Logical Sql in a GO Url

There are a lot of good posts on how to us the GO Url functionlity in Oracle BI EE. One thing which isn’t covered very often is the use of ‘OR’ in a prompted-GO Url.

If you want to filter sales <= 5000 or sales >= 15000 it seems not possible via the ‘standard’ GO Url structure. An alternative is using Logical Sql in the GO Url;


In this case ‘SupplierSales’ is the Subject Area.

It is possible to add a where-clause to the select statement. I created the following example:

The first link contains a Go URL with Logical Sql.

saw.dll?Go&SQL=SELECT+"Dim Time"."Calendar Month", "Fact Sales Amounts"."Sales Amount"+FROM+Sales

The result of this link;

The second link has a Go URL also, but this one includes Logical Sql with a where-clause.

saw.dll?Go&SQL=SELECT+"Dim Time"."Calendar Month", "Fact Sales Amounts"."Sales Amount"+FROM+Sales+WHERE+"Fact Sales Amounts"."Sales Amount"+<=+5000+OR+"Fact Sales Amounts"."Sales Amount"+>=+15000

The result of this second link;

Unfortunately these forms of the Go URL return tabular results only.