Handouts – Introducing Oracle’s Information Management Reference Architecture

One of the great things of working in the Oracle Business Analytics industry is the fact that there is a very active community. Both online as well as offline. Oracle supports these activities where possible. Last week I attended an offline session at Oracle HQ in the Netherlands. This session was a event organized by the oGH and the OBUG (the SIG BIWA). Marti Koppelmans provided an Introduction into Oracle’s Information Management Reference Architecture. As promised he has posted some of his material on the oGH side. If you are interested, have a look at the following;

Although the titles are in Dutch, the contents are in English.

I will try to leave my notes here whit in a few days

Hadoop and Oracle Technologies on BI Projects

Last night I attended an event powered by oGH and OBUG. Mark Rittman was invited to talk about; ‘Hadoop and Oracle Technologies on BI Projects’. This event has been organized to inform us about Hadoop combined with Oracle Technologies. Next to that the event was also meant as a start up of a BI / Warehousing SIG.

Last May I visited the Rittman Mead BI Forum in Brighton. I attended a Cloudera Hadoop Masterclass. Mark extended this Masterclass where he integrated Hadoop into the (traditional) Oracle BI world. It was a very interesting session. Check a blogpost form Jan Karremans for a summary.

Although a lot of my current clients are still struggling with their (Operational) BI, it’s very interesting to see how Oracle responds to the Digitization & Datafication of the world.

Oracle Data Warehousing Platform - 2014

The Oracle BI Community is a very vivid and lively (Online) Community. There are a lot of offline (partly) Oracle BI related events around the globe. Sadly there is not much offline activity (yet) in the Benelux. It’s good to hear that the oGH and OBUG seem to join forces to setup a BI / Warehousing SIG. Mark proved with his session that there is a lot to talk about as we see that the worlds of traditional Data Warehousing and Hadoop & NoSQL (Data Reservoir) are colliding.

Check out Mark’s Slideshare for his presentation. For those interested in the BI / Warehousing SIG, please watch the OBUG-site. There is a new session planned for 3 march 2015.