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1274964.1 OBI 11g – LDAP and semicolon-delimited string for Groups HOWTO 17-DEC-10
1273533.1 BIEE 11g Application Roles just Like BIAuthor, BIconsumer doesn’t work HOWTO 13-DEC-10
1272851.1 OBIEE On Windows 2003 R2 X64 Fails With Javahost Error “%1 Is Not A Valid Win32 Application” PROBLEM 14-DEC-10
1273814.1 “Error: [nQSError: 22006] Repository metadata: missing column object” implementing Event Polling after Upgrade To Obiee PROBLEM 14-DEC-10
1273401.1 Obiee 11g Roadmap HOWTO 13-DEC-10
1266888.1 The Installation of Oracle BI EE 11g has Overview and Scorecard Errors in Sample Database Lite in Linux PROBLEM 17-DEC-10
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1273534.1 Support Forobiee Version, Informatica 7.1.4 And Applciation Version 7.9.3 HOWTO 13-DEC-10
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1274680.1 Oracle Business Intelligence Applications ETL Data Lineage Guide Release BULLETIN 17-DEC-10
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1125454.1 Upgrading from 7.8.x to Causes Duplicate ROW_WIDs in W_PARTY_D PROBLEM 13-DEC-10
1065031.1 OBIA796-SDE_ORA_CODEDIMENSION_VENDOR_TYPE task – “Command for Full Load” is blank in DAC PROBLEM 13-DEC-10
555254.1 Enabling Action Links in Oracle Business Intelligence Applications for Oracle E-Business Suite BULLETIN 13-DEC-10
1268621.1 Starting OBIEE 11g ( On Windows Via The ‘Start BI Service’ Menu Continues To Prompt For Username And Password With Configured PROBLEM 13-DEC-10

Installing Oracle BI 11g R1 – Windows Server 2008 R2 64bit

Recently I did an installation on a Windows Server 2008 R2 64bit. Reading through the documentation made me realize that it’s not possible to do a ‘Enterprise Install’. Check the following part in the manual:

1.4.3 Software Only Install

The Software Only Install type installs the Oracle Business Intelligence software binary files in an Oracle home for later configuration as part of a Fusion Middleware deployment. This install type is required to install Oracle Business Intelligence on an AIX operating system or with a 64-bit JVM, such as on a supported 64-bit operating system.”

Th following could be a guideline to install Oracle BI 11g on Windows Server 2008 R2 64bit:

Install RCU –> rcuHome\BIN\rcu.bat
Install JDK 64bit
Install Weblogic generic –> via the Command Line java -jar wls1033_generic.jar
Install Oracle BI11g –> ‘Software Only’
Run config.bat to configure Oracle BI11g –>C:\Oracle\Middleware\Oracle_BI1\bin\config.bat

Of course you need to check the manual for additional info. Next to that you have to perform a ‘Software Only’ install on 32bit machine to be able to use your client tools.

Check My Oracle Support for more details.

OGh themabijeenkomst: Oracle BI 11g R1 (Dutch)

Gisteren heb ik een presentatie gehouden bij voor de Oracle gebruikersgroep Holland.

In een sessie van een kleine 2 uur heb ik mijn eerste ervaringen op het gebied van de nieuwe Oracle BI R1 release gedeeld met de aanwezigen. Het is géén marketing-show geworden, maar een eerlijke kijk van iemand die aan de slag gaat met een prduct, dat in een volledig nieuw jasje is gegoten. Uiteraard bekijk ik alles wel door een rode bril.

Aan de ene kant ben ik erg enthousiast over de vernieuwde en extra mogelijkheden van Oracle BI 11g. Tegelijkertijd kun je je ook afvragen of er een business case is voor alle nieuwe functionaliteiten. De tijd zal het leren.

Al met al heeft Oracle een product afgeleverd waar ik mijn energie de komende tijd prima in kwijt kan.

Voor diegenen, die meer willen lezen:

Oracle BI 11g SampleApp

When you log into the sample dashboard of the latest Oracle BI release you are presented with the following:


When you click on the link;, you get redirected to;

Thanks to OTN I was able to find out that the actual link should be;

Have fun.

Oracle BI EE 11g R1 Launch Event

Today I attended the Oracle BI EE 11g R1 Launch Event in de Meern in Holland. This was an event with a life satellite connection to London where the official launch event was held. Back in London they  think Amsterdam and de Meern is the same. The should walk between these two cities ;-).

The launch event was very well organized. Although we had to wait one or two times, all the presentations and demo’s both in London as well as here in Holland integrated seamlessly. Talking about integration, this is one of the keywords, when we are talking about Oracle BI.

Complete, Integrated and Open. That is the basis for the new Oracle BI solution Oracle is offering.

  • Complete
    • Technology
      • Database
      • Middleware
      • Analytical Applications
    • Functionality
  • Open
    • Standards
  • Integrated
    • Common Enterprise Information Model

Demo Time

The moment we were all waiting for, was the moment we went under the hoods (kimono’s, kilts) of Oracle BI EE 11g R1. In Holland Nick Tusin and Mike Durran gave us a overview of what we can expect in this new release. The demo was divided into 4 parts;

  • (R)-OLAP,
  • (M)-OLAP,
  • Mobile, Collaboration and Reporting & Publishing,
  • Operational Management.

We have seen a lot of (new) improved things. As Mike has said afterwards, he could easily have filled a day of demoing. A few highlights in a complete arbitrary order: 

  • Oracle BI Answers and Dashboards
    • Improved browser UI
    • Hierarchy columns (groups / different levels)
    • Graphical Sliders
    • Geo Spatial Analysis
  •  Scorcarding and Strategy Management
  • Federated Queries
    • Multiple datasources (Oracle Essbase 11g and OLTP)
  • Oracle BI Action Frame work for Closed Loop Oracle BI
  • Oracle BI Collaboration
    • Oracle Webcentre Workspaces and Collaboration
  • Oracle BI Search
    • Secure Enterprise Search
    • Indexing
    • Search and Preview
    • In Context
  • Oracle BI Publisher 
    • Integrated and Interactive
    • Real Pixel Perfect Reporting
    • Integrated Layout editor
  • Microsoft Office Integration
    • Writeback
  •  Oracle BI Operational Mangement 
    • Enterprise Manager
    • BI Plugin
  • Oracle BI Security 
    • Identity Management

 What’s next?

  • 29 September 2010 – Official launch in Holland (Galgenwaard – Utrecht)
  • September 2010
    • Delta Trainings for Partners
    • Trainings for Customers (Instructor-Led, Online eStudy, Seminars)
    • Oracle BI Workshop
    • Test Drive Sessions
  • General Availability; Within a few weeks. Bets are still open.

For more details, check Oracle

If you would like to join the conversation, join Twitter using the following hashtags;

All in all a very informative event. Definitely more to come!