, set the detail levels for the facts. Set the ‘Grand Total’-levels for the metrics as well.

Logical Table Source – Fact I
Logical Table Source – Fact II
Logical Column – Fact II

If we take a look at Oracle BI Answers, we can create a report which contains data from the following tables;

Oracle BI Answers – Conformed Dimension

Now we can bring data from DIM_TABLE_NON_CONF_1 into this report. It is impossible to devide data from FACT_TABLE_2 over this dimension. Therefore the data will be the same for every value of this dimension.

Oracle BI Answers – (Non-) Conformed Dimension

*** Summary:

 It’s possible to report on facts and dimensions which not have a physical relationship to each other. Just make sure you create dimensions (hierarchy’s) for every dimension table. Next to that you should set the logical levels for your logical tables.

Oracle MOS HTML Update 30052010

 Document ID   Title   Doc Type   Modified Date 
950086.1 Error “You are not authorized to view this page” when opening up OBIEE Anaswers or dashboard PROBLEM 28-MAY-10
1108438.1 Do We Need To Install The Fusion MiddleWare 11g Repository Creation Utility (RCU) With OBIEE 10g ( And Weblogic Server? HOWTO 28-MAY-10
790831.1 unable to run ibots as repository user PROBLEM 27-MAY-10
751922.1 About deleting the old alerts from the User’s Dashboard HOWTO 27-MAY-10
1108515.1 Oracle BI Scheduler Error nQSError 68019 Authentication Failed When Trying To Save An iBot After Setting Up The Scheduler PROBLEM 24-MAY-10
1111583.1 Admin User Not Able To See Some Of The Ibot Job PROBLEM 27-MAY-10
796842.1 [nQSError: 75005] Failed to Send AUTH Command. 5.7.3 Authentication Unsuccessful Running iBots and no Email Message is Sent by Them PROBLEM 28-MAY-10
1110617.1 Job Manager Launch Fails PROBLEM 26-MAY-10
763793.1 [nQSError: 59001] TimestampAdd operation is not permitted on DOUBLE PRECISION operand(s) PROBLEM 27-MAY-10
758343.1 OLTP Activity created date is incorrectly displayed in Analytics. HOWTO 27-MAY-10
780242.1 Unable to constrain prompt when ‘Show SQL Result’s option is selected HOWTO 27-MAY-10
1109385.1 Current_fcst_date Variable Erroneously Set To YYYY-MM-DD HH:MI:SS.000. The .000 is causing EUE9D5XW error in prompts PROBLEM 25-MAY-10
781288.1 Facing issues with adding a OR condition to a filter in a query PROBLEM 27-MAY-10
817183.1 Passing the selected Prompt values from one dashboard to other dashboard HOWTO 27-MAY-10
1110355.1 How To Resolve The Error – OPR4ONWY U9IM8TAC OI2DL65P Subquery Contains Too Many Values For The IN Predicate HY000 When Using A Subquery. HOWTO 26-MAY-10
1091476.1 How To Globaly Set Formatting Options In OBIEE HOWTO 25-MAY-10
740919.1 Analytics – Issues with save selection functionality in dashboard PROBLEM 24-MAY-10
729852.1 Sum Total greater then actual number – Analytics PROBLEM 24-MAY-10
1108194.1 Unable To Format Labels Of A Total Rows Section Of A Pivot Table. PROBLEM 24-MAY-10
799173.1 Apply a numeric value from prompt to be used in a calculated column in a request HOWTO 27-MAY-10
816973.1 BI Office Plug-in converting text values to date PROBLEM 27-MAY-10
759131.1 Multi-Sort on table headers with Ctrl-click does not work for Mac Firefox PROBLEM 24-MAY-10
741897.1 Answers AVG Function not displaying result with decimals PROBLEM 24-MAY-10
1108594.1 OBIEE Dashboard Date Prompts & Date Presentation Variables Errors after Upgrade to Version HOWTO 26-MAY-10
744300.1 Blank page appears when user navigates from one dashboard page to another PROBLEM 24-MAY-10
739830.1 Missing company record on the dashboard PROBLEM 24-MAY-10
