Expert Status on OTN

Kranthi K has been kind enough to create a special OTN Forum item because of the fact I have reached the ‘Expert’-level status. Thanks Kranthi for doing this. It’s nice to see when people are appreciating the things you do.

Unfortunately I had to change my email-address lately. I thought that wouldn’t be a problem. Wrong!! When you change your email-address, Oracle creates a new profile for you. So my old ‘Expert’-profile looks like this:

I used to be a person, but I am a number now………….

As from now on I have a second profile. I am a name again…….but a ‘Newbie’.

Hopefully those two profiles can be merged. Otherwise I will have a long way to go, to reach the ‘Expert’-level status again. I might be the first one reaching this level twice.

Oracle MOS HTML Update 30012011

 Document ID   Title   Doc Type   Modified Date 
742413.1 Special character in password, fail to log -in HOWTO 26-JAN-11
484705.1 Writeback Authentication PROBLEM 26-JAN-11
489714.1 Primary/Active Position Based Security in Analytics PROBLEM 26-JAN-11
526586.1 How to get Active Position in Siebel Application from Siebel Analytics PROBLEM 26-JAN-11
1286697.1 OBI EE Login Page is not appearing as the ‘web.xml’ file has become corrupted on the hosting Application / Web Server PROBLEM 24-JAN-11
1201773.1 Obiee 11g Security Integration With EPM 11.1.2 HOWTO 25-JAN-11
1197213.1 After Installing OBIEE 11g, Javahost failed to start HOWTO 23-JAN-11
1286598.1 OBI EE Login Page is not appearing after starting the OBI EE Services as the Presentation Services failed to start because the ‘instanceconfig.xml’ file had a syntax error PROBLEM 24-JAN-11
1262220.1 Creating a new BI Instance results in error PROBLEM 25-JAN-11
1073417.1 OBIEE INSTALL FAILS With JVMST109: Insufficient space in Javaheap to satisfy allocation request PROBLEM 25-JAN-11
537160.1 Analytics Segmentation vs Marketing Server install SBL-DAT-00373 PROBLEM 26-JAN-11
1288565.1 Obiee10. Install Hangs PROBLEM 27-JAN-11
1287397.1 Getting Error Getelementsbytagname When Navigating Dashboards in OBIEE 11g PROBLEM 25-JAN-11
1288957.1 Oracle Bi Server Logs HOWTO 27-JAN-11
1207103.1 Java Host Component (coreapplication_obijh1) Failed During Configuration (Installation) and Then It Does Not Start PROBLEM 25-JAN-11
1145095.1 Installing Obiee Using Weblogic 10.3.1, needs OC4JAdmin user and password ? HOWTO 25-JAN-11
1230898.1 Bi 11g Installation On Win 2003 64bit Hangs – Unexpected Error Creating Bi Component PROBLEM 25-JAN-11
499477.1 Oracle Client Compatibility for Siebel Analytics PROBLEM 25-JAN-11
553187.1 Siebel iBots failing when delivery set to email Error Message [nQSError: 75004] PROBLEM 26-JAN-11
1287640.1 ‘View This Alert Link’ Throws Access Denied Error And Error Code O9XNZMXB PROBLEM 25-JAN-11
498746.1 iBots not running PROBLEM 26-JAN-11
1128163.1 How to apply a simple patch, which just changes a .js file? Don’t forget to redeploy the WAR/EAR file HOWTO 26-JAN-11
1091253.1 Date Prompt Calendar Search Incorrectly Returns Format YYYY-MM-DD HH:MI:SS And Error – A Date Was Expected QABPH2PO PROBLEM 26-JAN-11
500531.1 nQsError:17012, Bulk Fetch Failed PROBLEM 26-JAN-11
532170.1 Julian Day Number PROBLEM 26-JAN-11
1288327.1 OBI Apps with EBS: Spend By Category: Wrong List For Top Level Category ($$DFLT_LANG) PROBLEM 27-JAN-11
1288132.1 ‘Log Out’ Link Missing From OBIEE Dashboard When Integrated With E-Business Suite PROBLEM 26-JAN-11
1288129.1 Issues With Prompt Alignment HOWTO 26-JAN-11
546721.1 Action Link from OLAP to OLTP PROBLEM 26-JAN-11
1162344.1 How to generate dynamic Headers In OBIEE Reports FAQ 27-JAN-11
1272902.1 Obiee Embedded In A Web Application Using iFrame returned “OBIEE content cannot be displayed in an IFrame? SAMPLE CODE 27-JAN-11
1289448.1 Gauge Not Being Displayed On Compound Layout HOWTO 28-JAN-11
541626.1 Write Back PROBLEM 26-JAN-11
479500.1 Sub Total Issues when Repeating Values PROBLEM 26-JAN-11
1288595.1 Filters On Non Key Columns are NOT added to MDX Query for SAP BW HOWTO 27-JAN-11
1286618.1 Can we configure a Clustered OBI EE environment, so a ‘node’ name will be displayed in the Browser in order to know every time which one of them is in use? HOWTO 24-JAN-11
1286623.1 Aggregate Table Setup Is Not Working PROBLEM 24-JAN-11
546008.1 Symbolic URL arguments PROBLEM 26-JAN-11
1287946.1 ‘Bypass Oracle BI Presentation Services Cache’ Option Not Preserved in Advanced Tab PROBLEM 26-JAN-11
485751.1 ojdbc14.jar of Oracle Client for DAC PROBLEM 26-JAN-11
518820.1 Time Out Error: Connect with BI EE through BI JDBC : PROBLEM 26-JAN-11
479868.1 Using a scheduler to refresh Metadata PROBLEM 26-JAN-11
1288330.1 Driving Table In OBIEE HOWTO 27-JAN-11
554379.1 Changes in the connection pool are not passed to master repository in a MUD PROBLEM 26-JAN-11
522702.1 OBIEE does not support html in writeback PROBLEM 26-JAN-11
579848.1 BI Publisher Security for XMLP_DEVELOPER not working PROBLEM 26-JAN-11
1286837.1 A numeric value was expected (received “0”) When Downloading Data From OBIEE To Excel PROBLEM 24-JAN-11
507896.1 Insert/Append Question in Analytics PROBLEM 26-JAN-11
507957.1 SAW Server Fails to Start PROBLEM 26-JAN-11
520115.1 question about NQcmd PROBLEM 26-JAN-11
730135.1 OBI Admin Tool with SYBASE IQ 12.7 raises [NQSERROR: 16001] ODBC ERROR 37000 PROBLEM 26-JAN-11
482555.1 Write Back into the Database PROBLEM 26-JAN-11
1160684.1 Formatting Issue In Web Catalog PROBLEM 24-JAN-11
527984.1 Can multiple versions of BI Admin Tool coexist? PROBLEM 26-JAN-11
1262219.1 Obiee 11g Web Catalog After Upgrade Doesn’T Give Administrative Privileges To Weblogic User PROBLEM 23-JAN-11
1085035.1 What is the Duration of Group Membership Persistence Defined by LDAP Webgroups? HOWTO 26-JAN-11
790753.1 Is more information available on the use of ‘export captions’? HOWTO 26-JAN-11
740647.1 server.xml not editable HOWTO 26-JAN-11
1232970.1 Access Prohibited. You are not currently authorized to use Oracle BI Interactive Dashboards. PROBLEM 26-JAN-11
953879.1 Newly assigned Multiple Groups not appearing in My Accounts immediately HOWTO 26-JAN-11
1170623.1 Webcat Replication (sawrepaj,bat) stopped working. The error displayed is “Path of the file is not found”. PROBLEM 26-JAN-11
512470.1 date format PROBLEM 26-JAN-11
1110721.1 Page Permissions Are Not Copied Using Catalog Manager PROBLEM 26-JAN-11
1287167.1 Informatica Workflows fails with various errors as the Servers have insufficient memory allocation to handle the ETL PROBLEM 28-JAN-11
1289494.1 Not Able To Create Warehouse Tables in OBIA HOWTO 28-JAN-11
976114.1 How can I fine tune my Analyze Tables functionality using the DAC 7.x version? HOWTO 26-JAN-11

