Oracle (Support) Community

Anthony Heljula notified me about the existence of the Oracle Support Community on My Oracle Support. This community is more than just a regular forum, like the Oracle BI Forums (OBIEE, OBIA) . Next to posting and answering questions, it also includes the possibility to share documents and exchange messages.

Oracle’s definition; “My Oracle Support Community is a multi-channel interactive community for sharing information, posting questions and answers, and providing suggestions about Oracle products, services, and related technologies. My Oracle Support Community replaces the MetaLink Forums previously accessible from the Forums tab.”

You can become a member of this community by subscribing. If you start answering questions, you can improve your rank. I have a long way to go, because I am still a newbie (zero points)………



Oracle Support (Oracle BI – Applications)

On a search for information I landed on two interesting Oracle Support documents regarding Oracle BI (Applications). There are two Product Information Centers;

  • Oracle Business Intelligence Applications (OBIA) — Doc Id – 1318707.1
  • Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition (OBIEE) — Doc Id – 1267009.1

The Product Information Centers contain all sorts of documents and links to information regarding;

  • “Hot Topics” (White Papers, Data Model References, Master Notes, etc.)
  • Announcements (Press Releases)
  • Certification (Certification Matrices)
  • Documentation
  • Install
  • Manage
  • Upgrade (Considerations, Issues)
  • Performance

Could be very interesting to look at if you want some more information from Oracle themselves.

Oracle BI 11g Documentation

All the credits should go to Christian Turri (aka Turribeach) for his investigations and willingness to share.

The Oracle Business Intelligence Documentation could be found in the Oracle BI Documentation Library

The Certification Matrix (Thanks to Joe Bertram als) could be found here.

Last but not least. Follow this link for the Oracle BI 11g Installation System Requirements.

A lot to read but a good place to start, before asking around.