RM BI Forum Notes – Oracle Keynote

Day I of the Rittman Mead BI Forum 2012 ended (besides a delicious meal) with a Keynote provided by Oracle (Alan Lee and Mike Durran). First Alan thanked us for being Oracle BI evangelistic. I guess a thanks back is well in place for a great product (portfolio).

Nothing spectacular to announce. I guess luckily for us, because it has been a busy year ;-).

A few notes:

Oracle BI will be Oracle (Business) Analytics

Next to the Oracle BI Foundation products like Endeca, Big Data (is this a product or a process), Engineered Systems (Big Data Appliance, Exadata, Exalytics) have been covered. Especially the last two products were subject to discussion. How do Exadata and Exalytics work together? We were presented with a Exalytics demo. Do you need to now where the data is coming from (TimesTen Oracle BI Cache) or is the fact that the data is retrieved very fast enough? This discussion will continue when Mike Durran does his presentations. Personally I would like to now where the data is coming from an I wasn’t the only one…….

More to come

Oracle Business Analytics Summit 2011

It has been a while since I last posted on ‘Oracle BI Bakboord’. A lot has happened since.  Oracle OpenWorld 2011 eg. If you have a look at the number of Oracle BI subjects, you can see that Oracle BI is still ‘Hot’ at Oracle. This week I was able to visit the Oracle Business Analytics Summit in Nieuwegein, Holland. I had the opportunity to meet with clients, partners and Oracle employees. Oracle had managed to create an agenda with one common subject; ‘Information’ and what Oracle offers to manage and deliver this information to the end user.

A few different subjects where covered.

  • The Oracle Exa….-story

    A (lot) of things have been covered. Information, speed, end user experience where the main subjects. Oracle has a lot to offer. That makes our work interesting!