Oracle MOS HTML Update 23012011

 Document ID   Title   Doc Type   Modified Date 
498750.1 LDAP or IIS Authentication? PROBLEM 20-JAN-11
514129.1 Customize iBots when using proxy user functionality: for filters other than “is prompted PROBLEM 20-JAN-11
578586.1 Unable to save reports when using Act As functionality PROBLEM 20-JAN-11
498457.1 Issue with Single Sign On PROBLEM 20-JAN-11
521872.1 Analytics – Password Change PROBLEM 20-JAN-11
518894.1 LDAP authentication : Is it possible to modify the configuration to use the field “alias”? PROBLEM 20-JAN-11
485485.1 Position AND Organization data level security leads to multiplied data in Analytics PROBLEM 20-JAN-11
501025.1 Setting up Integrated ADSI with Analytics running on HP/UX 11.0 PROBLEM 20-JAN-11
501125.1 Siebel Application and Analytics SSO Integration PROBLEM 20-JAN-11
509803.1 View Log for Admin PROBLEM 20-JAN-11
563426.1 Not allow users to log into Analytics when they have got a status set Inactive HOWTO 20-JAN-11
490785.1 Error When Trying To Login PROBLEM 20-JAN-11
536063.1 Password Validation for Analytics in eBusiness PROBLEM 20-JAN-11
535439.1 Would you possible another question about LDAP? PROBLEM 20-JAN-11
730652.1 Login screen comes up trying 2 authenticate Siebel 8 & OBIEE using WIA PROBLEM 20-JAN-11
542225.1 Analytics Dashboard Permissions PROBLEM 20-JAN-11
482272.1 Special Characters in Password PROBLEM 20-JAN-11
546589.1 Need information about use of ODBC connections combined with SSO PROBLEM 20-JAN-11
580040.1 Unable to navigate between screens without authenticate PROBLEM 20-JAN-11
564105.1 Global filters nor working with LDAP PROBLEM 20-JAN-11
512137.1 Hide password PROBLEM 20-JAN-11
542947.1 Secure communication PROBLEM 20-JAN-11
482984.1 Unable to Add a Security Group as a Member other Groups PROBLEM 20-JAN-11
522119.1 Analytics Server SSL Connection to LDAP PROBLEM 20-JAN-11
526540.1 Need API for Web Security Definitions PROBLEM 20-JAN-11
520000.1 Major Analytics security error PROBLEM 20-JAN-11
521535.1 Analytics NQ_Session.User Variable and LDAP PROBLEM 20-JAN-11
502785.1 Password Change for Tech application PROBLEM 20-JAN-11
521685.1 Authentication with ADSI PROBLEM 20-JAN-11
551963.1 LDAP Expiration PWD PROBLEM 20-JAN-11
742413.1 Special character in password, fail to log -in HOWTO 26-JAN-11
1275266.1 External LDAP Authenticated Users Are Unable To Sign In With OBIEE 11g Or View Catalogs In BI Publisher PROBLEM 18-JAN-11
492005.1 when they login, they get this: Invalid Path: Error Details Error Codes: QM3V3HLV PROBLEM 20-JAN-11
502837.1 Associate employee’s old folders to employee’s new HR ID PROBLEM 20-JAN-11
755195.1 SingleSignOn using Microsoft IIS (Doc ID 540437.1) PROBLEM 20-JAN-11
492055.1 IBM JCE for Siebel Analytics expire PROBLEM 20-JAN-11
493146.1 BI EE not working with LDAP PROBLEM 20-JAN-11
494341.1 Analytics – Restrict siebel user/ trace changes PROBLEM 20-JAN-11
757629.1 Internal Server Error when logging into OBI using SSO following a Java JDK downgrade. PROBLEM 20-JAN-11
542501.1 Team based visibility in analytics PROBLEM 20-JAN-11
498542.1 Restrict users to access data warehouse data, multi-org data security in analytics PROBLEM 20-JAN-11
733324.1 Security filter is applied on users which part of Administrators group PROBLEM 20-JAN-11
579185.1 Compliancy / support between OBIEE and SAML PROBLEM 20-JAN-11
497932.1 Restricting Subject Area visibility through Web Administration PROBLEM 20-JAN-11
506361.1 Read permission for Segments should permit users to use Update Counts etc. PROBLEM 20-JAN-11
502027.1 My Analytics applet errors : “Error:The HTTP request is denied” PROBLEM 20-JAN-11
525469.1 How to generate a document to list the filters applied on security groups? PROBLEM 20-JAN-11
525402.1 Analytics Integration with eComm PROBLEM 20-JAN-11
484705.1 Writeback Authentication PROBLEM 26-JAN-11
516517.1 Analytics Proxy/Impersonation PROBLEM 20-JAN-11
515236.1 Webgroup and privileges PROBLEM 20-JAN-11
523683.1 Publish a page PROBLEM 20-JAN-11
516073.1 Siebel Analytics Privileges PROBLEM 20-JAN-11
523575.1 Group Business Model Filter PROBLEM 20-JAN-11
545873.1 Provide a way to issue LDAP search queries to LDAP in the INIT_BLOCK / Session variables Section PROBLEM 20-JAN-11
537541.1 Siebel Analytics Data Encryption PROBLEM 20-JAN-11
487878.1 ADSI and Analytics Authentication PROBLEM 20-JAN-11
545657.1 Analytics PROBLEM 20-JAN-11
518654.1 Integrated authentication between OLTP and OLAP not working PROBLEM 20-JAN-11
557629.1 Session log not generated when logged in as impersonator PROBLEM 20-JAN-11
497038.1 Security – External Table PROBLEM 20-JAN-11
505439.1 LDAP and Siebel Analytics PROBLEM 20-JAN-11
537355.1 Siebel Analytics password exposure in GUI PROBLEM 20-JAN-11
518526.1 User right on webcat PROBLEM 20-JAN-11
480302.1 Report Links and Security PROBLEM 20-JAN-11
561515.1 Cannot connect when LDAP is using SSL PROBLEM 20-JAN-11
511012.1 Need more Description on Analytics Privileges… PROBLEM 20-JAN-11
479552.1 Restricting Maximum Number of rows PROBLEM 20-JAN-11
489603.1 Repository Documentation PROBLEM 20-JAN-11
507154.1 Analytics does not work with LDAP PROBLEM 20-JAN-11
734956.1 Ports to configure for internet access on the Web Server and communication between the Web Server and the OBI Server HOWTO 20-JAN-11
508557.1 logging of invalid login attempts, when using Analytics LDAP authentication PROBLEM 20-JAN-11
507483.1 Ability To Redirect to Alternative Page Upon Logout PROBLEM 20-JAN-11
527785.1 In frequent intervals an ActiveX error message appears[Screenshot attached]. PROBLEM 20-JAN-11
479421.1 error on a report: user does not have all the privileges PROBLEM 20-JAN-11
537288.1 Security team @ Microsoft found one more issue on vanilla Analytics. Please take look into this PROBLEM 20-JAN-11
504072.1 Cannot save password PROBLEM 20-JAN-11
522809.1 Issue with List Format Folders PROBLEM 20-JAN-11
543104.1 Responsibility naming conventions – repository vs analytics PROBLEM 20-JAN-11
544002.1 Proxy Feature PROBLEM 20-JAN-11
495277.1 Analytics Web and IIS security PROBLEM 20-JAN-11
493139.1 Analytics SSL – Non Secure Items PROBLEM 20-JAN-11
