Where is the online Oracle BI SampleApp V406?

For those of you who are familiar with the Oracle BI SampleApp V406, it might not be a secret. The online version has been offline since a couple of weeks / months. This due to the fact that the online SampleApp has to comply with Oracle Security Rules.

I found out that one of the Oracle Urls came back up a few weeks ago.

This has been for a very short period. I checked with Philippe Lions this week. It seemed that for Oracle OpenWorld 2014 the SampleApp was allowed to be back online for a short period. It’s back offline now. They are still working on a solution. Of course I didn’t get an official timeline. Somewhere in the (near) future. That can be weeks, that can be months. We all just have to be patient.

You can still download the VM if you want. Thanks to Robin for pointing out how to run the SampleApp in the Cloud. That way you can launch your own online SampleApp. Check Youtube if you want to have a quick visual.

Update to the FAQ-section of the OBIEE – Sample Application (V406)

For those of you who are using or are interested in the OBIEE –Ā Sample Application (V406), the following might be of interest to you.

As you can see in this Comments Section, an issue was raised regarding the expiry of some Oracle Database Users.Ā Development has updated theĀ FAQ Section.