Deploy Custom content folder location in WLS

In an earlier post I ended up with problems with custom folders in Oracle BI 11g R1. It turned out that I had to make some additional steps to deploy a custom folder in the Weblogic Server. Thanks to the documentation of the SampleApp I was able to make this work.

I have been working on a demo. Therefore I have created an index site with links to custom images and custom documentation. When I migrated this demo from 10g to 11g, I had to copy the images and documents manually. This seemed not to be enough. I ended up with some red crosses.

You have to take the following steps to deploy custom folders to the Weblogic Server.

Login to the Weblogic Server
Navigate to te Deployments
Click on ‘Lock & Edit’ in the left pane to enable the ‘Install’-button


click ‘Install’

Navigate to ‘<MIDDLEWARE_HOME>\instances\instance1\bifoundation\OracleBIPresentationServicesComponent\coreapplication_obips1’

select ‘analyticsRes’
click ‘Next’

select ‘Install this deployment as an application’ (default)
click ‘Next’

Select ‘Deployment targets’
Choose ‘bi_server1’
click ‘Next’

Under ‘Source accessibility’

Choose ‘I will make the deployment accessible from the following location’
click ‘Finish’

Check the ‘Deployments’ to see whether the ‘analyticsRes’ is available.

click on ‘Activate Changes’

start the deployment; ‘analyticsRes’

Now I am able to add the required images and documents in custom folders just by referencing to the  ‘analyticsRes’- folder, eg.; ‘/analyticsRes/Documents/’