531735.1 Analytics SSL Implementation PROBLEM 20-JAN-11
544880.1 Resetting of analytics system passwords without impacting Marketing Segmentation Capabilities PROBLEM 20-JAN-11
534348.1 Siebel Analytics Security PROBLEM 20-JAN-11
603632.1 Email address in presentation server ‘my account’ PROBLEM 20-JAN-11
526348.1 Authentication options: Operating System authentication PROBLEM 20-JAN-11
490727.1 Passing session variables to Data source name- databases in multiple regional locations PROBLEM 20-JAN-11
545254.1 Analytics : Cannot import users from Active directory PROBLEM 20-JAN-11
487848.1 ADSI authentication method PROBLEM 20-JAN-11
545036.1 Create Folder Privilege PROBLEM 20-JAN-11
530752.1 Unable to access Usage Accellerator Trends Dashboard PROBLEM 20-JAN-11
543977.1 Not able to remove the permission for a user PROBLEM 20-JAN-11
563422.1 Question on configuring Presentation Services Java servlet for SSL communication HOWTO 20-JAN-11
505717.1 Implementing Secure Socket Layer (SSL) in Siebel Analytics PROBLEM 20-JAN-11
505539.1 Usage Tracking Config PROBLEM 20-JAN-11
541365.1 prevent users to be able to delete users or web groups, but still being able to create web groups PROBLEM 20-JAN-11
508081.1 Proxy and DNS PROBLEM 20-JAN-11
537339.1 Analytics – require multi organization data visibility (data level security) for Call Center PROBLEM 20-JAN-11
498586.1 Query RPD User permissions PROBLEM 20-JAN-11
524494.1 Inability to see some Subject Areas in Siebel Answers PROBLEM 20-JAN-11
489714.1 Primary/Active Position Based Security in Analytics PROBLEM 26-JAN-11
1222894.1 How To Disable New User’s Access To Dashboard By Default in BIEE 11g HOWTO 16-JAN-11
529389.1 read only access to Analytics repository PROBLEM 20-JAN-11
492811.1 Siebel Analytics passwords transit the network using a static 3DES key PROBLEM 20-JAN-11
497323.1 Analytics config question PROBLEM 20-JAN-11
538285.1 Integrated Analytics Database Password lowercase causes issue PROBLEM 20-JAN-11
521790.1 Change Password not available PROBLEM 20-JAN-11
744926.1 ‘Administration’ Link does not display in OBI EE Screens HOWTO 20-JAN-11
533519.1 Analytics visibility PROBLEM 20-JAN-11
516178.1 Create Folder option s getting enabled when user does not have privilege to do so PROBLEM 20-JAN-11
526586.1 How to get Active Position in Siebel Application from Siebel Analytics PROBLEM 26-JAN-11
524110.1 Dashboard is missing PROBLEM 17-JAN-11
519994.1 Siebel Analytics with Win2K SP4 PROBLEM 17-JAN-11
535527.1 Dashboard disappears during upgrade to 7.7 PROBLEM 17-JAN-11
501031.1 Anlaytics 7.7 UNION syntax PROBLEM 17-JAN-11
484680.1 After upg to 784.1 filters on data that contains non ASCII char fail to return the correct data PROBLEM 17-JAN-11
480592.1 OLTP Patch PROBLEM 17-JAN-11
525839.1 Interoperability Request from Oracle Support PROBLEM 17-JAN-11
550516.1 Unix Installer does not request license key PROBLEM 17-JAN-11
565057.1 Problem upgrading Catalog from Analytics Version 7.8.2 TO PROBLEM 17-JAN-11
738906.1 Does Oracle support Digital Rights Management (DRM) for OBIEE & or BIP report PROBLEM 17-JAN-11
744366.1 Truncation in OBIEE Office Plug-In log on screen PROBLEM 17-JAN-11
497631.1 DSN based on ODBC Teradata 3.05 prevents unicode string stored in webcat or rpd to display correctly PROBLEM 17-JAN-11
1283204.1 Is IE 7 Supported on Siebel Analytics 7.8.4.x Version? HOWTO 17-JAN-11
507388.1 Analytics Server not starting after installation and configuration PROBLEM 18-JAN-11
530353.1 Siebel Analytics PROBLEM 18-JAN-11
543579.1 Cannot uninstall Siebel Analytics PROBLEM 18-JAN-11
501645.1 After Upgrade to Siebel Analytics does not work PROBLEM 18-JAN-11
545525.1 MacroMedia Flash PROBLEM 18-JAN-11
505792.1 Cannot Access Siebel Answers after setting parameters for Actuate Report PROBLEM 18-JAN-11
513599.1 IE PROBLEM 20-JAN-11
483337.1 v 7.5 webcat upgrade PROBLEM 20-JAN-11
537032.1 Certification on AIX 5.3 PROBLEM 20-JAN-11
496013.1 Caching in a clustered environment PROBLEM 20-JAN-11
1285899.1 obips does not start, and unable to logon to rpd online: [nQSError: 43126] Authentication failed: invalid user/password. PROBLEM 21-JAN-11
1142393.1 OC4J does not work with OBIEE on AIX OS with JDK 1.6 HOWTO 17-JAN-11
1213834.1 How To Install Obiee With WLS And Java 64 Bits On A Certified And Supported Operating System. HOWTO 17-JAN-11
1211573.1 Obiee 11g Installation Failed With “Step Creating Asinstance Failed”: Caused by: java.lang.OutOfMemoryError: PermGen space PROBLEM 17-JAN-11
511783.1 Popchart server error: ‘Couldn’t load appearance file’ PROBLEM 17-JAN-11
516450.1 support for db2 udb fix pack 13 PROBLEM 17-JAN-11
480568.1 Analytics 7.0.3 to Analytics 7.8.4 PROBLEM 17-JAN-11
508669.1 Installation Failure PROBLEM 17-JAN-11
480110.1 Analytics upgrade 7.5 to 7.7 PROBLEM 18-JAN-11
528678.1 Analytics Pop Chart Server Binaries PROBLEM 18-JAN-11
530944.1 Errors after upgrading Platform to PROBLEM 18-JAN-11
502083.1 Siebel Analytics 7.7 Install PROBLEM 18-JAN-11
492012.1 Do we need to install Java SDK1.4.2 for installing SA 7.8.2 PROBLEM 18-JAN-11
502386.1 Can I use ONAMES instead of TNSNAMES for Analytics? PROBLEM 20-JAN-11
482330.1 Oracle 10g RAC support for Analytics PROBLEM 20-JAN-11
504663.1 Siebel Analytics Installation – PopChart install failure PROBLEM 20-JAN-11
511005.1 Which Oracle database version for DAC & Informatica Repositories ? PROBLEM 20-JAN-11
514123.1 connect to a repository other than the default repository PROBLEM 20-JAN-11
483773.1 Questions regarding Siebel Analytics 7.8.4 and Siebel 8.0 PROBLEM 20-JAN-11
494311.1 BI EE Upgrade – consistency check Errors PROBLEM 20-JAN-11
1286256.1 How to migrate the OBIEE 11g RCU to a new database server? HOWTO 21-JAN-11
1286697.1 OBI EE Login Page is not appearing as the ‘web.xml’ file has become corrupted on the hosting Application / Web Server PROBLEM 24-JAN-11
1201773.1 Obiee 11g Security Integration With EPM 11.1.2 HOWTO 25-JAN-11
1271215.1 Obi Ee 11g : Can We Run Obi Ee 11g Processes With Out Opmn HOWTO 16-JAN-11
1282565.1 OUI-10117 “products.xml not found” message during OBIEE 11G Installation PROBLEM 16-JAN-11