751935.1 How to reset the default setting of the multi-select prompt HOWTO 27-MAY-10
815755.1 Query failing for user having ‘(apostrophe) in their name PROBLEM 27-MAY-10
1091253.1 Date Prompt Calendar Search Incorrectly Returns Format YYYY-MM-DD HH:MI:SS And Error – A Date Was Expected QABPH2PO PROBLEM 26-MAY-10
729853.1 How to use UI colors of Siebel Analytcis 7.8 after BI 10g upgrade PROBLEM 24-MAY-10
1101553.1 IE6 Client Intermittently Hangs And/Or Crashes With OBI Dashboards And Answers After Adobe Flash 10 Upgrade PROBLEM 28-MAY-10
1108451.1 ALERT: Technical Notes for Patch 9492821 (QF 475) – Modifying Reports to conform to DATE & DATETIME format Enhancements in and higher versions BULLETIN 26-MAY-10
1102353.1 How to Enable Change Password link in My Account in Settings HOWTO 28-MAY-10
750541.1 Data Type issue in Direct Database Request using a SUM function in the SQL query PROBLEM 27-MAY-10
751094.1 Multi-Select Fields in Dashboard Prompt does not work with NULL values in the selection PROBLEM 27-MAY-10
751946.1 ‘CASE WHEN’ columns do not display data in pivot table view PROBLEM 27-MAY-10
803874.1 Issues with Filter in a??Sales – Orders and Invoicesa?? for Promised Month PROBLEM 27-MAY-10
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528540.1 nQSError: 17011 PROBLEM 25-MAY-10
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747939.1 Not possible to open PDF Attachments when file name is long and contain special characters PROBLEM 24-MAY-10
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1112495.1 Physical Schema Xxx Is Not Referenced In Any Project. PROBLEM 28-MAY-10
1110707.1 OBIEE RPD’s consistency check hangs with multiple levels of hierarchy HOWTO 26-MAY-10
740367.1 How to create cumulative line chart? HOWTO 24-MAY-10
1102665.1 Po Quantity Is Different In Cycle Lines Subject Area And Po Subject Area PROBLEM 28-MAY-10
948283.1 OBI server cache cannot be shared among users with individual DB connections HOWTO 27-MAY-10
787366.1 Why are temp tables being created by the analytics/OBI system? BULLETIN 24-MAY-10
796166.1 How to Force Excel Add-in to Ask for Userid/Password to Analytics Everytime a Refresh is Run? HOWTO 28-MAY-10
1097725.1 Direct Database request in Anwers replaces image URL with text string HOWTO 27-MAY-10
1110354.1 Security Validation exception error when we access Bi Publisher From Obiee PROBLEM 26-MAY-10
1107170.1 Obiee Connectivity With Sql Server 2008, [nQSError: 16023] The ODBC function has retuned an error. PROBLEM 24-MAY-10
1110554.1 Alias Tables Are Joined In Queries Unnecessarily PROBLEM 28-MAY-10
751139.1 Requesting a new version of SQLServer_nQ_Clock.sql for Usage Tracking HOWTO 27-MAY-10
1110374.1 Cast As Date Returning Datetime PROBLEM 26-MAY-10
1112396.1 How to Pass Parameter To a Stored Procedure In Siebel Analytics 7.8 HOWTO 28-MAY-10
1112444.1 Create Target List functionality fails when Japanese characters are used in the request filter PROBLEM 28-MAY-10
1104817.1 Nqserror 14026 Unable To Navigate Requested Expression Error With Out Of The Box Spend And AP Invoice RPD PROBLEM 24-MAY-10
729856.1 About error: Item already exists in catalog HOWTO 24-MAY-10
1058283.1 Navigating From OBIEE-More products > BI Publisher Get Error” Reporting Login: Connection refused” PROBLEM 24-MAY-10

Source: Oracle MOS HTML Knowledge Management

MOS HTML updates

Thanks to Timur Akhmadeev’s blog I found the solution for the broken links in the MOS HTML updates mail from Oracle Support.

Links in an email are like this:

but should be like this:

– note the extra slash between km and DocumentDisplay.

For more details, check Timur’s blog.

