Oracle Business Analytics Version Releases

It has been a busy period over at Oracle with different Oracle Business Analytics software releases. For me personally the following releases attracted my attention:

As always, immediately after a new release of Oracle Business Analytics, there is a lot of buzz within the Oracle BA Community. What did impress me this time was that Oracle added some buzz as well in terms of various Youtube video’s. Next to that there is a lot of information online which should help you to get started. I will give an impression of some of the sources I have seen and used.

Oracle BI EE

There is lot of information online. There are two interesting links which are a little bit different than the others.

Oracle BIA

A few weeks ago Oracle BIA has gone GA.

This is a completely new version of Oracle BIA. There are a few interesting blog postings on this release. I provided links to the different blogs. There are probably more postings so have a look around.

Oracle Endeca 3.0

  • Oracle Endeca Information Discovery v3.0 Screencast Series
  • Oracle Endeca 123

Feel free to add if you would like.

Completely off-topic, but nevertheless interesting to add is the following.

Last year I had the privilege to review the following; ‘Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition 11g: A Hands-On Tutorial’. For more details on this book, check here.

Another interesting book on Oracle BI 11g is the one from Mark Rittman; ‘Oracle Business Intelligence 11g Developers Guide’

Check the Siebel Essentials site for two reviews about the books above.

One other thing I am working on is translating BITeamwork to the Dutch language. BITeamwork is all about Oracle Business Intelligence Collaboration.

As of this weekend the presentations of the RittmanMead BI Forum 2013 (Brighton and Atlanta) are online.

That’s it for now.

RM BI Forum Notes – Wrap-up

Last week I have tried to give you an impression about the Rittman Mead BI Forum 2012. They managed to provide us with a four day program packed with all things related to Oracle BI. Two core days with various presentations. Various in subject; Oracle BI, agile, Fusion Apps, Endeca, etc., etc. But also various in style; Keynotes, one hour presentations and 10-minute (TED/Ignite) presentations. Next to that the possibility of a Masterclass by Kevin McGinley and a NDA session by Oracle.
I was one of the lucky few, who was able to join all four days. Four days, packed with information and a basis for a lot of inspiration. Where to start!?

The Rittman Mead BI Forum is a good place to network and to exchange ideas. It was good to see a lot of known faces again. On top of that I have met some ‘new’ people also.

A big thank you to Mark Rittman, Jon Mead and their crew. Also a big thanks to Oracle for joining and for being so open about the Oracle BI developments and their visions and roadmaps. Thanks all for joining and sharing. That’s what makes the Rittman Mead BI Forum such a great event to be at. Hope to see everyone next year.

For a foto-impresssion, check Flickr.

Tommorow the US version of the Rittman Mead BI Forum will start. If you would like to stay informed, you should check the Tweetchat.

Stay on the lookout for the pdf’s which will probably placed on the Rittman Mead website. There will definitely be some good stuff to have a look at!!

Hit the Packt’s Oracle Packtpot

I have been doing some reviewing in the past for Packt Publishing. They have informed me about the fact that Packt is running a campaign for Oracle books in March.

Check out Packt’s Oracle Packtpot: Exciting discounts on Oracle books/e-books throughout March2012!

There is also a a Press Release that highlights this campaign.

If you want to win a year’s free access to the Oracle PacktLib library, simply answer the following question.

In which US city is the annual Oracle OpenWorld Conference held each year?

  1. A) Las Vegas, Nevada
  2. B) San Francisco, California
  3. C) Atlanta, Georgia

Tweet your answers to @Packt_OracleFMW using the hash tag #PacktPot, all correct answers will be entered into a prize draw and the winner will be announced on Twitter at the end of the month.

Follow Packt on Twitter for Packt news and content on all things Oracle Fusion Middleware @Packt_Oracle FMW

Good Luck!!


Oracle Business Analytics Summit 2011

It has been a while since I last posted on ‘Oracle BI Bakboord’. A lot has happened since.  Oracle OpenWorld 2011 eg. If you have a look at the number of Oracle BI subjects, you can see that Oracle BI is still ‘Hot’ at Oracle. This week I was able to visit the Oracle Business Analytics Summit in Nieuwegein, Holland. I had the opportunity to meet with clients, partners and Oracle employees. Oracle had managed to create an agenda with one common subject; ‘Information’ and what Oracle offers to manage and deliver this information to the end user.

A few different subjects where covered.

  • The Oracle Exa….-story

    A (lot) of things have been covered. Information, speed, end user experience where the main subjects. Oracle has a lot to offer. That makes our work interesting!

    Oracle Software Delivery Cloud

    Oracle eDelivery has become the Oracle Software Delivery Cloud. The url is still the same.

    After you pressed the sign-in / register button you are presented with a (familiar) loginscreen.

    You still have to agree with the Terms and Restrictions, but after that it’s the good old eDelivery again.

    Now you are good to go…….