1211149.1 OBI EE 11g ( installation fails when OMPNCTL Commands will not restart the services PROBLEM 17-JAN-11
515606.1 Siebel Analytics – ODBC Drivers PROBLEM 17-JAN-11
542714.1 Analytics 7.5.2 PROBLEM 17-JAN-11
490531.1 Analytics 211 Patch Installation PROBLEM 17-JAN-11
540078.1 PCIS383.exe Missing from WIN Install Disk for Analytics 7.5.3 PROBLEM 17-JAN-11
504228.1 The Analytics Administration view is not visible in the Siebel application – Site map PROBLEM 17-JAN-11
530401.1 Analytics ODBC Driver PROBLEM 17-JAN-11
537266.1 Cannot find Servlet directory under Analytics Web PROBLEM 17-JAN-11
531103.1 Analytics and Oracle 9 RAC PROBLEM 17-JAN-11
535085.1 Siebel ANalytics 7.7.X support for Windows Server 2003 SP1 PROBLEM 17-JAN-11
490071.1 Analytics Licence key PROBLEM 17-JAN-11
739779.1 Suppressing OC4J CMD Window at Start-up HOWTO 17-JAN-11
536435.1 Siebel Service won’t start unless network cable connected PROBLEM 17-JAN-11
499503.1 Dashboards not marked hidden are hidden/Can’t edit hidden attribute PROBLEM 17-JAN-11
511772.1 Anlytics Install issue PROBLEM 18-JAN-11
490552.1 ALERT 764 PROBLEM 18-JAN-11
540368.1 PopChart Image Sever does not start. PROBLEM 20-JAN-11
504854.1 Analytics implementation and encountering a critical problem. PROBLEM 20-JAN-11
544540.1 dlopen of /app/sa_d2dev/sunone1/bin/https /lib/ failed PROBLEM 20-JAN-11
543023.1 Excel Add-in PROBLEM 20-JAN-11
494211.1 Oracle BI Enterprise Edition DAC PROBLEM 20-JAN-11
1197213.1 After Installing OBIEE 11g, Javahost failed to start HOWTO 23-JAN-11
1286598.1 OBI EE Login Page is not appearing after starting the OBI EE Services as the Presentation Services failed to start because the ‘instanceconfig.xml’ file had a syntax error PROBLEM 24-JAN-11
1262220.1 Creating a new BI Instance results in error PROBLEM 25-JAN-11
1073417.1 OBIEE INSTALL FAILS With JVMST109: Insufficient space in Javaheap to satisfy allocation request PROBLEM 25-JAN-11
537160.1 Analytics Segmentation vs Marketing Server install SBL-DAT-00373 PROBLEM 26-JAN-11
1288565.1 Obiee10. Install Hangs PROBLEM 27-JAN-11
1263414.1 Are there any changes for the parameters used in Instanceconfig.Xml in BIEE 11g? HOWTO 16-JAN-11
1235693.1 How To Change The Web Application Server From OC4JTo IIS HOWTO 16-JAN-11
1282533.1 OBIEE 11G – Support For Web Services As A Native Data Source HOWTO 16-JAN-11
1215734.1 Login Failed with Error “An error occurred during authentication. Try again later or contact your system administrator” PROBLEM 16-JAN-11
1201133.1 Running OBIEE Answers ( On Unix platform 64-bit Mode Fails With ‘Cannot load module /OracleBI/server/Bin64/’ PROBLEM 17-JAN-11
493505.1 Scheduler will not run requests PROBLEM 17-JAN-11
483035.1 UNIX registry settings PROBLEM 17-JAN-11
515448.1 Analytics Server Oracle 9.2.02 PROBLEM 17-JAN-11
538028.1 printing to PDF results in error in Siebel Analytics 7.7 platform PROBLEM 17-JAN-11
491828.1 How to determine version of Analytics and approach to Upgrading Analytics PROBLEM 17-JAN-11
517786.1 August Micrsoft Security patches PROBLEM 17-JAN-11
495810.1 After upg to 784.1 the looping searching arrow never stops. User must cancel to display results PROBLEM 17-JAN-11
517788.1 DAC installable not available with Oracle BI suite PROBLEM 17-JAN-11
535308.1 Vanilla Reports On Usage Tracking PROBLEM 17-JAN-11
753844.1 Installation Issues HOWTO 17-JAN-11
498291.1 Need a compatibility patch for AN 7.5.3 PROBLEM 17-JAN-11
492797.1 Post installation problems with Siebel Analytics 7.7. PROBLEM 18-JAN-11
545741.1 Siebel 7.8 and Analytics PROBLEM 18-JAN-11
519840.1 Analytics upgrade broke SQL Issued PROBLEM 18-JAN-11
515124.1 Pop chart: windows service doesn’t start after installation PROBLEM 18-JAN-11
524059.1 Incorrect Character Translations PROBLEM 18-JAN-11
520597.1 Configuring Analytics Web on Sun One 6.1 PROBLEM 18-JAN-11
481058.1 Siebel Analytics not displaying home page on single installation PROBLEM 18-JAN-11
538302.1 Analytics Release Notes PROBLEM 20-JAN-11
538667.1 Siebel Analytics – HTTP 401.3 error PROBLEM 20-JAN-11
495048.1 Unable to login to DAC Client PROBLEM 20-JAN-11
515198.1 Maui install on AIX PROBLEM 20-JAN-11
580455.1 Need Oracle BI patch PROBLEM 20-JAN-11
1266255.1 Logging Into Application – Full Version Of Sampleapp For Obiee 11g HOWTO 16-JAN-11
517115.1 Siebel Analytics MR PROBLEM 17-JAN-11
481330.1 Analytics installation failure PROBLEM 17-JAN-11
480555.1 Analytics – Physical SQL different PROBLEM 17-JAN-11
520328.1 http://localhost/analytics only displays ‘Page not found’ PROBLEM 17-JAN-11
731417.1 Need Information on why make the Java platform writable under UNIX HOWTO 17-JAN-11
540778.1 Instanceconfig with PROBLEM 17-JAN-11
1251364.1 OBI EE 11g ( installation fails with ‘Authentication failed: invalid user/password’ error as Connect String information is incorrect PROBLEM 17-JAN-11
544522.1 Analytics Installation PROBLEM 18-JAN-11
495262.1 Analytics Install.log Prompt When Running UNIX Scheduler Installation PROBLEM 18-JAN-11
524977.1 Siebel Analytics Installation PROBLEM 18-JAN-11
527519.1 Page Can’t be displayed PROBLEM 18-JAN-11
481134.1 Siebel 7.7.1 Installation Failed PROBLEM 18-JAN-11
512000.1 IBM is installing Siebel Analytics 7.7.1 Standalone and are stopped because of Siebel doc questions PROBLEM 20-JAN-11
482296.1 DAC Server on Unix solaris 9 PROBLEM 20-JAN-11
493903.1 RAM PROBLEM 20-JAN-11
495064.1 Cannot Access Analytics after upgrade PROBLEM 20-JAN-11
506323.1 Database Client PROBLEM 20-JAN-11
525632.1 AnalyticsWeb – SunOne 6.1 Integration PROBLEM 20-JAN-11
517723.1 Analytics database Upgrade PROBLEM 20-JAN-11
578662.1 AIX 5.3 and AIX 5.2 patch levels supported HOWTO 20-JAN-11
1286157.1 OBIEE 11g BI Server Does Not Start After Changing Analytics Port In Windows Platform PROBLEM 21-JAN-11
1250191.1 The Upgrade .rpd or Web Catalog Stops At 4%. PROBLEM 17-JAN-11
515527.1 JRE with Corda PopChart Image Server PROBLEM 17-JAN-11
540314.1 Web Groups Don’t Come Over in Web Catalog Upgrade 7.7 PROBLEM 17-JAN-11
483230.1 Analytics – items missing from siebel analytics marketing metadata in standard repository PROBLEM 17-JAN-11
506446.1 SQL Server 2000 64-bit compatibility with Siebel Analytics PROBLEM 17-JAN-11