Oracle Spatial Workshop

“Knowledge is Power”. Exchanging knowledge is a very effective way to gain knowledge. Not only for the audience, but also for the one who shares the knowledge. It obviously takes a lot of time and effort to prepare a good presentation about a certain subject.

In my company; Scamander Solutions, there is set a lot of value on exchanging knowledge between our consultants. One  of the methods we use is our so called; Pizza Session. These are internal sessions in which one of our consultants prepares a four hour (handson) session about any Oracle related topic, which interests us. At dinner time we eat pizza.

Next wednesday we will  cover the subject of Oracle Spatial. This session is organized by Maarten Jan Kampen. Since last year Maarten Jan is a well known speaker on several different forums and events.

Maarten Jan will present us a handson session in which he will address the following topics

  • Oracle Spatial in general,
  • Oracle Spatial in terms of  query possibilities,
  • The contours of our office will be used to show on the map and to make queries,
  • Oracle Spatial and Oracle BI.

It’s promised to be interesting.

Keep you posted.

How To Ask Questions The Smart Way

 I am a frequent visitor of the  Oracle BI EE Forum. Either to share or to gain knowledge. Sometimes I am supprised by the way people ask questions. It is a misconception to think people can read one and others minds.

An excellent example of one of those questions has been posted last week.

I will not be pointing fingers. John gave his reaction in a very decent way. What I do want to make clear is that proper asked questions as well as correct and clear answers will add value to a forum. It takes some time to answer questions. Some people take the effort to write blog posts about the subjects. I think we could make each other’s lives a lot easier if we take the time to give enough input at front and some feedback afterwards.

Please take note of the following and try to keep the forum valuable as it is most of the times.

Thank you all.

RittmanMead BI Forum 2010 – Wrap Up

 That’s it, the RittmanMead BI Forum 2010 is over. Jon and Mark managed to organize a three day conference with a combination of Oracle BI knowledge and a lot of fun. I guess they could be very proud to have a visitor list of people from all over the world.

I have been one of the lucky ones who were able to attend this forum. Finally I have been able to meet some of the guys I got to know via; various blogs, The Oracle Forums, Twitter and LinkedIn. It’s nice see people behind all the internet postings.

Next to that the RittmanMead guys were able to present various different ways to exchange knowledge. Also they were able to mix business with pleasure.

As I already have written about in several earlier postings we were able to attend several different presentations about Oracle BI EE, ODI, Oracle Fusion Middleware, etc. Architecture, sizing, performance and modelling were some of the topics that were covered.

Some of the highlights:

Kurt Wolff gave us a little background about the development of Oracle BI EE.

Phil Bates and his Oracle colleagues gave us an overview of the new release of Oracle BI EE. There were not allowed to give us the version (11g) of this release nor the date this release is due.

Emiel and Christian lead a debate about modelling in Oracle BI EE. They had the best opening slide ever!! It was nice to hear the different opinions about this subject. (Un)fortunately there was no winner to this debate. As Kurt has said at the beginning of his presentation; There is no ‘Best Practice’ when it comes to Oracle BI EE (modelling)

Although Robin Moffat was a little bit nervous about his presentation he was chosen as the best presenter at the forum. In my opinion he had a well researched presentation, which he delivered to the audience in a very easy going way.

As a real quizmaster, Adrian was able to show the funny site of Oracle BI EE.

The ultimate geekness in using Twitter was reached by Christian and Robin. Robin making a picture of  Christian making a picture of me using Twitter.

Thursday evening we went to Brighton’s Kemp Town to Sam’s restaurant. I was suprized be the good food they were serving. Mark was even more suprised how a Dutch guy could question the English kitchen.

Last but not least we did a little bit of ‘Last man standing’. Börkur, Adrian, Paul and Ragnar showed us how to get through the Brighton night. The recipe is very easy; Beer, Rum and a few Jägerbombs

All in all I am very glad I could join the forum. I have enough food for thought to make it through the year.

If you want to get an another impression of this forum, please check the following;

Thanks RittmanMead, thanks to all presenters, thanks to everybody who has made this event a success!

Good Luck and till next year