Rittman Mead BI Forum Notes – Day I

Today the fourth Rittman Mead BI Forum has started. Unfortunately I wasn’t able to join from the beginning because of an accident somewhere along the (rail)road to Brighton.

The coming days will be full of all things related to the Oracle BI Stack. Today has started with a Orcle BI 11g Masterclass provided by Kevin McGinley. Tonight Oracle wil joins us for a keynote. The next two days will be packed with all kinds of presentations. Friday the forum will end with a  BI Developer (NDA) session about the Oracle BI Developments. Check the full schedule on the Rittman Mead website.

I will try to take notes througout the following days. So please check back to stay connected. You could also follow #biforum on Tweetchat.com to get real-time updates.

To be continued

Registration for the 2012 RM BI Forum in Atlanta, GA and Brighton, UK May 2012 is now open!

The Registration for the 2012 RM BI Forum in Atlanta, GA and Brighton, UK May 2012 is now open! Thanks to the guys over at Rittman Mead I got the opportunity to speak at the Rittman Mead BI Forum 2012 in Brighton. I will do an Ignite-style session; “Oracle BI Applications: Can we make it worth the Purchase?”

The agenda for Rittman Mead BI Forum 2012 will be as follows.

  • Day 1 (Tuesday): Optional OBIEE 11g Masterclass with Kevin McGinley
  • Day 2 (Wednesday): BI Forum Day 1
  • Day 3 (Thursday): BI Forum Day 2
  • Day 4 (Friday): Optional, Free BI Developer (NDA) Day in Conjunction with Oracle BI Product Development

Check for more details here.

Hope to see you in May!!