530784.1 Getting Javascript errors in new install of version 7.8 PROBLEM 17-JAN-11
496569.1 10.1 presentation services install. PROBLEM 17-JAN-11
734299.1 Search function in Answers or Segmentation screen is very slow. PROBLEM 17-JAN-11
739780.1 Suppressing OC4J CMD Window at Start-up HOWTO 17-JAN-11
514195.1 Analytics Installation issue PROBLEM 17-JAN-11
492016.1 Is Analytics supported on Oracle 9 RAC? PROBLEM 17-JAN-11
737645.1 Problem Installing OBI Application 7.9.3 on Windows XP PROBLEM 17-JAN-11
520511.1 Upgrade to complete DAC from DAC Lite PROBLEM 18-JAN-11
543207.1 Cannot Uninstall 7.7 PROBLEM 18-JAN-11
521627.1 settings in the Analytics repository for the data warehouse PROBLEM 18-JAN-11
535562.1 Disconnected setup PROBLEM 18-JAN-11
496934.1 Documentation Clarification DAC Client and Popchart PROBLEM 18-JAN-11
509576.1 Siebel Analytics PROBLEM 20-JAN-11
520595.1 Analytics: Memory allocation error occurred while allocating ODBC environment PROBLEM 20-JAN-11
526655.1 Siebel Analytics DAC client PROBLEM 20-JAN-11
508041.1 Upgraded to 7.8.4 and cannot start web PROBLEM 20-JAN-11
495540.1 Directories on Windows are not created after Installtion of 10G PROBLEM 20-JAN-11
518583.1 Webcat Upgrade PROBLEM 20-JAN-11
509762.1 Informatica Installation Issues PROBLEM 20-JAN-11
516553.1 Oracle BI Server Installation Issues PROBLEM 20-JAN-11
524646.1 Quickfix for AGO function in OBI PROBLEM 20-JAN-11
504731.1 Installation PROBLEM 20-JAN-11
1285696.1 Prerequisite Checks Fail Immediately While Installing OBIEE 11g On Oracle Linux 5 PROBLEM 20-JAN-11
1287397.1 Getting Error Getelementsbytagname When Navigating Dashboards in OBIEE 11g PROBLEM 25-JAN-11
1225298.1 Trimming Presentation Catalog – Upgrade Process HOWTO 16-JAN-11
757957.1 Integrating BI Office with OBIEE that has SSO. HOWTO 17-JAN-11
537604.1 nqsserver.exe Unable to Locate DLL – db2cli.dll – Analytics Install PROBLEM 17-JAN-11
520694.1 Intelligence Dashboards Lic key error Stemmed from SR 38-870199449 PROBLEM 17-JAN-11
531934.1 registry values for java memory issue PROBLEM 17-JAN-11
501243.1 Siebel Analytics Repository Migration from 7.5 to 7.7,cannot save any changes,error PROBLEM 17-JAN-11
505477.1 error installing PROBLEM 17-JAN-11
504746.1 Action Link based on value of invisible column PROBLEM 17-JAN-11
536023.1 a sample analytics OLAP database for Oracle ? PROBLEM 17-JAN-11
517686.1 Support of Siebel Analytics 7.8.5 on Sun Solaris 64 bits SPARC system PROBLEM 17-JAN-11
529898.1 Analytics Installation on Solaris 9 PROBLEM 17-JAN-11
529812.1 MS Office Integration (maui) PROBLEM 17-JAN-11
519629.1 Siebel Analytics platform and applications PROBLEM 17-JAN-11
494063.1 Analytics Repository PROBLEM 17-JAN-11
527870.1 RW permissions on Java PROBLEM 17-JAN-11
757019.1 Clarification regarding upgrade of Web Server. PROBLEM 17-JAN-11
485550.1 Analytics 7.7 upgrade PROBLEM 18-JAN-11
540892.1 Analytics , DW install PROBLEM 18-JAN-11
522391.1 Siebel Analytics Dev. server not working PROBLEM 18-JAN-11
493022.1 Problems in Analytics 7.8 Installation PROBLEM 18-JAN-11
492879.1 Analytics Install Issue PROBLEM 18-JAN-11
505519.1 Analytics PROBLEM 18-JAN-11
533848.1 Integrated Siebel Analytics PROBLEM 20-JAN-11
497018.1 HP-UX 11i Siebel 7.7.15 SIA Analytics installation issues PROBLEM 20-JAN-11
484605.1 Problem when installing a new Siebel Analytics WebCatalogue PROBLEM 20-JAN-11
487889.1 CatalogManger fails to start PROBLEM 20-JAN-11
494012.1 Error uninstalling Siebel Analytics 7.8.4 PROBLEM 20-JAN-11
503737.1 Analytics on Oracle 10g – Required users privileges PROBLEM 20-JAN-11
509885.1 Oracle BI upgradation PROBLEM 20-JAN-11
563340.1 How can we configure BI Publisher to reference a second repository ? HOWTO 20-JAN-11
1286241.1 OBI 11g and Oracle 9i DB HOWTO 21-JAN-11
1207103.1 Java Host Component (coreapplication_obijh1) Failed During Configuration (Installation) and Then It Does Not Start PROBLEM 25-JAN-11
1145095.1 Installing Obiee Using Weblogic 10.3.1, needs OC4JAdmin user and password ? HOWTO 25-JAN-11
1186513.1 OBIEE 11g (OID) The Security Token cannot be authenticated PROBLEM 17-JAN-11
826714.1 Windows 2008 64 bit support – Siebel,OBIEE,BIP,OBIA roadmap HOWTO 17-JAN-11
527281.1 Missing WebCatalog for Siebel Analytics 6.3 Bridge PROBLEM 17-JAN-11
507680.1 Hardware Requirements for Analytics 7.7 and DAC PROBLEM 17-JAN-11
545185.1 Siebel Analytics Server service hanging after install PROBLEM 17-JAN-11
517241.1 Migrate Siebel Analytics and Siebel data warehouse to version 7.7 do we need to upgrade Siebel OLTP PROBLEM 17-JAN-11
531171.1 Siebel Analytics Web and iPlanet 6.1 PROBLEM 17-JAN-11
509748.1 Siebel Analytics – OBDC Driver requires License Key PROBLEM 17-JAN-11
532940.1 File System Full on Siebel Analytics Web PROBLEM 17-JAN-11
513170.1 Chinese characters in Analytics Rpd PROBLEM 17-JAN-11
508973.1 Installing Disconnected Anaytics in Silent Mode PROBLEM 17-JAN-11
535171.1 Subclass names including “&” caracters are not properly displayed in Answers pages PROBLEM 17-JAN-11
483754.1 Supported MDAC platform on Windows 2003 PROBLEM 17-JAN-11
496678.1 Analytics Apps Installation: Standard buttons and check boxes missing PROBLEM 17-JAN-11
730130.1 Could not load file or assembly stdole.dll Error Message for OBI Office PROBLEM 17-JAN-11
751829.1 Is it possible to move charts between different excel files and be able to refresh it? HOWTO 17-JAN-11
502749.1 Undo_Management parameter and Siebel 7.8 PROBLEM 17-JAN-11
499296.1 Hardware requirement for RTD PROBLEM 17-JAN-11
484508.1 Error trying to get pull Segmentation List from Analytics PROBLEM 18-JAN-11
491801.1 Will Siebel Analytics Run Under WebSphere PROBLEM 18-JAN-11
495821.1 Siebel Analytics 7.7.1 Installation PROBLEM 18-JAN-11
537121.1 How to implement Secure Socket Layer (SSL) with Siebel Analytics? PROBLEM 18-JAN-11
521388.1 SA SOAP API PROBLEM 18-JAN-11
1201933.1 Obiee 11g Compatibility HOWTO 19-JAN-11
1285053.1 OBIEE Wont Start After Reboot: the loading of the trusted certificate list raised a certificate parsing exception PKIX: Unsupported OID PROBLEM 20-JAN-11
535722.1 Cannot Access Analytics, from within Siebel App PROBLEM 20-JAN-11
