Oracle Business Analytics Version Releases

It has been a busy period over at Oracle with different Oracle Business Analytics software releases. For me personally the following releases attracted my attention:

As always, immediately after a new release of Oracle Business Analytics, there is a lot of buzz within the Oracle BA Community. What did impress me this time was that Oracle added some buzz as well in terms of various Youtube video’s. Next to that there is a lot of information online which should help you to get started. I will give an impression of some of the sources I have seen and used.

Oracle BI EE

There is lot of information online. There are two interesting links which are a little bit different than the others.

Oracle BIA

A few weeks ago Oracle BIA has gone GA.

This is a completely new version of Oracle BIA. There are a few interesting blog postings on this release. I provided links to the different blogs. There are probably more postings so have a look around.

Oracle Endeca 3.0

  • Oracle Endeca Information Discovery v3.0 Screencast Series
  • Oracle Endeca 123

Feel free to add if you would like.

Completely off-topic, but nevertheless interesting to add is the following.

Last year I had the privilege to review the following; ‘Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition 11g: A Hands-On Tutorial’. For more details on this book, check here.

Another interesting book on Oracle BI 11g is the one from Mark Rittman; ‘Oracle Business Intelligence 11g Developers Guide’

Check the Siebel Essentials site for two reviews about the books above.

One other thing I am working on is translating BITeamwork to the Dutch language. BITeamwork is all about Oracle Business Intelligence Collaboration.

As of this weekend the presentations of the RittmanMead BI Forum 2013 (Brighton and Atlanta) are online.

That’s it for now.

RM BI Forum 2013 – Day Two

Check out my RittmanMead BI Forum 2013, Day Two Notes

Adam Seed & Charles Elliot – Oracle Endeca looking beyond the general demos

Oracle Endeca 3.0 Difficult to install into Weblogic

Endeca Portal – repository
Endeca Server
Endeca Provisioning for uploading Excelsheet
Endeca Integrator – client

Collaboration of Software
Liferay – Endeca Studio
Oracle MDEX Server
Clover ETL (Integrator)
Lexalytics – Text Enrichment

Configuration Load –> Getting Started
Row Level Security
GEO Mapping – Google Maps

OBIEE as a Datasource using Integratorion
BI Publisher Datamodel Integration
Catalog Search

Edelweiss Kammermann – integrating Oracle BI, BPM and BAM, the complete cycle of Information

Oracle BPM – Business Process Management
Oracle BAM – Business Activity Monitoring

Oracle BI Webservice or Analyse
Process Cubes
Oracle ADF

Same Framework
More Insight
Automation and Interaction

Mike Durran – Virtualize Exalytics
Oracle VM – Smaller licenses – Trusted partitioning to run a subset of the 40 cores
RAID-1 for the OS (Oracle Linux)
OCFS – Oracle Clustered Filesystem

Big Data – Hype or Future

This is a very difficult discussion. First of all, what is the definition of Big Data? I liked the ‘definition’ of Peter Scott; If you do not care about a single row, you refer to Big Data. Sounds plausible. Is Big Data about tools (Hadoop vs. Oracle Database)? Is Big Data about the difference between structured and unstructured data? In a way all data can be referred to as structured. There is a whole new source of (Social) Data which didn’t exist before. Is that Big Data?

All in all one essential question is; what are you going to do with the data? Just collecting data, because everybody does it would be useless.

Making decisions on data which is only for 95% correct is whole new way of thinking as opposed to traditional (Financial) DWH-systems. I guess (almost) everybody agreed on that.

RM BI Forum Notes – Wrap-up

Last week I have tried to give you an impression about the Rittman Mead BI Forum 2012. They managed to provide us with a four day program packed with all things related to Oracle BI. Two core days with various presentations. Various in subject; Oracle BI, agile, Fusion Apps, Endeca, etc., etc. But also various in style; Keynotes, one hour presentations and 10-minute (TED/Ignite) presentations. Next to that the possibility of a Masterclass by Kevin McGinley and a NDA session by Oracle.
I was one of the lucky few, who was able to join all four days. Four days, packed with information and a basis for a lot of inspiration. Where to start!?

The Rittman Mead BI Forum is a good place to network and to exchange ideas. It was good to see a lot of known faces again. On top of that I have met some ‘new’ people also.

A big thank you to Mark Rittman, Jon Mead and their crew. Also a big thanks to Oracle for joining and for being so open about the Oracle BI developments and their visions and roadmaps. Thanks all for joining and sharing. That’s what makes the Rittman Mead BI Forum such a great event to be at. Hope to see everyone next year.

For a foto-impresssion, check Flickr.

Tommorow the US version of the Rittman Mead BI Forum will start. If you would like to stay informed, you should check the Tweetchat.

Stay on the lookout for the pdf’s which will probably placed on the Rittman Mead website. There will definitely be some good stuff to have a look at!!

RM BI Forum Notes – Day 2

Day 2 of the Rittman Mead BI Forum is the first of the two core days filled with 1 hour and 10 minute presentations.

A few notes related to the 1 hour presentations. These notes by far do not cover everything that has been presented, but should give you a indication and possibly a starting point for further investigation.


Anthony HeljulaOracle BI 11g Security
F******cking complicated because of the 10g security model support. Inheritance of security on different levels (groups and catalog groups) versus application roles within 11g
Policies versus priviliges (Front-End)
Oracle eBS – BISQLGroupProvider – 1428008.1 on Oracle Support
GUID’s help to secure (application roles and users) your Oracle BI environment
Troubleshooting Oracle BI Security

Adam FerrariOracle #Endeca Information Discovery – Simplicity of Search combined with Power of Analytics
OEID is all about finding correllation between all the data (structured as well as unstructured)
Oracle BI can lead to question which only can be answered by tools like Endeca. The outcome of these Endeca answers can lead to a new structured model (new KPI) in Oracle BI. Proven answers to known questions versus Fast answers to new questions
Front-end demo – quickly drag and drop your own application
Datamodelling versus linking data based on key-value pairs

Ayse Oztop – Oracle Scorecarding & Strategy Management (OSSM)
A Scorecard is a Company’s Communication Vehicle
Smart KPI – Relevance is subjective and therefore hard to determine
The Oracle BI Foundation provides an integrated solution for Scorecarding & Strategy Management and therfor both Oracle BI EE and OSSM use the same metadata and can be linked to eachother

Adam Seed – James Cole – John Holifield
How to re-use an existing Oracle BI environment using a Reporting Pack (Oracle Publisher, Briefing Books, Oracle BI Office, Downloadable Dashboards)
Use Firebug to explore the Oracle BI Environment, which makes cusotmizations easier.

More to come.

RM BI Forum Notes – Oracle Keynote

Day I of the Rittman Mead BI Forum 2012 ended (besides a delicious meal) with a Keynote provided by Oracle (Alan Lee and Mike Durran). First Alan thanked us for being Oracle BI evangelistic. I guess a thanks back is well in place for a great product (portfolio).

Nothing spectacular to announce. I guess luckily for us, because it has been a busy year ;-).

A few notes:

Oracle BI will be Oracle (Business) Analytics

Next to the Oracle BI Foundation products like Endeca, Big Data (is this a product or a process), Engineered Systems (Big Data Appliance, Exadata, Exalytics) have been covered. Especially the last two products were subject to discussion. How do Exadata and Exalytics work together? We were presented with a Exalytics demo. Do you need to now where the data is coming from (TimesTen Oracle BI Cache) or is the fact that the data is retrieved very fast enough? This discussion will continue when Mike Durran does his presentations. Personally I would like to now where the data is coming from an I wasn’t the only one…….

More to come