480077.1 Analytics Installation, unable to access Analytics Web PROBLEM 20-JAN-11
527673.1 SAW replication PROBLEM 20-JAN-11
539714.1 Analytics Windows – install Disconnected Client analytics\web\app\Res folder missing PROBLEM 20-JAN-11
490023.1 Analytics Apps 7.8.x Upgrade – Experiencing technical issues. PROBLEM 20-JAN-11
499273.1 Siebel Marketing Analytics setup in AIX PROBLEM 20-JAN-11
739344.1 Required Parameter is missing: recursive PROBLEM 20-JAN-11
1230898.1 Bi 11g Installation On Win 2003 64bit Hangs – Unexpected Error Creating Bi Component PROBLEM 25-JAN-11
499477.1 Oracle Client Compatibility for Siebel Analytics PROBLEM 25-JAN-11
530787.1 Infinite loop possible with iBots PROBLEM 20-JAN-11
490807.1 Analytics Delivers not working PROBLEM 20-JAN-11
491057.1 Scheduler fires an update every five minutes PROBLEM 20-JAN-11
519730.1 Strange characters in CSV File when downloading an iBot to Disk PROBLEM 20-JAN-11
495786.1 iBots functionality PROBLEM 20-JAN-11
526523.1 Allow users to subscribe to reports in dashboard PROBLEM 20-JAN-11
504291.1 iBot:[nQSError: 27021] Query rejected. You do not have access to any of the columns in the query PROBLEM 20-JAN-11
489781.1 Access Prohibited to Dashboards error when viewing an Alert PROBLEM 20-JAN-11
509742.1 Scheduler setup – “The registry server is not alive” PROBLEM 20-JAN-11
529927.1 User with NO Privileges to create an iBot is able to create an iBot on selecting the Personal ibot PROBLEM 20-JAN-11
507414.1 Seibel Analytics- Email Problem PROBLEM 20-JAN-11
514235.1 Analytics Job Scheduler PROBLEM 20-JAN-11
752209.1 How do we pass parameters to iBots HOWTO 20-JAN-11
493220.1 Request for enhancement: Oracle Delivers fetch emails from LDAP PROBLEM 20-JAN-11
742781.1 Ibot Email not delivered for Recipients with System Profile PROBLEM 20-JAN-11
543639.1 iBot error PROBLEM 20-JAN-11
508696.1 iBots Not Caching Consistently PROBLEM 20-JAN-11
538088.1 Not able to modify iBot created by Siebel Delivers PROBLEM 20-JAN-11
502832.1 Siebel Delivers PROBLEM 20-JAN-11
509680.1 Siebel Delivers iBots generating No Records selected messages PROBLEM 20-JAN-11
1265385.1 Obiee Ibots Not Working HOWTO 16-JAN-11
528020.1 Siebel Scheduler Service Port 9705 Issue PROBLEM 20-JAN-11
498539.1 Deliver Content PROBLEM 20-JAN-11
529783.1 Pb of accent in Ibots PROBLEM 20-JAN-11
565430.1 When selecting the “Use SSL” option, other values such as “SSL Certificate File Path” are being “def PROBLEM 20-JAN-11
518730.1 Logo not appearing when the report is delivered thru IBOT PROBLEM 20-JAN-11
540959.1 Print and Download link in Delivers reports PROBLEM 20-JAN-11
520662.1 To rename folders having ‘ ibots’ as one of the name PROBLEM 20-JAN-11
516120.1 IBot email PROBLEM 20-JAN-11
513241.1 Unable to allocate memory Error in Analytics Briefing Books created by Siebel Delivers PROBLEM 20-JAN-11
503246.1 CPU spikes on devserver after Scheduler running for a couple of days. Engineering has fix for this. PROBLEM 20-JAN-11
534245.1 Daylight savings time cause iBots to loop PROBLEM 20-JAN-11
526843.1 Documentation Clarification PROBLEM 20-JAN-11
546689.1 Is there a limitation on how many records in a table View are sent through an iBot ? PROBLEM 20-JAN-11
557794.1 Garbled output from a Siebel Delivers iBot (HTML Attachment) when using sendmail PROBLEM 20-JAN-11
508513.1 iBots Not Working PROBLEM 20-JAN-11
510559.1 Siebel Analytics PROBLEM 20-JAN-11
504464.1 Can not set the field “Run as” when configuring an iBot PROBLEM 20-JAN-11
553187.1 Siebel iBots failing when delivery set to email Error Message [nQSError: 75004] PROBLEM 26-JAN-11
517127.1 Unable to save iBots PROBLEM 20-JAN-11
482699.1 iBots not working PROBLEM 20-JAN-11
485765.1 Delivers / Recipients / Choose recipients PROBLEM 20-JAN-11
482595.1 Automatic Failure notification for iBots PROBLEM 20-JAN-11
482448.1 This is a reopend of 38-2670116591 PROBLEM 20-JAN-11
506249.1 Siebel Delivers PROBLEM 20-JAN-11
497185.1 iBot schedule date/time PROBLEM 20-JAN-11
542336.1 Unable to deliver ibots to a specific group of 92 users PROBLEM 20-JAN-11
500480.1 ibots ( 7.7 ( build 891) PROBLEM 20-JAN-11
499459.1 Unable to start Siebel Analytics Scheduler PROBLEM 20-JAN-11
483453.1 Ibot/Schedulerconfiguration on VVT PROBLEM 20-JAN-11
484587.1 Delivery of reports to handheld device PROBLEM 20-JAN-11
532815.1 SA iBot nqserver coredump PROBLEM 20-JAN-11
747149.1 Cannot identify a Dashboard, when selecting a content in IBOT PROBLEM 20-JAN-11
499128.1 Siebel Analytics – Job Manager PROBLEM 20-JAN-11
1222706.1 What Permissions are Required for the Domain Account to Start up the BI Services HOWTO 16-JAN-11
526617.1 iBot is not Delivering report as PDF attachment when the report having image. PROBLEM 20-JAN-11
517821.1 Analytics Scheduler mailing through SMTP protocol PROBLEM 20-JAN-11
482537.1 Control over iBots names PROBLEM 20-JAN-11
533968.1 The command-line version of the sync utility (Mobile Application Manager) downloads all files PROBLEM 20-JAN-11
540042.1 When running Delivers, we also get permission error messages PROBLEM 20-JAN-11
540623.1 Sub-folders in Delivers Folder PROBLEM 20-JAN-11
505435.1 Siebel Analytics – Delivers PROBLEM 20-JAN-11
525607.1 Delivers – Recipients Tab – ‘Show Relevant Rows’ does not cause data to be filtered based on userid PROBLEM 20-JAN-11
514111.1 Automatically setting up Delivery Profiles PROBLEM 20-JAN-11
522566.1 iBot error WScript PROBLEM 20-JAN-11
535409.1 Analytics Scheduler Delivers configuration PROBLEM 20-JAN-11
520467.1 Ibot related issue PROBLEM 20-JAN-11
492200.1 IBOT Alert not displaying in Dashboard PROBLEM 20-JAN-11
480359.1 Siebel Delivers – unable to page PROBLEM 20-JAN-11
531531.1 Siebel Delivers Not Working Access Denied PROBLEM 20-JAN-11
532886.1 Siebel Analytics Scheduler PROBLEM 20-JAN-11
514016.1 Limit database load of iBot-triggered queries PROBLEM 20-JAN-11
513065.1 iBot Delivery Error PROBLEM 20-JAN-11
497363.1 Analytics iBots PROBLEM 20-JAN-11
523205.1 Analytics .300 Patch sends MHTML attachment PROBLEM 20-JAN-11
534901.1 Can’t configure Scheduler PROBLEM 20-JAN-11
508366.1 Problem With Delivers Security – user cannot modify an iBot which they created, “Access Denied” PROBLEM 20-JAN-11
539974.1 Triggering iBots based on max and min values PROBLEM 20-JAN-11
539720.1 is it possible to conditionally highlight alert headines PROBLEM 20-JAN-11
538702.1 Analytics and Alerts PROBLEM 20-JAN-11
524606.1 Scheduler Question PROBLEM 20-JAN-11
541599.1 Delivers Folder Structure PROBLEM 20-JAN-11
515288.1 Scheduler Time Incorrect PROBLEM 20-JAN-11
480384.1 iBots fail with a big amount of email PROBLEM 20-JAN-11
485442.1 Delivered ‘Delivers’ (iBot) are not upgraded going from 75 to 77? PROBLEM 20-JAN-11
500173.1 My Briefing Books and Disconnected Vanilla folders are listed out in Siebel Delivers Selection Pane. PROBLEM 20-JAN-11
507494.1 iBots report showing only first 20+ records PROBLEM 20-JAN-11
499572.1 IBots PROBLEM 20-JAN-11
514366.1 Invalid iBot session ID. Error Codes: MV5BAQPD PROBLEM 20-JAN-11
502208.1 Buttons overlap in the Delivery Contents screen PROBLEM 20-JAN-11
729169.1 Siebel Delivers iBots Server Error: [12009] Illegal message from client requesting unknown remote function 10023. PROBLEM 20-JAN-11
491821.1 Analytics, Scheduler and JavaScript PROBLEM 20-JAN-11
527504.1 SA System Causing Ibots with Custom Script to not run PROBLEM 20-JAN-11
514284.1 Analytics Scheduler Log Recycle PROBLEM 20-JAN-11
485464.1 Scheduler Keeps Going Down PROBLEM 20-JAN-11
527869.1 Recipients in Delivers PROBLEM 20-JAN-11
498794.1 Cannot Open Delivery Contents from View Link in Alert Popup window PROBLEM 20-JAN-11
734378.1 iBots in Job Manager stay with the status of Running PROBLEM 20-JAN-11
542502.1 Analytics Scheduler PROBLEM 20-JAN-11
563713.1 Cannot ‘Open Scheduler Connection’ or configure ‘Configuration Options’ in the Job Manager. PROBLEM 20-JAN-11
531045.1 Starting Scheduler without XTERM PROBLEM 20-JAN-11
513040.1 SA System PROBLEM 20-JAN-11
579084.1 Delivers in Oracle BI SE 1 PROBLEM 20-JAN-11
742504.1 run primary server (with working iBots) as stand alone if the secondary becomes unstable PROBLEM 20-JAN-11
539496.1 Siebel Anaytics Scheduler Setup PROBLEM 20-JAN-11
543583.1 Ibots and blank email attachments PROBLEM 20-JAN-11
502273.1 Siebel Alerts(IBOTs) PROBLEM 20-JAN-11
541756.1 Scheduler service terminates with nQSError: 12008 PROBLEM 20-JAN-11
562844.1 Impossible to customize an iBot based on a Dashboard PROBLEM 20-JAN-11
487471.1 Scheduler Service does not start PROBLEM 20-JAN-11
495142.1 ExitCode for SA Scheduler PROBLEM 20-JAN-11
502701.1 Delivers Email To Line PROBLEM 20-JAN-11
480942.1 Delivers sending reports as multiple attachments PROBLEM 20-JAN-11
603553.1 Scheduler in OBIEE10.x on UNIX does not allow ODBC database type selection available in 7.8.4 PROBLEM 20-JAN-11
520387.1 Job Manager Won’t Start PROBLEM 20-JAN-11
479258.1 Removing ?Attachment (HTML)? option on Siebel Delivers –> Delivery Content PROBLEM 20-JAN-11
505795.1 Ibot error 1976 PROBLEM 20-JAN-11
603640.1 Attachment (HTML) under Delivers (iBots)->Delivery Content gives error HOWTO 20-JAN-11
537572.1 Can not overwrite an ibot with another one PROBLEM 20-JAN-11
518470.1 Scheduler not working after upgrade to 7.8 PROBLEM 20-JAN-11
523494.1 Ibot stays in running state, in scenario where ‘deliver this message when no records returned’ PROBLEM 20-JAN-11
489631.1 generating text files from ibot PROBLEM 20-JAN-11
505611.1 Siebel Delivers reports that takes longer than 5 minutes are being cancelled PROBLEM 20-JAN-11
494876.1 Monitoring of Ibots PROBLEM 20-JAN-11
1287640.1 ‘View This Alert Link’ Throws Access Denied Error And Error Code O9XNZMXB PROBLEM 25-JAN-11
498746.1 iBots not running PROBLEM 26-JAN-11
525536.1 Siebel Delivers SSL connection error PROBLEM 20-JAN-11
495916.1 Siebel Analytics Delivers Last Run and Next Run not showing PROBLEM 20-JAN-11
537278.1 Error when saving iBot PROBLEM 20-JAN-11
545971.1 IBots PROBLEM 20-JAN-11
544188.1 IBOT Failure In Production PROBLEM 20-JAN-11
529528.1 Delivers Uses Wrong Address for Verizon Digital Phones PROBLEM 20-JAN-11
538074.1 Siebel Analytics (Delivers) – Message Files PROBLEM 20-JAN-11
536299.1 Siebel Delivers – Email functionality PROBLEM 20-JAN-11
493111.1 After upgrade Analytics Scheduler doesn’t works PROBLEM 20-JAN-11
518603.1 nQSError: 75007 Failed to send RCPT command. 501 5.5.4 Invalid Address PROBLEM 20-JAN-11
489710.1 Siebel Delivers – Downloading of plain text does not download entire file PROBLEM 20-JAN-11
536401.1 Delivers PROBLEM 20-JAN-11
503410.1 Error while executing PDFRpcCall.processMessage PROBLEM 20-JAN-11
513316.1 compression, encrypting and transmission with iBots PROBLEM 20-JAN-11
737072.1 ibots : All delivers jobs stay in running state, never complete HOWTO 20-JAN-11
542339.1 Can’t run the schconfig.exe PROBLEM 20-JAN-11
514577.1 Analytics Scheduler PROBLEM 20-JAN-11
515066.1 Siebel analytics scheduler configuration PROBLEM 20-JAN-11
749465.1 EC Iview – Image Missing on IBOTS PROBLEM 20-JAN-11
505600.1 Using Informatica to call Siebel iBots PROBLEM 20-JAN-11
511134.1 iBots and Pivot Table reports PROBLEM 20-JAN-11
482567.1 Delivers – change the default value displayed in a dropdown in a Delivers Administration View PROBLEM 20-JAN-11
499270.1 Scheduler and minimum password length PROBLEM 20-JAN-11
480128.1 Auto-caching dashboard pages: only SOME of the dashboard pages are being cached PROBLEM 20-JAN-11
603643.1 Is there a way to choose which saved selection will be applied in Delivers? HOWTO 20-JAN-11
490779.1 Siebel Analytics – Multiple Email PROBLEM 20-JAN-11
522281.1 Ibot problem continues: ibots are not getting posted in the dashboard. PROBLEM 20-JAN-11
485465.1 Clarification on End by scheduling for ibots PROBLEM 20-JAN-11
523492.1 Will delivers send a no result report PROBLEM 20-JAN-11
530841.1 Trigerring Siebel Workflow with Siebel Analytics iBots PROBLEM 20-JAN-11
483644.1 Issue with the IBots PROBLEM 20-JAN-11
1270424.1 Missing Seeded Reports In Us Statutory Compliance Dashboard HOWTO 16-JAN-11
1262978.1 Hide ‘Refresh’ Button In BIEE Dashboards HOWTO 16-JAN-11
500391.1 Pie Chart PROBLEM 18-JAN-11
528423.1 Saving Analytics Report to PDF files PROBLEM 18-JAN-11
501035.1 No takeover of prompt restrictions in PortalNavePage link PROBLEM 18-JAN-11

Security issues when upgrading a Web Catalog from 10g to 11g

I blogged about upgrading from Oracle BI EE 10g to Oracle BI EE 11g R1 earlier. Although this is a very straight forward process, you could end up with some security issues.

Picture the following. You are an administrator user with the appropriate security roles to act as an (Presentation Server) Administrator. You are able to login and manage the Weblogic Console and the Enterprise Manager. When you log into the upgraded Web Catalog you are not able to see the Administration-link.

There already a lot of good blogpost about the new Oracle BI 11g security setup. Just to name a few;

When upgradin a WebCatlog you could be forced to do a work-around  for the security, thanks to René Kuipers. The workaround is as follows;

  • Do the upgrade according to the documentation
  • Make a backup via the Catalog Manager or upgrade a second time so you have a copy of the Web Catalog
  • Throw away the user folders via the Catalog Manager
  • Login again into the Web Catalog via; http://localhost:9704/analytics (a new user folder should be created)
  • If necessary you could move the reports from the backup to the online Web Catalog

It’s a workaround and could be very time-consuming when you have to upgrade a Catalog with a lot of users. Hopefully this issue will be solved in a future release.

Oracle MOS HTML Update 09012011


 Document ID   Title   Doc Type   Modified Date 
1220564.1 FAQ: Do I Have To Use The ‘Software Only’ Install Type For A 64-bit Operating System? HOWTO 07-JAN-11
1278294.1 Installing Obiee11g on Windows 64 bits:Nodemanager.Dll: Can’T Load Ia 32-Bit .Dll On A Amd 64-Bit Platform PROBLEM 04-JAN-11
1201773.1 Obiee 11g Security Integration With EPM 11.1.2 HOWTO 05-JAN-11
1169936.1 How To Integrate Oracle E-Business Advanced Planning Command Center With Business Intelligence HOWTO 05-JAN-11
1279101.1 OBIEE 11g RCU Installation Failed With Tablespace Errors RCU-6082 And RCU-6108 PROBLEM 06-JAN-11
1278519.1 OBIEE 11g Install error: INST-08031: Unable to connect to the database with the given credentials. Invalid username/password PROBLEM 05-JAN-11
1193183.1 After Upgrading To OBIEE 11g, Starting BI Server Or Dashboard Fails With ORA-12504 or ORA-12154 Errors On All The Pages PROBLEM 07-JAN-11
1213834.1 How To Install Obiee With WLS And Java 64 Bits On A Certified And Supported Operating System. HOWTO 07-JAN-11
1278001.1 Report Requeries The Database When Clicking On The Last Page Link Or On The Download Data Link PROBLEM 03-JAN-11
1278679.1 Trying To Filter Data In BIEE With Specific Croatian Special Characters Like C, C, Returns No Data. PROBLEM 05-JAN-11
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